Fashion hair 2019

The most popular and practical in 2019 is considered short haircuts. First, they look neat and elegant. Secondly, easy to style and maintain. No need to spend a lot of time washing, drying and styling. Even in the morning just waking up, your slight chaos on your head can look superb. With a short haircut, you can seem slightly funny, naughty, and at the same time unspeakably feminine, elegant and stylish. In a word, you will achieve everything that true ladies desire. The relevance of short haircuts will never become outdated and will not go out of fashion, some elements of haircuts can only change and improve. Now consider the most fashionable and popular haircuts in 2019, according to stylists.

Summer Short Haircuts-2019

Stylists advise in the summer not to be afraid of experiments, and still decide to try on a new extreme image. As for the coloring of short hair, flashy extreme colors always remain in vogue for the summer season. But do not forget that no one has yet abolished minimalism and naturalness, so that in 2019 fashion stylists and lovers of unconventional appearance pleased the stylists.

Short female haircuts: bob square with ruffled effect

The bob cut of the bob cropped haircut itself certainly looks very nice, but fashion trends simply require textured hair strands. Slightly whipped curls, which are arranged in a random order, specially scruffy bangs and, of course, volume, add a very rough, impudent, but at the same time cute look to the swine. At first glance, the haircut looks like you just woke up and ruffled a thick hair with your hands. Especially such an opinion about this haircut arises from the opposite sex, which makes you the object of attention and scrutiny. This is a great way to focus on the attention of men. Lonely, unmarried girls! Go to the hairdresser! A bob haircut with a disheveled effect is perfect for you.

Short haircut with long bangs

An experiment with contrasts creates a stylish and modern look. We can easily combine a classic coat with saturated sneakers, and pants with a clear arrow and a sporty bomber jacket. In the same way, it is possible to achieve an unsurpassed result in hairdressing. Stylists advise to add a short haircut with a long, thick bang with a straight cut. The appearance of the main haircut plays a small role here, it can be a bean, and the minimum pixie with short temples. The main element is, of course, bangs. You need to choose the length of the bangs, starting from the proportions of your face, because someone will fit the bangs to the middle of the forehead, and someone will be fine with a little bangs to the eyebrows. This haircut is well suited for women over 40. Remember that the bangs focus on your eyes and eyebrows, which means that they should always be allocated.

Fashion hair 2019

Short haircuts in the back: trimmed areas

The most outrageous and defiant type of haircuts is a variant with clipped areas. If you have long wanted to make some extraordinary element in a boring haircut, but you do not want to look ridiculous, you can safely choose to cut out the plot. Similar phenomena in recent times occur very often. With such a catchy element in a haircut, you can emphasize individuality and originality. You have the choice between a short nape with shaved ornaments or geometric figures, shortened temples, which are covered by a long asymmetrical forehead or a short temporal-occipital zone, which is also located under the main hair length.

Long Pixie – Fashionable Short Haircut

Pixie haircut is often called boyish because of its minimal length. But in spite of everything, for several years she is not going to leave the top of fashion olympuses. In 2019, stylists have improved its appearance, and now an elongated version of this amazing haircut is presented to your attention. Drastic lengthening can be observed at the back of the head, at the temples, and even at the crown.

Fashion hair 2019

The most important attribute of a pixie haircut in 2019 is bangs. This year it should be thick and definitely long to close the forehead to the eyebrows. For such a haircut curly hair is most suitable. If you are the owner of even hair, then for a pixie hairstyle, stylists advise you to shape your hair more strongly, to make extravagant torn edges, creating the necessary randomness effect in the same way. Short haircut has absolutely no age limit and is suitable for both young girls and serious older women.

Women’s haircuts for short hair

According to stylists, haircut under the boy is a trend of 2019. She has no time limit at all. Its main characteristics are ultrashort strands, which can be made with sharp cuts and geometric lines. It is these features that make it possible to preserve the attractiveness and grace of women, despite the minimum length. Many Hollywood stars sooner or later choose this particular haircut, because it is impossible to deny its beauty and simplicity. The essential attributes of ultrashort haircut are bright makeup, glasses with original frames, and, of course, the perfect eyebrow line. Only with the presence of these elements you will be able to fully reveal your haircut, and shine under any circumstances.

Short haircuts: photos of beautiful female images

Throughout 2019, you can easily afford experiments on your haircut and images, change your hairstyle from a disheveled bob, to a neat, laid and strict haircut with a shortened nape. You can take the risk of making a pixie in a boyish appearance, and shortly trim the temporal area. Even if it does not suit you in the future, then in just a couple of weeks you can easily change the style of haircut. Hair will grow back, and there will not be such a cardinal and excessive look anymore.

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