Black pink hair


Theatrical club is 3 representatives of 1 wave and 2 dolls lol confetti 2 wave. A distinctive feature of these women of fashion is bright, appearance, theatrical costumes and accessories. Consider the Angel from the first issue. Doll lol confetti pop buy at the best prices in a hurry on the official website of the original.

Stylish representative 3 series – Black Tie. Fashionable, blue-eyed, black-haired confetti pop. Dressed in a white doll, elongated blazer with black buttons and a black collar. Also, the baby has black shorts. On the feet of the doll, lol the original confetti pop red shoes with black bows and white laced socks. Of the accessories of the toy are black-rimmed glasses and a black butterfly. A pupa can drink from a stylish black and white bottle with a red cap. Lol dolls buy the original confetti at a discount you can on the official website.

Club athletes present in every series of Lol Surprise. In lol 3 series 3 wave 2 sportswomen are released – a football player and a sprinter. Doll lol confetti pop buy at the lowest prices possible in the official store. Bright, expressive, stylish athletes will decorate the collection of the child.

Lol confetti pop 3 series 2 by the name of Angel – dark, pink-haired, blue-eyed beauty with a unique accessory, which no one confetti pop doll has. Angel has wings! The baby is dressed in a white blouse, pink shorts with ruffles and a pink corset with ties. On the feet of the pupa are tights in a grid and white sneakers with silver inserts. Lol series 3 confetti pop on the head adorn pink sunglasses in the form of hearts with white rim.

Another athlete. This is a real sprint. Bright baby loves to run. Externally, the doll is a blue-eyed beauty with bright red hair. The hair is braided in 2 tails with purple elastics. On the athlete’s head is a purple dressing for running, and on the hands of the dressing. Equip the doll lol 3 series of confetti in a white T-shirt with a purple border and purple sports shorts. Pupsik has white sneakers for running. The sprinters’ drinking bottle is also purple.

Confetti pop dolls lol 3 Touchdown – professional female athletes playing American football or rugby. The baby has dark skin, bright blue eyes, pink hair. On the face of the pupa there are 2 turquoise stripes, like a sports coloring. Dressed baby in a gold blouse and black shorts with ruffles. Lol Confetti has turquoise breeches and gold shoes on its feet. From the accessories at Confetti Touchdown you will find a black bottle with a gold cap and a black nipple. One of the most prominent representatives of the confetti pop series at a discount in the official store.

Baby Go-Go supposedly just left the retro magazines of the 60s. Blonde with huge blue eyes. Haircut and makeup sends us to the sixties. The doll is dressed in a checkered dress, decorated with pink flowers and a blue clasp. On the legs are tall, white boots. There is a blue headband and blue sunglasses with white rims on the head. The doll lol a series of confetti you can buy at a discount on our official website. Do not forget to get acquainted with all the series of lol surprise in the ball.

The retro club doll lol confetti pop original includes 2 stylish babies in retro style. You seem to be back in time with these characters: LOL CONFETTI POP. Bright dresses with flowers, fringe and ruffles, multi-colored glasses – all these are the distinctive features of the toys in the ball of this club.

Incredibly stylish, fashionable rocker in front of us. The baby has a fashionable hairstyle – curl and bright makeup. The toy has white hair, purple eyes and dark skin. The lips of the rebel painted pink. LOL Surprise FUNKY

Lol surprise confetti pop named Foxy is another stylish babe from the Retro Club. Curly, black-haired with brown eyes, a doll lol surprise. The doll is dressed in a white shirt with a fringe in the style of the wild west, denim shorts. An accessory for a pupsika is an orange belt, an orange headband, and pink sunglasses with a gold frame. On the feet of the doll in a ball are long orange lace-up boots. Be sure to check what your lol confetti can do. He drinks some water, goes to the toilet, cries or changes color in icy water.

Lol surprise CONFETTI Glamstronaut – GLAMURAL SPACE

The most stylish scientist is depicted in the pictures Lol dolls 3 series of confetti. Bright purple hair with pink strands is braided in an incredible bow hairstyle. The eyes of the puppet doctor are blue, and the brows are purple. She is wearing a white robe with pink sleeves and a collar. Pockets are painted in black stripes. At the feet of the toy doctor, lol confetti pop pink boots with black bows. Of the accessories of the toy – a pearl necklace around his neck and big glasses. Confetti pop dolls lol 3 series to buy with a huge discount in a hurry on the site.

Black pink hair

Lol surprise SONFETTI Sleepy Bones – Sleepy Stones

Lol surprise Confetti

The last representative of the 3 series lol confetti pop 2 wave – Glamor cosmonaut. Very rare baby. The toy has blue hair, braided in 2 tails. The toy has brown eyes and very bright makeup. Pink shades, silver lips and a bright blush on the cheeks. Equip an astronaut in a silver jumpsuit with blue edging. On the feet of a rare doll – blue inflated lace-up boots. A representative of the 3 series changes color in cold water. She becomes bright blue, like a real alien.

Club "Brilliant" present in the second wave of the LOL CONFETTI POP release. The club consists of two bright representatives with sparkling hair, accessories and clothing items. Queen of Independence Day and Go-Go will definitely decorate your collection. We wish you to find these two babies of confetti pop 2 wave.



LOL Surprise Punk Boi – BOY PUNK

What kind of boys


The latest release of the famous company MGA – doll lol confetti pop 2 wave. The yellow balls depict a new baby doll – Snuggle Baby from the first series of the club. "pajama party". Why is this issue waiting for the little collectors? And all because in the second wave appeared the first boy in the history of LOL SURPRISE.

LOL Surprise Independent Queen – THE QUEEN OF INDEPENDENCE DAY

LOL Surprise Spike – RUNNER

LOL Surprise Beatnik Babe – CREATIVE BABY

Look at the dolls lol 3 series of confetti photos of our next baby – LOL Surprise Beatnik Babe. You would think that this incredibly stylish toy flew to us straight from Paris. White hair, big blue eyes make this lol surprise toy incredibly cute. A stylish haircut, striped stripe, black cropped pants and an incredibly fashionable beret on the head make our doll lol confetti a real creative person. At the feet of lol confetti pop are black shoes on a white platform.

LOL Surprise Short Stop – PIT STOP

Consider a doll lol series of confetti photo of the next baby – Short Stop. Blue-eyed beauty with black square and ruddy cheeks. On the nose of lol confetti pop naughty freckles flaunt. She is wearing a pink doll in a red striped suit. Red sneakers with white toe cap and high striped socks. On her head is a pink cap with a white heart. Doll lol confetti pop buy with a huge discount in a hurry on the official website. The most profitable sets of three and six balls – the best deal.

Considering the doll lol series of confetti photos, it is impossible not to draw attention to this bright athlete. Brown lover of running with brown eyes and naughty freckles on her face. Athlete’s hair is pink, braided in pigtails. The pupa is dressed in a white-green bodysuit with black ties with the number 03. The toy has white sneakers on its feet. On her head is a pink cap that protects the athlete from the sun while running. Doll lol confetti pop can be bought with a huge discount only in our store. Hurry up.







Lol Confetti dolls buy on the official website with delivery across Russia. Payment upon receipt. All series lol surprise in stock!

Lol Confetti dolls buy on the official website with delivery across Russia. Payment upon receipt. All series lol surprise in stock!

Lol Confetti dolls buy on the official website with delivery across Russia. Payment upon receipt. All series lol surprise in stock!

And this baby came to us straight from the UK. A real cheeky doll lol confetti pop from 3 series. The pupa has a very creative haircut. Hair two colors – pink and

Wave lover LOL Surprise RIP TIDE is a dark-skinned babe with curly hair and blue eyes. The hair of the doll lol confetti pop 2 wave is collected in a bun. Equip the subjugator of the waves in a bathing suit. Pink top with a bright yellow clasp and pink panties with the same zipper. At the feet of the doll lol confetti pop 3 wave pink crocs. Of the accessories – pink sunglasses with a green rim in the form of hearts. A real beach surfer will decorate any lol surprise confetti collection.

And here is the second guest came to our pajama party. LOL Surprise SNUGGLE BABE – a lover of hugs. Pretty woman with black and white hair, braided in a hair-bow. The eyes of the dolls lol 3 2 series SNUGGLE BABE – bright blue. Equip lol confetti pop in a white crop top with lettering and white shorts with black lace at the waist. A black and white robe is thrown over the top. At the feet of the picture are lol 3 series white socks with black stripes and black slippers with ears. Accessories at the LOL original 3 series also in black and white shades. This is a blindfold with the image of closed eyes and a bottle for drinking. Do not forget the liner lol 3 series 3 waves.

Pajama party in full swing. Consider a photo of dolls lol confetti pop from the club "pajama party". The first representative of the club – LOL Surprise BABYDOLL. This baby is a real cutie. Red-haired beauty with purple eyes. On the head of a toy pink curlers. Equip Lol doll 3 episode 2 wave of confetti in a pink nightie with blue frills and a blue collar. On the legs of the pupsika are pink clogs on a heel with a fur pompon. The baby doll is drinking from a pink bottle with a blue cap. Dolls lol 3 series of confetti pop to buy for promotions with huge discounts you can on our official website. We will deliver your order anywhere in Russia. Delivery upon receipt.






Dolls lol 3 series – the latest collection, which released the successful American company MGA. The 3 series includes both big dolls, little sisters, and new pets. More detail we will focus on the collection, which all the kids waited with particular trepidation and impatience. Lol Surprise Confetti Pop! Translated, this series sounds like “Confetti Explosion”. Dolls lol confetti pop immediately after the release broke all sales records, because this series differs from all the others not only by new representatives, but by the incredibly spectacular discovery of the ball itself. Everything is new, everything is different. New, incomparable, popular toys in the ball!


In the Rock n Roll Club lol confetti pop 2 wave club there are two real tears – Grunge Girl and Boy Punk. Let’s get acquainted with an incredibly cool and otvyazny girl. Photos of dolls lol 3 series of confetti pop is always bright and colorful and this baby is no exception. Pink hair, laid in a stylish curl, blue eyes and dark skin. The stylish girl is wearing an elongated white T-shirt with a cheerful emoticon and the words BABY. On the feet of the toy are torn mesh tights and pink shoes on a high platform. Of the accessories – pink glasses in white rim.


In the photo doll lol confetti pop you can admire endlessly. Just look at the beauties that make us happy. 3 episode 2 wave. No independence day will not pass without this baby. Lol surprise Independent Queen 3 series 2 has bright blue hair in sparkles. Brown, brown-eyed baby with a white asterisk on her face will not leave indifferent any child. Equip lol confetti pop in a white top with a zipper, white shorts with pink stripes with blue, shiny ruffles and sparkling vest. On the feet of the toy are multi-colored high boots with lacing.

Just look at the photo dolls lol confetti pop LOL Surprise Goo-Goo Queen. You haven’t seen such a fashionable baby yet. Brown-eyed blonde stands out from the crowd in his bold way. Lol confetti has silver hair curlers on her head and a bright bottle in her hands. Wearing a toy in a striped top, black sparkling leather jacket, sparkling shorts with a zipper. On the legs of a fashionable woman in tights in a grid and high shiny boots. Sunglasses with rhinestones complement the trendy look. Dolls lol confetti pop you can buy the original with a huge discount on our website.

Like to look at pictures of dolls lol confetti pop? Of course, because every representative of Lol Surprise is unique and original. No exception, and our beauty – Flower doll. This dark beauty with blue eyes. Toy hair is curly and braided in two bunches. Curly bangs fall on the forehead. On the head there is a pink bezel with flowers. Equip a doll lol 3 series 2 wave in an incredibly beautiful dress on the straps. Pink top and white petticoats are decorated with yellow flowers. On the feet of lol confetti are pink shoes with bows.

LOL Surprise Flower Childn – BABY IN COLORS

The most popular representative of the second wave, the heroine doll lol confetti coloring and just a magical baby – a unicorn. The toy has multi-colored hair braided in two tails. On the head there is a headband with flowers and a real golden horn. Blue-eyed beauty dressed in a white vest with turquoise accents and colorful pleated skirt. On the feet of the pupa are white tights and turquoise shoes with gold bows. A real magical creature in the lol confetti pop series! Such a beautiful woman wants to find any little collector.

LOL Surprise Unicorn – UNICORN

Let’s take a closer look at each lol pop 3 series. Now toys are divided into 10 interest clubs. Depending on the membership of a particular club, dolls vary in appearance, clothing, and accessories. For example, girls from the club “Pajama Party” are very different from the “Swimmers” and this is already clear from the name.

Also lol confetti pop is divided into 2 waves. Wave 1 went on sale a few months ago, and lol pop 2 wave 3 series just recently.

Babies are divided not only by clubs, but also divided by rarity, like all previous series. As usual it is popular, rare, very rare.

The functional doll lol original confetti also remained the same. Some representatives of the series may cry, others – spit, others – go to the toilet, and the fourth – change color in the icy water.


Names, clubs, description.

Let’s take a look at what 2 extra surprises are in the Lol Confetti POP.

  1. In the first layer of the ball hides a secret message consisting of two pictures. We found exactly the same riddles in the balls of the first and second series of lol surprise.
  2. Stickers with the features of your lol 3 series of confetti pop. We found the same stickers in the previous series.
  3. Shoes for dolls. Also unchanged!
  4. Clothes for the baby. The clothes are different, but the same surprise.
  5. A bottle from which to drink a toy.
  6. Accessories for the doll lol original confetti pop.
  7. And here’s something new. Tattoo on a finger, in the form of a ringlet. Tattoo is not for a toy, this translation is for a child!
  8. The very hero of the occasion. Beautiful, bright, unique. The heroine of a huge number of videos, photos, articles. Doll lol confetti pop original.
  9. Confetti salute. Yes Yes. You heard right. Present. Multicolored salute.

Want to ask how is this possible? In order for you to see this long-awaited, exclusive surprise lol confetti pop, the developers of the toy had to work a little on the ball itself. It has become much harder, more complicated in its structure and mechanisms. To open our ball and you can find the cherished doll lol 3 series 3 wave, you need to scroll through it! We twist the bottom of our ball clockwise. Surprises are now hidden in the recesses of the ball, which are closed by petals. We find in the last deepening lace. We pull for this lace and bang. The confetti salute flies out, the upper part of the ball flies off, and we find the long-awaited doll lol confetti pop wave.

Dawn is the kindest, sweetest, and lightest representative of the doll lol 3 series of confetti pop. The baby has wavy, pink hair that is braided in two bunches. A yellow bandage with a bow adorns the hair. Equip lol confetti pop 3 in a cropped white top with multi-colored stripes and pink sleeves. Denim blue shorts and yellow belt. At the feet of the doll lol confetti yellow roller skates. Blue-eyed beauty is very pretty. Doll lol confetti you can buy on our official website.

The complete opposite of her club mate is Twilight. Dark, gloomy, but not evil lol surprise 3 confetti pop. The pupa has black hair braided in two tails. At the ends of the hair turn into a blue tint. Brown eyes, pale skin, pink cheeks and a birthmark on the face are the hallmarks of lol surprise confetti. Equip lol confetti 3 series 2 wave in a black top and black skirt. The topic is diluted with a white collar, sleeves and buttons. Babes have black tights and black shoes. Doll lol confetti you can buy in our store.

In the club “brilliant” consist four lol in the ball. Half of the babies are released in the first wave of lol confetti, the other two are already released in the second wave. A distinctive feature of the representatives of this club is the sparkling, brilliant and iridescent parts. This could be hair, clothes, shoes or accessories.

The club “Opposites” speaks for itself. This club consists of only 2 dolls lol confetti. They are opposites of each other, like white and black, light and dark, good and evil, funny and sad. Lol surprise confetti as always very bright, colorful, cute. Collect both representatives of this club – the dream of many collectors! Dolls lol 3 series of confetti You can buy in our store dolls lol.

Club “Glamor” is a trendy stylish representative of lol confetti pop 3 series 3 wave. 2 Representatives refer to the first wave and 1 released later in the second wave. Each baby is unique and unique! Doll lol confetti pop buy at the best prices in a hurry on the official website of the original.

Star Show – a real decoration of any theatrical show! This is a real actress, singer, dancer in one bottle. Gentle purple hair, purple eyes and a cute nipple in your mouth. The head is decorated with a huge pink feather. The costume is a pink top with ruffles and a cute pink skirt with a lot of ruches. On the hands – long gloves, and on his feet – pink clogs on the platform with a fluffy ball. Dolls lol you can buy the original on the main page of our site!




One of the most desired and popular representatives of the Lol Confetti Pop series is the Boss Queen. Baby with tanned skin and cognac eyes. Hair – brown, curly and, of course, shiny. Not just the baby refers to the brilliant club. Equip a toy very stylish. This is again a brilliant, golden dress and a brown cape on the shoulders. Of the accessories in the doll lol confetti pop 2 series – black belt and dark sunglasses. Shoes – black shoes with pink soles.

Just look at this stylish, seasoned aristocratic. This is the real queen, or at least the princess. The doll has a series of confetti lol pink, sparkling hair, which are arranged in a very stylish haircut. On the head there is a black bandage for hair. Pupsyk has a bright pink blouse with a black frame and the same bright skirt in a ball. The whole outfit of the lol surprise confetti glitters and sparkles. At the feet of the princess black shoes with white bows and white fishnet socks.


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