Hair conditioner at home

Probably there are lucky women whose hair is naturally strong, healthy and does not require special care.

How to care for hair: Dry and brittle hair

Dyed and curled hair can become dry, damaged and just sloppy. Our tips will help you revitalize and heal your hair.

• Moisten, moisturize and moisturize again! Apply conditioner for hair care and leave for a few minutes. The tool is absorbed into the hair shaft and soften the curls. Repeat the procedure once a week. Get into the habit of covering your hair with every conditioner every time you wash it. So you can control the number of broken ends, discoloration and damage by high temperatures.

Hair conditioner at home

• Make yourself a massage. Massage your head while applying shampoo, so you improve blood circulation and sebaceous glands. Avoid high alcohol products that can dry out your hair.

• Avoid too tight hairstyles – tails, buns and braids. Soft simple gum without ornaments also help prevent brittle hair.

• Be careful. Wet curls become very brittle, do not twist, do not tie or comb them. Use a wide-toothed brush to unravel strands. So you get intact curls.

• Prepare hair for styling. Apply heat-resistant serum to protect the hair from the sun and high temperatures. If you cannot shorten the drying time with a hair dryer, reduce the temperature. So you do not overdry them and can prevent curling.

• Make friends with scissors! Trim the split ends of the hair every 6-8 weeks.

Dull hair

• Wash off cosmetics. Dirty color and dullness – often the result of the accumulation of hair care products. Once a week, use a brightening shampoo to remove excess cosmetics.

• Change shampoo. Use a sulfate-free remedy. These shampoos have the same cleansing qualities, but without powerful detergents that deprive hair of color and moisture.

• Rinse your hair with cold water. This way you close the cuticles, and the hair looks smoother and shinier.

• Take a break. Once a week do not use shampoo when washing hair. Clean them no more than every other day.

• For shine, apply the appropriate products to the wet strands, then lay them down. You can also use cosmetic products for hair care after styling and drying.

Care for oily thin hair

• When choosing a shampoo and conditioner, pay attention to their composition. Repairing agents penetrate deep into the hair shafts and strengthen them. Do not apply conditioner to the hair roots.

• Use dry shampoo. Spray it on the hair roots, fluff it with your fingers and carefully comb it. This tool works wonders!

• Make a pile. Stir the hair at the roots with a frequent comb and fix it with varnish.

• When drying, avoid high temperatures on the hair roots. For best results, first apply mousse, gel or spray on wet strands.

• Shape your hair with hot rollers. Tip: the larger the diameter of the curler, the larger the hair will come out.

• To avoid oily, greasy hair, do not touch them. The more often you touch your head, the strands become thicker.

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