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Modern society requires women to be beautiful and well-groomed, which to a large extent is ensured by the accuracy of eyebrows. Properly designed, they are able to completely change the face, make it more harmonious and attractive. Biofixation is one of the most humane methods among those used for correction.

What is biofixing?

If you simplify as much as possible, biofixation is a standard home care for eyebrows, the effect of which lasts not several hours, until the first rain or physical exertion, but several weeks. In the salon or at home, the master removes excess hair, gives the eyebrows the proper shape, colors them in a pre-selected shade and fixes it with a natural fixative composition.

The result is perfect eyebrows that do not change shape under any circumstances – neither snow, nor hail, nor wind in the face spoils it, you don’t have to mess with it in the mornings, you don’t need to take pictures in the evenings. In fact, biofixing for a long time allows you to forget about any possible problems.

Indications for

Any girl can come to the salon and sign up for biofixation, but there are categories that the procedure will help more than others, having a more effective and effective effect. Among them:

  • owners of eyebrows with stiff hairs, on which they need to spend a lot of time laying – but the result still does not last long;
  • girls with thick eyebrows, which put every time the torment, which always lacks strength, time and patience;
  • owners of improperly growing eyebrows, which are knocked out of the general line, grow at random and with which it is difficult to do something at home.

The main indication for biofixation is disobedient, shaggy eyebrows, for which styling is vital, but at home it is almost impossible to make it preserve.


Biofixation is not very necessary for girls with thin, obedient eyebrows, which lie in the right direction, do not get out and do not get off. But this, of course, is not an absolute contraindication – no one will force the owner of thin eyebrows to abandon the procedure if she wants to carry it out. Failure will follow in other cases:

  • If the client’s body has hormonal disruption caused by menopause, pregnancy, adolescence, or pathological processes, any, the most benign, intervention will be too unpredictable for an unstable system;
  • if a client has an infectious disease or an exacerbation of a chronic disease in full swing – the body is not trivial, it is absorbed by the internal struggle and any additional load is detrimental to it;
  • if a client has problematic skin in the eyebrow area – any abrasions, scratches and skin diseases will lead to fixation solutions getting inside the body, which will not be useful to anyone;
  • if a client has an allergy to any means used during the procedure – despite their naturalness, it still happens.

Is there any harm to your eyebrows?

Biofixation does no more harm to the eyebrows than standard care procedures. Exactly the same plucking and smoothing as at home, can not greatly change the composition of the eyebrows. Used paints (most often natural henna and basma) are selected so as to cause minimal damage. The fixing composition is also chosen as gentle as possible.

Anything that can happen after biofixation – and even then with a certain predisposition and tenderness of the body – the hairs will weaken and become more brittle. But a short break coupled with nutritious masks will quickly return them to normal.


  • three in one – when coming to fixation, the client also receives correction and coloring during the procedure;
  • long term – after fixing the eyebrows will maintain perfect styling for several weeks, not several hours, as after home care;
  • naturalness – all components used in the process are either completely natural or made of natural components, which means their harm to the body is minimal;
  • nutrition – due to the composition of the products used, after the procedure, the hairs become healthier, stronger and gain a pleasant shine;
  • low price – the cost of biofixing is incomparable with the cost of most other procedures designed to correct eyebrows.

The main plus is the opportunity for a few weeks to completely forget about all possible problems and just enjoy yourself and the world around you.


Biofixation, like any cosmetic procedure, is not without its drawbacks:

  • possible dishonesty of the salons – despite the advertised “naturalness” of the service, it is necessary to check the composition of the preparations personally, so as not to find out by the results that aggressive means were used for curling eyelashes;
  • the possibility of side effects – in extremely rare cases, rash, skin redness and itching are possible, as a reaction to the procedure;
  • the complexity of the search for the master – due to the fact that biofixation is only gaining popularity, finding a salon that conducts it (and, most importantly, does it well) can be difficult, especially in a small town.

Tools and materials for the procedure

In order to conduct a biofix, the wizards use:

  • tweezers for plucking excess hairs;
  • brushes and combs to give the eyebrows a final shape;
  • brushes for applying solutions;
  • composition for coloring – most often it is henna or basma;
  • Composition for fixing – most often, these are Korean brands of transparent special varnishes.

Preparation for the procedure

Preparation for biofixation always takes place sequentially:

  • Self part. It begins with her. In two weeks, the client should start to be careful – not to sunbathe, not to go to the salon for procedures that affect the eyebrows, not to take care of the house. For a week, she should stop taking the medication to reduce the likelihood of side effects. For the day – stop applying decorative cosmetics. Also, do not be amiss to think about the desired shape of the eyebrows.
  • In the cabin. Conducted immediately before the procedure. The master discusses all the nuances with the client, finds out what shape and color she wants, gives advice and approaches the desired result.

After the briefing, the client sits in the chair and the procedure begins.

Technique, steps and duration of the procedure

Biofixation takes only 1.5 hours and takes place in 3 main stages:

  1. Laying and fixing. The master with the help of tweezers and brushes gives the eyebrows the desired shape and fills them with a special transparent glue, which fixes them tightly. After applying a softening compound and another layer of glue. As a result, the styling is perfect and holds flawlessly.
  2. Coloring. With the help of brushes the master applies a dyeing composition to the eyebrows and waits some time – from ten minutes to half an hour, depending on what color should be in the end.
  3. Correction of the form. After waiting for the paint to dry, the master removes the excess and plucks out hairs that are knocked out of the shape created by him. This is done at the end so that neither the coloring composition nor the glue gets into the fresh wounds and does not cause inflammation.

Eyebrow tattoo hairs photo

When the procedure is completed, the client is offered a mirror in which she can admire her changed reflection.

Eyebrow tattoo hairs photo

The video clearly shows and tells how eyebrows are fixed – the process describes the nuances of the procedure, and at the end you can see the result.

Photo before and after

Care after the procedure

To keep the effect as long as possible, you should follow simple rules after biofixation:

  • Do not use decorative cosmetics in the eyebrow area – this is not necessary, and the effect on the skin will be superfluous;
  • do not use peels and scrubs, so as not to destroy the adhesive layer;
  • try less often to visit saunas and not to swim for a long time – being in water for a long time can soak the glue;
  • do not constantly use drugs – or be prepared for the fact that the period of laying may be reduced;
  • refrain from sunbathing or visiting a tanning bed.

If you follow all the tips, you can save the effect up to two months.

How often can the procedure be performed?

Biofixing does not have a destructive effect on the body, so it can be passed as soon as the need arises – that is, as soon as the old hairs fall out and the styling disintegrates. From this there will be no harm, on the contrary, for many girls the procedure has a moisturizing nourishing effect on the eyebrows, like a mask.

Can I do at home?

Biofixation is not too complicated – most girls routinely take care of their eyebrows about the same way, unless they fix them. Pulling out, shaping, painting and fixing can be done at home, but often it is unprofitable. Means of the road, but stored no more than six months. If you use them only for one person, they simply will not pay off and disappear before.

But, if you share with friends or buy in clubbing, the event can be profitable.

Home styling kits

You can order on the Internet, but, in fact, they are not much different from the contents of most cosmetics. Which of the girls do not have tweezers or eyebrow brushes?

The maximum in which there is a need – coloring and fixing compositions that can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer.

The duration of the effect and the subsequent correction

Biofixation lasts for 2 months at best. At worst – up to 3 weeks. After this period, the procedure can be repeated in the same cabin, with the same precautions.

Where better to do?

There are several options, and each of them is attractive in its own way:

  • In the cabin the price is usually more expensive, and the master at home will not be able to come, but you can see all the certificates, choose another specialist, if one does not like it, and write a complaint if the procedure is conducted incorrectly.
  • Private master it may be more convenient – it can be closer to him, you can ask him to come to the house, he can take less and be less loaded, but if something goes wrong, you can’t get your money back. Maximum – defame the master, as a fraudster, on the Internet.
  • On their own biofixing is possible, but it is for those who are genuinely passionate about the process and are willing to suffer losses and waste time for their own pleasure. Such an approach will not bring any benefits, no advantages other than satisfaction from its own independence, you should not expect from it.

But in general, the choice of a particular person’s taste case is more pleasant for someone at home, even if the result is inferior in quality to the work of a professional.

Approximate cost of the procedure

Biofiking will cost about 800 rubles in the salons – and private masters as much as they can agree on. Sometimes it offers discounts of almost half the cost, and sometimes you can bargain for a discount from the master for advertising.

In any case, no matter how much biofixing costs, this money will definitely pay off. Extra time to sleep, lack of anxiety even in the most adverse conditions, self-confidence – all this makes life easier and costs a couple of hours in the beautician’s chair and a small amount of money asked for the procedure.

The main thing – do not forget about precautions and find a master who can hold everything at the highest level.

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