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Gaba, or GABA, is one of the drugs that I once began to use periodically in courses to stabilize the nervous system and get rid of insomnia, alternating with glycine, DMAE, tryptophan and melatonin. What was my surprise when I learned that this amino acid is not only effective as a neurotransmitter, but also stimulates the production of growth hormone! HGH, in turn, works as an anabolic and has a fat burning effect. In this capacity, athletes and bodybuilders even include it in sport pit. Thus, thanks to only one drug, you can simultaneously put nerves in order and improve the results of your workouts!

What is GABA

GABA (Gaba) is gamma-aminobutyric acid, or gamma-aminobutyrate, one of the most important mediators of our brain. It relieves nervous excitement and affects the quality of sleep. In addition to neurotransmitter, GABA also has a metabolic function. Gaba stimulates the anterior pituitary gland where growth hormone is produced.

Effects from taking the drug

Gaba is used for a whole range of purposes:

  • Getting rid of insomnia and improving sleep quality
  • Sedative effect (sedative effect)
  • Stress and strain relief
  • Improving concentration and attention (in combination with other drugs)
  • Fat loss
  • Improved muscle relief
  • Stimulation of the production of growth hormone

GABA – sports supplement

The main argument of opponents of using Gaba in sports nutrition is that this drug is not able to penetrate the hemato-encephalic barrier directly into the brain, and therefore, to act fully. At the same time, many users have noted a clear and pronounced effect from the use of GABA, including as an element of sportpit.

The point may be that, in addition to the brain, GABA also acts directly on the central nervous system.

Meanwhile, 30 years ago the results of studies proving that the use of GABA raises the level of growth hormone in the body six times were published (Acta Endocrinol (Copenh). 1980 Feb; 93 (2): 149-54) of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) on growth hormone and prolactin secretion in man).

Further studies of the issue were conducted in 2003 and 2008. The experiments were conducted on bodybuilders. The results of studies have shown that taking GABA at a dosage of 3 grams increases the production of growth hormone when taken directly after strength training (Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: Volume 35 (5) Supplement 1 May 200). Without training, this effect was not observed.

Thus, we can draw conclusions based on scientific research. And the conclusions are very simple – like any sports nutrition, GABA enhances the effect of training, really speeds up fat loss and improves body relief … but only if you train! If you just drink pills while sitting on the couch, it will not give you anything. Actually, this simple truth is true in relation to almost any supplements for weight loss and sports.

Effect of GABA on the nervous system and sleep

Since gamma-aminobutyric acid has a pronounced sedative effect and effectively relieves nervous arousal, it can be taken as a tranquilizer, to relieve depression, stress. But, unlike tranquilizers per se, GABA is a non-addictive supplement. It is also used in the complex treatment of epilepsy, ADHD in children and a number of other diseases.

Also GABA works effectively in the fight against insomnia. Interestingly, like the other amino acid – glycine – GABA works differently at different times of the day. So, if you, like me, are struggling with sleep disorders, it is worth taking a supplement in the evening, approximately one hour before bedtime. From my own experience I can say it works. If you take the drug in the morning, in most cases it will not cause drowsiness – on the contrary, it will help to concentrate and concentrate on day tasks.

I note, not only on iherb, but also on other popular resources, where GABA is represented, the feedback on this drug as a neurotransmitter is usually the most positive.

Individual users have noted improvements since the first admission. Some even use GABA one-time under stress. However, the majority of noticeable improvements occur after a long reception (from one month).

GABA side effects

GABA has side effects, as well as without them. But they appear most often in high dosage (higher than recommended) or in case of individual reaction. The most common are:

  • Pricking in the face and neck
  • Labored breathing
  • Rapid pulse
  • Drowsiness

As a rule, side effects appear at a dosage of more than 4 grams per day.

From hair loss folk remedies

GABA: how to take

GABA is an amino acid, and, like all amino acids, it should be taken on an empty stomach, between meals. Effective dosage is from 2 to 3.7 grams per day.

From hair loss folk remedies

It is highly desirable to give preference to drugs that additionally contain vitamin B6, as it helps GABA to work properly.

The duration of the course of admission – from one month.

The choice of drug on iherb

Perhaps, it is not without reason that the most popular GABA options for iherb are preparations from Now Foods. Practically everything speaks in their favor: working dosages (500 and 750 milligrams per capsule); the addition of vitamin B6; no extra ingredients in the composition; the ability to choose a convenient form of release (pure powder, capsules, chewable tablets with an orange flavor); and, of course, the price is the lowest price on this iherb GABA. So, a bank for 100 capsules of 500 mg costs only $

Of the other brands, I would recommend Dymatize Nutrition – a brand of sports nutrition. The drug is presented in the form of pure powder. Worth $

And another interesting option in composition is Twinlab, GABA Plus, with inositol and niacinamide. The composition is obviously intended to affect primarily the nervous system. All components here work synergistically. In this case, the dosage of GABA remains working (500 mg per serving).

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