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The main Masonic symbols and their origins (compass and square)

Many people believed that they were the first "brothers" of the movement. However, this is not at all the case. Let me explain this with examples.

Compass and square in ancient Chinese symbolism

It is a composer of the compasses and the constitution of the Masonic society. This is a great idea to make it possible to make it possible, that it will make it possible to make it a solemn commitment. it a compass is placed and.

World religions table

The compass represents the Earth. This is a place where it can be seen. A square is also regarded as a symbol of law and conscience, and a compass is an eternity.

These symbols are widely used in ancient Chinese symbolism. Chinese rulers, who ruled, according to Confucian philosophy, from 2953 to 2852

Fusi and Nyuyva – sun god who survived and the moon (earthly) goddess who revived humanity

Let us now see who they were in ancient China. The cycle of myths was not completely preserved. However, it has been given a semi-legendary person: “Fusi and Nyuiva are headrays and ts bets, sometimes) with ly w sometimes, sometimes sometimes Fusi is holding a square, Nuya is a compass. According to his opinion, the eagle

World religions table

There is a completely different version of the fusi. It has been possible that it has already been separated and it has been possible to separate it. Fusi, who ruled Heaven, came and went. On another staircase, Nuva, who ruled the Earth, climbed and descended.

Fusi was probably a cultural hero of the tribes, and it was perhaps a man-bird. And only later, it will be the time of the pair.

According to the Chinese tradition, they lost their humanity. In the book of the world of sorcerers and werewolves, I showed that I’m merits before the people of the world

Marriage between Heaven and the Earth.

Compass and squares – the image of the foundations

According to ancient Chinese tradition, a compass is a symbol of a circle – TAY TsZI, and a square is a symbol of a square – LO ShU (magic square). The symbol of "Tai Ji", the book of Changes, is considered the It is a designates the rules of the world. Qi (energy permeating the Universe –

It’s a symbolic expression. Yang (white) and yin (black)

It is a square table filled with numbers, called the magic line. In ancient China, Lo Shu, widely known from 2200 to

It has been shown that it has been shown in the article. All the secrets are not fully revealed.

Heo the magic of the cross. It is a scheme of the numbers of ten numbers.

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