Curly hair

Haircuts for curly hair have many variations. Owners of curly hair always aroused delight among men and rivals. In 2018, stylists propose to update the “good old” hairstyles of the ladder and gavroch, bringing new fashionable notes to them.

We have selected for you a lot of photos that will help determine the image and find fresh ideas for hairstyles on curly hair.


Asymmetry is back in fashion.

Today in the trend are asymmetrical hairstyles for curly hair, which are ideal for both round and oval face with proper styling. Such a haircut for curly hair allows you to highlight your originality and add originality and originality to the image.

Fluffy and obedient

Stylish hairstyles for curly hair – bob haircut

Tough and naughty hair is no longer a problem. If you have to spend time every morning on a complicated styling to bring your curls in order, a stylish haircut will help simplify the task. Haircut bob looks great on curly hair. Your image will be filled with mystery and a certain playfulness, since wavy strands are difficult to lay under a straight line, and this is the whole chic of such a haircut on curly hair. You can choose your own length, as the haircut has no clear proportions and restrictions.

Blast Bean – Rear View

Option for thick hair

New haircuts for short curly hair

Another option for fashionistas is Bob haircut, which for many years remains at the peak of popularity.

If your hair is curled by nature or you have done a perm – this type of haircut will be a real magic wand for any type of face. Contact a professional wizard so that you can do the styling at home with a minimum of time.

Oblique bangs and short car. By the way, here is another selection of hairstyles with bangs.

Asymmetrical recklessness

No less popular are short haircuts for wavy hair shag, pixie and haircut cascade. They allow you to create a volumetric shape, perfect for thin curly hair and practically do not require styling. Having carefully adjusted your hair, you can go to a business meeting or a romantic date – this hairstyle will complement any image.

Light Waves

Bright evening look

Brave pixie, there are more than 50 pixie hairstyles here.

Do not be afraid to embody even the most daring ideas, to be bright – it is fashionable. This season, stylists have gone beyond the classic haircuts for wavy hair, offering fashionable women a huge number of different options.

Haircut cap – new look

Variation on “Pixie”

Curly hair

Even the traditional bob on curly hair looks new. Slightly ruffling strands, you will get an extraordinary version with a touch of elegance and extravagance!

Aurora with light curls

Ideal for dating

Stylish hairstyles for curly hair of medium length

If your hair is shoulder-length, you can give your imagination complete freedom. This year, stylists are fighting for naturalness, emphasizing it in every detail. Classic women’s haircuts for medium-long wavy hair in 2018 – this is long caret, perfect for chubby beauties, cascades and aurora. With them you can do without styling, they are great for every day and for special occasions.

Caret for medium length without bangs

Light waves in the car

Luxury in simplicity

Haircuts for long wavy hair

If you are among the owners of luxurious long hair, you do not need to invent anything new. Your curls and curls should be only slightly emphasized, giving them shape, and you are the queen of any ball. This season, fashionable haircuts for curly hair can embody bold ideas, while remaining romantic and feminine.

Long and thick

Tail braided

Delicate curls of Sarah Jessica Parker

Haircuts for wavy hair for special events

Every woman, going to a festive dinner, graduation or wedding, a romantic date and even to meet with old friends, wants to attract attention, be noticeable, surprise and receive compliments. What is most important in the image of fashionable women? Shoes and well-groomed hair. Evening hairstyles for curly hair can turn any woman into a fatal beauty or a romantic diva. If you do not want to merge with the crowd, be sure to take time laying. We offer you the best hairstyles and haircuts for curly hair for special events.

Delicate wedding look

Gatsby Style Hairstyle

Classic in fashion

Style has no age

Who said that after 50 women do not have to pay attention and time to her hair? At any age, you can and should look stylish and elegant. If you do not know what kind of haircut to wavy hair, take inspiration from our selection, and you will always be always welcome and attractive, regardless of age and other stupid prejudices!

Elegance in detail

Video tutorial on creating hairstyles for curly hair

If you do not have time to visit a beauty salon, you can create quick and simple hairstyles for curly hair with your own hands. A little effort and perseverance, and even the most stylish and fashionable stars will envy your styling.

Stay always on a fashionable wave, do not miss the latest news in the world of hairstyles to keep your femininity and sophistication!

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