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The dark-haired beauty Ekaterina Starikova is a sought-after Russian model, the second vice-miss of the Beauty of Russia 2010 contest, a TV host, a blogger and a singer. She is kind, sympathetic and hardworking. And she also firmly believes that hard work and the desire to be better will necessarily lead to success in all areas.

early years

Ekaterina Starikova was born on October 29, 1992 in Novosibirsk. Very little is known about childhood and the girl’s parents. It does not cover them in the early years of life in any of the social networks, but very often it mentions and thanks its aunt.

After school, Ekaterina entered the Russian Academy of State Service at the Faculty of Economics. She was not an excellent student and spent almost the entire student life on the road, but thanks to her goodwill, kindness and hard work, she was met. It was extremely difficult to study, because a lot had to be made up on long and sleepless nights, but she coped because she didn’t want to upset her parents and herself. Subsequently, she realized that she had no plans to connect life with the civil service, but rather, she wanted to become the leader. However, it did not affect the study. She continued to work hard for all tests and exams.

“Yes, I moved, but Novosibirsk still remains for me the most dear and beloved city. I come there with pleasure. “

Over time, Starikova left her hometown and went to Moscow in search of prospects, successful projects and fame. “Yes, I moved, but Novosibirsk still remains for me the most dear and beloved city. I come there with pleasure, ”says Catherine.

Modeling career

Before moving to the capital, where endless possibilities opened up for Katy, she had already managed to achieve some heights. It was these small victories that became the starting point in the world of show business.

Publication from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Ekaterina Starikova (@starikovakatya) May 5 2016 at 11:04 PDT

She came to the modeling business at the age of 14 thanks to her aunt, who believed in the strength and success of her niece and literally took her hand to the Elite Stars model school. Since then, she has participated in all sorts of photo shoots, but, unfortunately, she could not become a runway model because of her height. For the defile she lacked only a few centimeters.

The real success came to the beginner model at the age of 17, when she decided to try her hand at the local beauty contest Miss Siberia-2009. Although she failed to take the first place, the main thing was done – she was noticed. Moreover, the girl reached the final of the contest, and this also means a lot. Then, a year later, after passing a difficult casting, she went to represent her native city of Novosibirsk at the All-Russian contest “Beauty of Russia-2010”, where she became the second vice-miss. Even then, she was one of the most sought-after photo models of Novosibirsk and managed to film for advertising billboards of local companies and firms. “I went to this goal for a very long time, and now I am so glad,” recalls the model, “could I ever dream that this would happen to me in reality?” Director of the modeling agency Tatyana Fetisova even then noticed a bright and memorable appearance of the model. She admits that Katya is the owner of the most sincere smile she has ever seen.

Catherine warmly recalls her first contests, although deep in her heart she still regrets that she never reached the first places. According to her, those same centimeters separated her from victory, because the model was 170 cm tall, and all the contestants were much taller than she. Nevertheless, beauty contests brought her fame, new interesting projects and a long-awaited move to the capital. In addition, as a prize, the organizers of the contest “Beauty of Russia-2010” presented Catherine with an Ostankino TV and radio show school. But this is exactly the profession that Starikova so dreamed about.

Work leading and teleproject House-2

Over the years the model has been working as a girl, she has participated in numerous shootings, but has never betrayed her dream of becoming a leader. Thanks to the Ostankino school, Starikov was noticed, and in March 2016, she began to host the most popular show in Russia, Dom-2. The girl remembers how worried before the casting, which was conducted by Nadezhda Ermakova. However, in the end, she was successfully casting and, together with Katya Zhuzha, Ksenia Borodina’s friend, began to appear daily on TV screens in order to cover the most relevant news. Many immediately noted the soft and gentle voice of the model, as well as an interesting style of narration.

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The girl appears on the screens in the night release of the show, although the news itself is recorded early in the morning, when all the participants are still sleeping. Katya admits that at first it was not easy for her, because at first the news about the participants was taken from the Internet, and it was her duty to voice them. “The participants of the show often took offense at me for telling the audience some moments from their past or their secrets. But, after all, I am not an editor, but only a presenter, and I am just voicing the news that they give me, ”Ekaterina admits. Nevertheless, she is satisfied with her work and believes that she was very lucky.

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Blogging and other hobbies

In addition to working as a model and presenter, she has her own blog. On her Instagram page, Katya shares moments with her followers with subscribers, and on YouTube she reveals beauty secrets, tells about fashion and self-care. “I started my YouTube channel after watching a couple of videos of blogger Elena Ingemannsen (Elena864). Her beauty blog inspired me so much that I decided to try myself in this business, ”Kate recalls. And let the number of its subscribers is not so impressive, the model believes in its success, because it is engaged in what it gets great pleasure. And this means that it will definitely find its audience.

“I started my YouTube channel after watching a couple of videos of blogger Elena Ingemannsen (Elena864). Her beauty blog inspired me so much that I decided to try it myself. ”

Starikova never stops at what has been accomplished, because for her, life is a constant movement and discovery of new talents. She sings, and there are some great tracks on her account. She loves extreme sports, especially jet skis. but can not live without travel.

Hair color Xenia beard

Personal life and wedding

Private life of Catherine Starikova is not a secret for her fans, because the girl is loved and happy in marriage. After many years of relations with Oleg Shipilkin, a former football player of FC Sibir, she married him. The wedding took place on August 8, 2014.

Today, Oleg is working as an assistant to the State Duma deputy, and once Katia did not miss a single match of her favorite football player. “We are different,” says Starikova about her husband, “but there’s something in it. We are madly in love with each other. And although I, for example, love extreme rest, and Oleg prefers calmer things, we are able to find a compromise. ”

She also admits that her husband has been thinking about children for a long time and in every way hints at her. Catherine says that the tight schedule and many interesting projects did not allow her to think about it, but she does not mind becoming a mother and believes that this will happen when it happens. And to rush time does not make sense. Moreover, they have a small creature that requires a lot of attention – the spouses “raise” a Spitz named Peach.

“We are different, but there is something in it. We are madly in love with each other. And although I, for example, love extreme rest, and Oleg prefers calmer things, we are able to find a compromise. ”

Plastic and beauty secrets

Many are trying to catch Starikov in all sorts of plastic surgeries. Someone talks about changing the shape of the nose, because the photographs show that it is the ideal form. And someone noticed that over time, her lips became much plumper than before. Katya herself admits that she is tired of such rumors, and she is tired of making excuses to anyone who has decided to accuse her of being artificial. She denies having ever resorted to plastic surgery. Moreover, it is almost impossible to find comparative photos before and after plastics on the Internet. As the model itself claims, what operations can we talk about, if she never even dyed her hair?

According to her, she never sat down in the chair to the surgeon, but she managed to sit in the chair of the tattoo artist. One of the trips she remembered so much that she wanted to keep it in her memory forever, having filled a palm tree on her leg. “I did it as a sign of great love for rest and travel.”

Publication from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Ekaterina Starikova (@starikovakatya) Apr 29 2016 at 6:19 PDT

Katya is a great opponent of appearance improvement operations, but not at all against cosmetic procedures, about which she periodically broadcasts in her video blog. In addition to facial skin care, she also cares for the beauty of her body. Starikova has always been just for an active lifestyle. She loves walking, rollerblading and cycling, as well as running. The girl does not sit still for a minute, because in life there is still so much to see, do and try.

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