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What is good about the classics is its timeless position in relation to other styles. New trends in the fashion world are coming, circling the heads of women, and are soon leaving, freeing up space for the next trends and trends. No matter the classic style of clothes – unlike his fellows, he has so firmly entrenched in the fashion-Olympus that no new trends can shake him.

It is difficult to say that the classic style of clothing originated from the code, as it exists as if beyond the temporal and geographical paradigm. However, it can be said that the fashion of Great Britain, beginning in the 17th century, influenced its formation to a considerable degree. Puritan style with its rigor and minimalism laid the foundations of the modern classical style. The emergence of the feminist movement also had an impact on the formation of the canons of fashionable classics, because initially the classical costumes were worn exclusively by men. Cristobal Balenciaga and Coco Chanel contributed to the formation of classicstyle postulates. The role of the latter is especially great: Mademoiselle Coco managed to become the queen of the female classics, and not a single female fashion designer was able to challenge this title.

Despite the fact that the foundations of the classic fashion are monolithic and unshakable, like granite, some details do change over time. Fashion trends and new trends make their way into the realm of classics, preventing it from becoming stiff and obsolete.

Classic clothing style: what is it built on?

The classic style has come a long way, during which it managed to become truly exemplary (by the way, the word “classic” comes from the Latin “classicus, which just translates as” exemplary “). It is based on the following principles:

  • elegance;
  • harmony;
  • proportionality;
  • restraint;
  • self-esteem;
  • lack of trendy details, silhouettes, colors;
  • functionality;
  • knowing of limits;
  • severity;
  • femininity.

Care for bleached hair

Classic style is often mixed with business. These two directions do have common features, but these are not identical concepts. Business style simply inherited the features of the classic, as it is associated with success, well-mannered, impeccable manners and similar taste. Proof of this are the immortal images in which Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher remembered the world.

Distinctive features

The classic style of dress is characterized by a harmonious combination of simplicity and incredible femininity. Virtuoso cut, the use of good-quality, high-quality and expensive materials makes it possible to emphasize the advantages of each woman.

The abundance of ruches, huge bows, flashy colors, defiantly high heels, deep cleavage, mini skirts – all this is unacceptable in the classics.

Main components

  • The dress – the foundation of the classic style in women’s clothing. It can be very different – it all depends on the purpose, the figure of its owner and the goals that the dress is intended to serve. The best option is a sheath dress with length up to the knee or just below. It is desirable that the color was restrained – black, blue, white, any of the pastel shades. Of the prints are allowed only unobtrusive and inconspicuous patterns – cell, thin strip, small peas, “chicken foot”, “herringbone.” As for the length, it is dictated by the time of day and the purpose of the dress. For example, a midi dress is suitable for the first half of the day, whereas for an evening party, a maxi length model (unlike the daytime option, an evening dress made in a classical manner implies even cuts and décolleté).
  • Suit with pants or skirt. Here the ball is ruled by simplicity. Both the lower part of the suit and the jacket should be quite minimalist, have a strict style and sit perfectly on the figure. Pay attention to the material – the best for a classic suit fit tweed, thin wool, jersey, in the summer version – flax.
  • Blouse. It can be moderately strict, moderately feminine, both tight-fitting and spacious (in this case, the blouse should be made of lightweight materials such as chiffon or silk). The color of the blouse should be restrained and not shouting.
  • Outerwear. The brightest representative of outerwear in the classic vein is a plain coat with an English or round collar or trench coat.
  • Footwear. It may have a heel, but it should not be too high – up to 6-7 cm. Boat shoes, neat boots or ankle boots that do not sin with an abundance of eye-catching décor – that is useful for forming an image in a classic style.
  • Accessories. They should not be much. It is desirable that the decorations were low-key, modest and expensive. A string of pearls, a thin watch, an elegant strap, a silk scarf – all this will be able to decorate its owner, who dresses a la classic.

Celebrities dressing in classic style

Celebrities are often role models – on the red carpet, during press conferences and interviews they look your best. But in everyday life they often give themselves the opportunity to relax, preferring comfortable jeans, worn-out sneakers and spacious training sweatshirts. And only some of them, even in everyday life, “keep a brand”, putting on things in a classic style. These include Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and others.

Care for bleached hair

The choice is yours

If you have not yet decided on your style, then the classic can be an excellent option. She is good because she harmoniously fits into almost any situation, emphasizing the dignity of a woman, her sense of taste and impeccable style.

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