Angelina Jolie hair color

Victoria’s daughter Boni, Angelina Laetitia Smerfit, was born thanks to love. However, fairy tales have an end. The relationship of the girl’s parents gave a crack, and they broke up. The article will tell who the daughter of Victoria Boni will be with.

Beautiful beginning

Little Angelina was born in 2012. The news of the birth of the girl became the headliner of the headlines and television shows. Even Andrei Malakhov hurried to visit the mother of the baby Victoria Bony abroad and admire the tiny heroine of the sensation.

Victoria Ooh! Soot gained popularity on the scandalous TV show "House 2"but also after leaving the project has remained a prominent figure of the Russian show business. She tried herself in different roles: actress, model, TV presenter. An ambitious girl believed in herself and the fact that dreams are material. In 2010, she met the son of Irish millionaire Alex Smerfit and charmed him. The couple began to live together, and two years later, the daughter of Victoria Boni was born.

The name for the baby TV presenter chose the unusual. Argued that the child Bonya named in honor of the film star Angelina Jolie, personifies her ideal.

Angelina Jolie hair color

Childhood in luxury

Angelina grew up in luxurious conditions. She spent the first days of her life in Saint-Tropez, and then began living in Monaco with her parents. An elite kindergarten, delicacies for breakfast, the sea just a stone’s throw away, and a private castle: the girl was raised like a tiny princess. Both parents arranged holidays for her and took care of their little treasure. The baby grew up and looked like a doll with chocolate curls. But after several years of serene happiness, everything suddenly changed forever.

Scandalous parting

Victoria Ooh! Soot long kept secret the fact that she broke up with her civil husband. At first, he stopped appearing in pictures in "Instagram" the stars, and then he was completely captured in the arms of a long-legged stranger. Then the TV star admitted that the love between her and Alex turned into passionless affection, and they are no longer a couple.

Angelina Jolie hair color

Fans and haaters of the presenter were shocked. At first, commentators rushed to recall the old days and try to expose the hidden cause of discord, but then everyone became interested in which of their parents Victoria’s daughter Bony would live with. Angelina’s photo "Instagram" her mothers stopped appearing, so the debaters concluded that the baby would live with her father. Soon she herself wrote in her microblog that Alex and Angelina had gone to rest together. However, she denied all the conjectures of subscribers and said that the daughter would stay with her.

Present tense

Despite the comment from the mouth of the TV presenter, it is still unclear exactly who the daughter of Victoria Boni will remain with. Nevertheless, it is not surprising that Angelina Letitia travels a lot, because Alex and Victoria have kept warm relations. Ooh! Soot repeatedly said that she does not oppose the meetings of her daughter with her father and does not limit them. That is why little Smerfit alternately spends time with each of the parents.

Victoria herself moved to Los Angeles and has already chosen a first-class French school for her bloodlines. Angelina is fluent in Russian and English. She knows by heart many famous poems of Russian classics, which Victoria Poka proudly displays in her Instagram. In addition, the girl seriously fascinated by ballet. Who knows, maybe this baby in two decades will be the prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater.

In the meantime, Angelina loves to ride a scooter, go shopping and photo shoots with her mom. Victoria’s daughter Boni is not shy about being photographed and appearing in the mom’s video blog, which makes subscribers very happy. There is no doubt that if not a ballerina, then a star "Instagram" Angelina will be able to become two accounts.

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