Folic acid hair

Red caviar is not just a delicacy, but a unique product of its kind. It is used to create snacks and salads. Not all housewives know how to store red caviar at home. All the necessary information is contained in the article.

Beneficial features

Red caviar is a source of protein necessary for the recovery and development of muscle tissue. The product also contains 12-13% fat, protecting the nervous system, heart and kidneys. As part of the red caviar there are vitamins of different groups. They take part in the rejuvenation of cells, strengthening nails and bones.

Folic acid hair

With regular and moderate use of this product, you can delay the development of atherosclerosis. Folic acid in red caviar is essential for maintaining immunity. In its composition there are iron, nickel, zinc and other substances on which the condition of hair, nails and skin depends. How to store red caviar at home so that it does not lose its useful qualities? We will tell about it a bit later.

Storage time

Red caviar belongs to the category of perishable foods. Its shelf life depends on certain factors. Here are some of them:

  • the speed of disinfection after fish extraction, caviar processing and its conservation;
  • compliance with sanitary standards in the processing of raw materials (the same applies to the process of conservation);
  • observance of temperature during storage of caviar.

If at least one of the above conditions is violated, we can talk about damage to the product. If you purchased a factory sealed jar of caviar, then read the rules of its storage. Such information is indicated on the packaging. A closed container can be stored in the refrigerator for a year. Here you need to be guided by the date of manufacture (packaging) of the product.

The question of how to store red caviar correctly is usually asked when the jar is already open, or in the absence of factory packaging. In these cases, you need to proceed as follows. First, scald caviar with salted water. Second, put it in a glass dish. Third, smear the top with olive oil. Then the jar is closed with cling film and cleaned in a cool and dark place.

How to store red caviar: homemade tricks

In order to avoid the process of oxidation and rapid deterioration of the product it is impossible to leave it in a can (if it is opened). Take the glass container. We spread caviar in it in a dense layer. You need to act very carefully. The main thing – do not violate the integrity of the eggs. Close the jar lid. It should not be metal. The most suitable option is a plastic cover.

Storing caviar in the fridge

The ideal temperature for maintaining this product in normal condition is from -2 to -6 ° C. In this mode, properly packaged and packaged caviar can be stored for up to six months. Reducing the temperature by a couple of degrees is permissible. Most modern brands of refrigerators can operate in the specified mode. But here there are some nuances that need to be taken into account.

How to store red caviar at home in the refrigerator? Not everyone knows that the temperature on the shelves exceeds the zero mark. And in the freezer unit, it drops from -20 to -25 ° C. In order for a favorite delicacy not to peremerz and not spoiled, you need to properly position it. The best place to place a jar of caviar will be the shelf nearest to the freezer. Try to remove the container in the far corner. A well-packaged product will stay there for no more than a week.

If necessary, you can increase the shelf life of caviar. To do this, we find a large container. At the bottom we place crushed ice, and pour caviar on top. We remove the product in the same compartment of the refrigerator. Now he can stand a little longer. But the ice as it melts will have to change, so do not forget to look in the refrigerator and check its condition.

Many housewives make the mistake of putting caviar in the freezer. The fact is that at too low temperatures its tastes noticeably deteriorate. And when defrosting caviar turns into a shapeless mass, which looks completely unappetizing.

Storage Tanks

The answer to the question of how to store red caviar at home, involves the use of special containers. Earlier we talked about the fact that you can not leave the product in an open tin. The ideal option is glassware. This may be a small container of baby food or flat packaging of a round shape. Plastic containers are also suitable. But in them the product should be no more than two weeks.

How to store loose red caviar? The rules are the same as for caviar in factory jars (if they are not opened). It is enough to transfer it to the sterilized container. Then we take a sheet of paper, moisten it with vegetable oil and put jars on the neck. In this case, you can do without a cover. The main thing is to put caviar in the fridge on the coldest shelf.

No one can give a 100% guarantee that an expensive product will not deteriorate. Therefore, you should check its status from time to time. If caviar began to smell herring by smell, then it is urgent to eat it, since it is already spoiling.


Now you know how to store red caviar. Useful tips described in this article will help extend the shelf life of your favorite delicacy.

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