Gray hair at 20

World-renowned owners of eternally young beauty often claim that they don’t try too hard, but they still appear for decades to the public in the form of twenty-year-olds. Almost all of them are addicted to sports and follow nutrition, but everyone has a personal, often strange secret to eternal youth. Their advice, whimsically combining a healthy lifestyle and superstition, studied “

Belinda Norton, 41, from Queensland, Australia, is confident that she has found the secret of a happy life and eternal youth. She single-handedly grows two children, 13-year-old Zeid and 11-year-old Meku, works at school, blogs about proper lifestyles and writes books: memoirs, collections of recipes and useful tips. Norton graduated from the institute with a degree in physical education and several coaching courses.

“My main goal is to help all women be healthy and happy, so that their children can become even better. We need a world in which children know how to properly take care of their body and health, so that our world can become a suitable place for living, ”she explains on her website.

The secret of eternal youth, according to the Australian, is a combination of a healthy lifestyle and psychological well-being, however, there are extremely unexpected items on the list of her tips on fighting aging. For example, Norton encourages followers to never drink through a straw. According to the woman, because of this, wrinkles appear around the mouth. She considers blueberry as the most useful product and advises to eat it every day in any form. Norton advises eating almonds, eating vegetables at every meal, adding spinach to all salads and cooking salmon at least twice a week. In this case, the Australian calls not to limit yourself and not to go on diets – it causes stress, and he ages.

The rest of the advice Norton is not very different from the standard recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle: you should drink more water, be sure to use sunscreen, wear sunglasses and a hat, reduce the time spent on social networks and sleep more. Norton recommends abandoning long-distance running: in her opinion, this wears out the body. Instead, she chooses walking, sprint and circuit training with weights.

Australian believes that a positive attitude, monthly massages and regular meetings with her friends helped her to maintain her youth. “There is nothing better than meeting friends: in training, evening walk or even at breakfast. Girls need to regularly good-naturedly tease each other — this frees them from stress, ”she says. Bodybuilder says to all clients that massage is a necessity, not a luxury. “Unstressed and flexible muscles do not hurt and are less injured. In addition, the person becomes more mobile, and toxins come out of it, which makes the body look younger and the skin takes on a healthier color, ”explains Norton.

“I look better at 40 than at age 20,” the Australian laughs, although she admits that over the years she has to carefully monitor diet and sleep patterns and spend more and more money on high-quality sportswear, shoes and skin care cosmetics.

Gray hair at 20

50-year-old Chinese woman Liu Yelin became interested in sports only by the age of 20. It was then that the woman learned to swim and since then does not give up this occupation. Liu prefers open water and swims in any weather. This, according to the Chinese woman, helped her to preserve her youth and attract tens of thousands of subscribers. Due to the frenetic popularity of Liu, she quit her job as a librarian and became a blogger. She often jokes that the new goal of her life is “to travel around the world and wear beautiful swimsuits”.

Liu sailed through the 40-kilometer Malacca Strait, jumped with a parachute from a height of 4.5 kilometers and practiced yoga in the thirty-degree frost. In early 2018, Liu cut Baikal into a bikini and arranged a photo session at minus 40 degrees. A Chinese woman called Putin to join her. “You are also forever a young, gorgeous man, no, ageless!” – the woman addressed the Russian president from the pages of the tabloids.

In the fall of 2018, she found a new extreme hobby – she went to the Philippines to learn freediving – diving without equipment. The new occupation was not easy for her: not to breathe under water for three minutes turned out to be “unbearably painful.”

Business partner and investor Liu Tegan Shi believes that a woman not only managed to preserve the appearance of a 20-year-old girl, but also changed the standards of female beauty in China: “Previously, white-skinned, modest and weak women were considered beautiful, but Elin gradually breaks stereotypes. She is brave, not afraid to try something new, I admire her courage. ” In response, Liu laughs and says that he will consider it a real achievement only if he looks just as young in 80 years.

Not happy about the popularity of Liu, only her 23-year-old son. “I have to explain for half a day that this is my mother, not a girlfriend. Therefore, personal life is not yet formed, ”he smiles sadly.

The 53-year-old Singaporean photographer Chuando Tang has been taking pictures for magazine covers for many years before he appeared on them. When the man was younger, he was considered one of the most popular fashion models of the country and was the soloist in the pop group. But real world fame overtook him only in 50 years. Then the publications around the world have published photos of a man who looks half his age.

He became the third Singaporean to whom over a million people subscribed to Instagram. He is only ahead of local stars – singer Lin Junjie and actor Aaron Aziz. In many ways, this contributed to the move to Beijing in April 2018 – they began to write about him on local social networks, and the number of subscribers almost doubled.

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Chuando is not too happy with fame: he started Instagram to promote himself as a photographer, not as a model. “Indian users constantly note me on the pictures, even if these photos are not related to me in any way. Probably, this is how they promote their accounts. They write to me in personal messages love confessions and questions like "what do you eat and how do you take care of your skin". People are still subscribed to me from the desire to learn the secret of eternal youth. They are interested in my appearance, but not in my work, ”the Singaporean citizen complained.

He added that he sometimes gets annoyed because of the large flow of messages: “They write to me "Oh, you are not 52, you just want glory" or they say that I look good because I have no wife and children. We are all people, who would not enrage such comments? “

Tang refers to his popularity ironically. “I am often asked how I could become famous. And I do not know. Once I woke up, and the number of my subscribers increased dramatically. I myself was in shock. ” When asked how to preserve youth, he jokingly replied that “you need to train regularly, eat rice with Hainanese chicken and never take a shower early in the morning or late in the evening.” However, the man is a little cunning: he goes to the hairdresser every month to paint gray hair that has already begun to break through, holds a bottle of water near the bed, always drinks a glass of water on an empty stomach, sleeps six to eight hours, does not drink alcohol and does not smoke.

Chuando claims that he doesn’t cook himself: he usually dines and dines at food courts. “I eat wherever you can take fish soup and chicken breast. The main thing is that it was tasty, and the products were fresh. ” At home, he only occasionally bakes chicken marinated in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. A man loves ice cream, but allows him only once a month. From sweet he prefers durian, but only in the morning.

“I’m just an old man who goes to the gym and takes care of himself,” the Singaporean man summed up his popularity.

Gray hair at 20

68-year-old pensioner Hu Hai from the Chinese city of Shanghai in 2016 won the title of “the most modern grandfather of the city.” However, to call him Grandpa’s tongue does not turn: the Chinese wear youth clothing, ride a skateboard and love all sorts of physical activity. However, Hu prefers yoga and belly dancing to going to the gym. The man even performed in the corps de ballet at a local theater. In his free time, Hu loves to sing.

The man is sure that every person has three ages: biological, psychological and physical. He believes that his own psychological age is about 20 years, and his physical age is about 40 years.

Hu’s father died when he was a child, so the boy, his six brothers and sister had to help his mother. In his youth, Hu worked in a textile factory, but dreamed of performing on stage. “Many people wanted me to sing, dance or play in the theater, but since I was a member of the Communist Party, I could not leave the factory and do it,” he explains. At the age of 40, Hu Hai changed his profession and became an economist. Glory overtook him after participating in the competition for the title of the youngest grandfather. He was invited several times to television programs, called for shooting in fashion magazines and fashion shows.

Hu considers daily yoga, meditation, and the hang of his head upside down for half an hour, as the main secret of preserving his appearance. The last exercise, in his opinion, prevents wrinkles and hair loss. He prefers to eat in small portions and takes vitamins and tablets containing collagen.

“Everyone once will age, this can not be avoided. But if you feel old and just want to die, if you no longer want to learn something new, then you really grow old, no matter how old you are, ”the man said. Every day, Hu tries to learn something new – so he struggles with old age.

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