Fashionable hair dye 2019 photos

If speak about fashion as a joke, you can say so "Fashion never quit Fashion"but seriously, at all times there was something fashionable and sure it was clothes and shoes. Surely fashion, which we are talking about now, was born in those days when the first similarity of the samples of modern clothes and shoes appeared. Of course, no one will say for sure, but knowing the human essence and nature, the indispensable desire of a person to somehow stand out in some way, surely it was.

But we are not interested in the history of fashion, but fashion season 2019 and basic fashion trends of women’s fashion clothes, like shoes above all. ABOUT female fashion you can talk a lot, if not infinitely and of course for women, especially about modern, which has so many styles and trends, that it’s time to get off the bill. Fashion does not stand still but rapidly "flies" forward, in which we can be sure of learning about fashion trends of 2019, Especially it concerns the female direction.

Young fashionistas and mature women are interested in questions on the eve of the upcoming fashionable year 2019 – what will be the fashion, trends and fashion trends in the new season, what style and color will be relevant? We have long been accustomed to you and are not surprised at how quickly modern fashion is changing, as one fashionable trend, in fact, not having time to get accustomed, it quickly becomes outdated, and another one replaces it.

As they say, he didn’t have time to look around, and quite recently your wardrobe was considered fashionable, and now, sadly enough, it has become outdated and you are completely out of fashion trend and you need to urgently do something.

World designers for the coming season, as at all times, strive to please women, and as soon as possible to determine the fashion trends of the upcoming season, to enable fashionable women of the whole world to replenish their wardrobe in advance and be fully prepared for the new season. So it is before the fashion season of the coming year.

Shows of world famous brands are constantly, and they left ambiguous impression about the fashion of the next season. This combination of modern stylistic trends, palette textures and colors has long been observed.

Fashion designers are easy enough to maneuver from the elegant and beloved by many retro style, to a little stern millary. I admired and unusual game of colors of the next season, in which contrasting colors and prints are interestingly combined.

Fashion 2019 – what’s new in women’s fashion?

About the main trends of women’s fashion of the coming 2019, first of all, you can judge by the design shows that we have seen over the past year. It’s like the basic sketches of fashion trends for the next season, but from them you can guess which fashion will prevail on the catwalks of the world. In the meantime, to somehow prepare for the next season, we will figure together with you what we will wear next year.

Many world brands, almost every season, beat the same motives, and at some point they simply become their calling card. There are a number of examples: Dolce and Gabbana are their famous black and red lace, Antonio Berardi has a voluminous cut and expressive asymmetrical details, and Chanel has a checkered boucle.

But every time all this is presented to the new season in a completely new perspective. Plus, something fundamentally new is being proposed, something that, for example, will be fashionable in the coming year.

At the moment, the only thing that can be said about the fashion trends of the upcoming 2019 is that they will largely rely more on the classical style. On the second and third roles, apparently, there will be styles oversight and military.

Relevant in the next season will be the clothes of volumetric cut, which effectively combines with the classics. And the growing influence of military style is seen in the details of cutting and finishing, as well as in colors, where khaki colors will be popular.

Fashionable hair dye 2019 photos

If you are ready to amend your fashionable wardrobe for the next season, then it is quite possible that we will help you, and our recommendations and observations will be useful to you.

Fashion 2019 – women’s coat

An elegant coat must necessarily take in the women’s wardrobe a worthy place, you see, an elegant and fashionable coat will not replace any jacket. You have a slim figure, which is what you are proud of, then stop your choice in favor of a fitted cashmere model, like that of famous designer Antonio Berardi.

This is pure minimalism – there are no pockets, belts, cuffs and other distracting details on this coat. Even the fastener on such a coat – and that is hidden, and the collar is made low-key stand.

Fashion 2019 – fur coats

Long fur coats, though slowly, but surely, give way to shorter coats, which have their advantages, because they are light, comfortable, practical and comfortable to wear. In a fur coat length up to a knee, it will be more convenient to the woman, than in a long fur coat.

Laconic short models look no less luxurious than the usual fur coats on the floor. The perfect cut of short fur coats, the original texture of natural fur and exquisite colors, you see, nothing short is needed for short fur coats for the fashion season.

All those women of fashion who dream of a new fur coat would have to look at the proposals of overseas designers, such fur coat models are suitable for any female figure.

These coats are proposed by Emilio Pucci and Cristiano Burani, as well as capes, like Chloe’s, will be popular. This model looks spectacular, although it is hardly possible to warm up in it in the dead of the frost, it rather performs decorative functions.

Fashion 2019 – women’s raincoats

The proposed samples of fashionable raincoats for the next season are direct styling for vintage cape and capes. The silhouette of the cloak is more to the trapezoid, mainly the bulk, the sleeves are replaced with slots.

The proposed raincoats will sit well on slender figures. It is proposed to wear them with tight pants and high-heeled shoes. The symbol of this direction can be represented by Antonio Berardi gray cloak with ruffles.

Look quite democratic and presented leather coats, which have their own zest. So, Bottega Veneta offers a combination of a pink-colored cloak with a straight cut, but the sleeves should be shortened.

Fashion 2019 – women’s jackets

Women’s jacket is a very comfortable and practical thing, and many people prefer the jacket to other outerwear. So, how exactly are designers going to stick to this principle in the coming year?

Immediately it should be noted that no one limits the preferences of jackets. Would you like to wear a bomber jacket, parks, down jacket in the ski style or a windbreaker – no questions, wear your health! Any style of jacket is welcome, just decide for yourself what comfort you need in a jacket.

Leather jackets will also be popular in the coming season, and in all their guises. If we talk separately about leather jackets, the most popular because of their popularity are leather jackets in biker or rocker style.

Fashion 2019 – women’s dresses

For fashionistas dress – more than just clothes. This is her essence, one can say the language in which she declares herself to the whole world. In the future fashion season, dresses can tell about their hostess that she does not mind, try on the image of a predator – very often in the fashion shows for next year there is a leopard print.

Interestingly, in authentic dresses, only a pattern with leopard spots is offered. The colors of the dress itself may be completely different – with turquoise, purple, pink, orange and other colors.

In the next season, such a trend of dresses, such as plisse, promises to be universal. Pleated skirts, which we have worn in the past, are replaced by pleated dresses, see the example from Christian Dior.

Expected in 2019 and return to the fashion decorated with large bows of dresses. It is likely that they will give them the popularity of dresses “a la Pierrot” with long sleeves.

Fashion 2019 – women’s pants

In the future fashionable season of 2019, flared women’s pants will return to fashion, and in these models the flared does not come from the knee, but immediately from the hip. Next year trapezoidal silhouettes dominate almost all shows, and the trouser segment is no exception. Such pants are made of thick fabrics, which is necessary to maintain a stable shape. Crosby Derek Lam, Alice + Olivia.

Narrow trousers will also remain still fashionable, because they have not yet come up with what to replace. Although the notes of diversity in their design still made that can be seen, for example, in Emilio Pucci, who planted tight pants on a low yoke and added help, as in the usual overalls.

Fashion 2019 – women’s suits

Women’s costume in the traditional sense is as follows – pants with a skirt, or a skirt plus a jacket or jacket. But in the fashionable season of 2019, it will be possible to move away from the usual understanding of the costume, because fashion designers offer many completely new versions and combinations of women’s suits.

Deuces will become very popular, where one of the elements will be a light short cropped coat. You can see how such a coat with a sundress looks like with Andrea Incontri or a pair from Valentino in a mini-dress and a long overcoat coat offered by his house.

In future season, casual suits with elongated jackets, with a straight skirt like Chanel or with trousers like Dian von Furstenberg will continue to be in great demand.

Fashion 2019 – women’s boots

Ordinary boots, even though they are comfortable and beautiful, are no longer so popular and important for fashionistas. Therefore, designers for the next 2019 and offer models of boots with intrigue. At first it may seem that this is not at all boots, but some kind of new shoes. Such an example can be seen in Fendi – shoes with socks or golf.

Lightning on these boots is not just a clasp, but an original decorative element and transferred to the facade of the boot. Another fashionable innovation – the decoration in the form of long tassels made of suede appeared on high boots and boots.

Fashion 2019 – fashionable women’s shoes

Expressive details that characterize the fashionable shoes of the season of 2019 – a vertical membrane, which is designed to connect the nose of the shoe with an ankle strap. There are such models of shoes from Erdem and Jeni Peckham and other fashion designers.

Remain and suede shoes in the form of elegant boats, like Matthew Williamson, as well as shoes with an open back on a thick heel.

We have become accustomed to and are not at all surprised by the fashion trends that are changing so quickly, as one fashion trend has not succeeded, it is not necessary to take root, it quickly becomes obsolete, and another comes to replace it. We do not have time to look back, as quite recently our fashionable wardrobe, today is already outdated and we are absolutely not in the fashion trend and we need to urgently do something.

Fashionable hair dye 2019 photos

All women, and indeed men, are interested in a number of questions on the eve of the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons of 2019 – what will be fashion, what brands will be relevant, what are the trends and trends, what style and color will be popular? We have tried to answer all the above questions in this article.

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