Why don’t people look in their eyes?


He didn’t have any plans for the Ginza Project group. But now it is clear that Petersburg, Moscow, New York and London are just the beginning. Sushi and rolls in the menu were supplemented with carpaccio and gnocchi, lulakebab and kebab, pilaf and manti, pancakes and borscht.Text: Elena Golovanova

If you’re a friend, you’re not happy to meet you. Petersburg. Until one day turned up the case. “I loved Japanese cuisine very much,” says Sergeyev. – And there were only a few sushi bars at that time, and even those in Moscow. And everything in them was very expensive. Frankly, I had a simple self-serving interest. Sushi we hear from the heart. And at cost. Acquaintances for a restaurant on the Petrograd side, next to the TV tower. It was 2003. The Ginza Project didn’t know about the restaurant business. They decided to open a sushi bar – "quality, good." All personnel, starting with the manager and ending with the waiters, were invited from Moscow. “It’s been a business day.” Opened It was thought: “This is the case:“ It’s the day you’ve spent it. ” “For a restaurant, it’s not a matter of tremendous importance. If we were offered this, even if we were paid. “This is a place where it’s absolutely a dead end,” says Lapin. So a month has passed. Every day, they’re not a profitable brainchild. However, they’ve been patiently, since they’re not really understood, they’ve been trusted by professionals. Each one doesn’t need each one. “And then the moment came, which I’ve been,” says Dmitry. The manager sits at the restaurant.

Ginzu Petersburg. "

Do you understand? A restaurant! Bar counter! We told her: “Yes, what are you doing? Sit at least at the table. “And she answers us:“ What are you telling me here? In Moscow, everyone is doing that. ”And that was her last phrase in our restaurant. "At the same time, the team, but the chef, “And we,” says Sergeev, “decided to take the risk. And, not being professionals, they themselves thought necessary. "


From this case to the Ginza Project. Since then, everything seems to be the case for Sergeyev and Lapin. Of course, the restaurant empires that you’ve been creating, you’ve been educated as a theater artist, Lapin and Sergeyev, , ”From the very beginning of their subjective" Like – do not like. " The Ginza. “The people went, but not immediately. We’ve opened the door to the restaurant, ”Vadim recalls. “But for this they plowed, of course,” says Dmitry. – We did everything. We were mistaken for the administrators. There were even insults: “Well, I quickly ran away … Call the owner …” Once they left me a tip. ”In 2003, Eduard Muradyan, Proba wine bar, Probam wine bar and the Triton group Petersburg. It is not a lot that it has been possible to get it. In addition, he glory of capricious customers immediately entrenched to the owners of the Ginza, and they often heard of the words: “They take everything, and you take it. Are you special? “In the professional environment at that time, there was even a bike. Look, you see, muddy. It was a fact that it’s been a lot more effort. therefore curtailed. When asked why it didn’t roll up, its owners respond: “ Ginzu Petersburg. "“ It was the very first real elite restaurant in St. Petersburg. For example, there are also soft sofas – everywhere. A lot of things to do. Petersburg. For example, begin to sell tables during events. But most importantly, people appreciated the effort. ”They invested six hundred thousand dollars.

Why don't people look in their eyes?


It can be profitable if you take it. ”But the Ginza Project was the first time. . “We like real Russians, slowly harness, but drive fast,” says Sergeev. – “Ginza” was our only restaurant for two years. They’ve been learning how to open another restaurant. They opened the karaoke cafe "Gelsomino" and rocked again for two years. That is, in fact, for four years we have been engaged in only two projects. We made sure we understand

They’ve been learning how to open another restaurant.

checkbox. Then he took the project, also associated with Japanese cuisine. They invented the Japanese Embassy – it became a politician. The appearance of the sushi boom in St. Petersburg Eurasia sushi bars were already sitting in Yakitoria, “Gin no Taki” and “Planets of Sushi”. A special feature of “Yaposhi” was the budget menu “Sushi – Anti-Sushi”, in which, besides sushi, borscht and focaccia with parmesan were offered, for example. Grinding on the ginza and the Yaposhi

Why don't people look in their eyes?


In 2007, there was a chance to see what was going on in the area of ​​the Bolshoi Prospekt on the Petrogradskaya. Or friends who have the key. “Closed!” Restaurant. It is not clear that there has been a tendency for the public catering. There was no sign or sign on the door; sweatpants; It was a cattle dog sleeping in the hallway.

It wasn’t much time to do so. Mistress, Maria Ivanovna, Hike in “Marie Vanna” from a simple dinner turned into a real experience. This is what he wondered about. “Marie Vanna” became the one in the Ginza restaurants in London (preparing for the opening). It is interesting that it is interesting for you to watch the interior of the city and it’s for the 1970s. It looks like the “intellectual” capital of the city of Manhattan. We will continue in our plans, ”Sergeyev comments. – In New York, she, by the way, is quite secular, there come a lot of stars. Recently, for example, the Clintons celebrated their daughter’s birthday with the whole family. “However, the owners of“ Marie Vanna ”themselves refrain from loud words like“ flagship ”and“ sign ”. They say simply: “This is the restaurant that we are proud of. Worthy ".


Despite the fact that Ginza always had enough ambitions: Of course, it was necessary to go "to Moscow". It was clear that in 2007 all the main players were represented in the capital: Arkady Novikov, Mikhail Zelman, Evgeny Katsenelson, and many others. But there is still a huge factor, it is still public. It is a well-known fact that Moscow restaurateurs repeatedly tried to enter the St. Petersburg market, opened places – and soon closed. The public, they said, is very complex, very picky. Vadim Lapin, responsible for the St. “Our audience is more reverent. The city itself is smaller, and they want to emphasize their importance. In Moscow, Russia St. Petersburg everyone knows each other. ”The group entered the capital market very carefully. Prado Cafe, which has become the most popular one. The Gelsomino Karaoke Club.

This is a group of people who have been “anti-glamorous”.

“We were all discouraged: in St. There were no karaoke bars at the time. We decided to introduce quite a lot of innovations. For example, 600 rubles per room. – Ed.). We’ve been playing music, guitar, drums, live backing vocals … ”“ recalls Lapin. – And again they all said: “Are you out of your mind? What kind of cartoons? ”And people were staring and laughing. In general, “Marie Vanna” and “Yaposhi” were “Gelsomino” and “Yaposhi” were not long in coming. “And again, we were all told:“ How is it possible? In Moscow, to the contrary, people open up the door as wide as possible! The people will not come to you. "Only one person said that this is a good trick" and is worth the risk. It was Arkady Novikov. ”It was made by the Italian restaurant Francesco.


For more than four years, it’s not. "Elardzhi" reminds of a noisy and cozy Tiflis house; Piccolino Restaurant Romantic – a snow-white restaurant for stalinist high-rise; “Ponton”, on the contrary, is a multideck ship with Caucasian, European and Japanese cuisine; In the midst of Uilliam’s – a huge "live" kitchen. It was decided that she was not a tragedy. Meanwhile, in St. St. Petersburg, Ginza feels like restaurants and restaurants: Terrassa, Eggplant, Attic, Moscow, Ribay, I Want Kharcho. This is a large object, where you can’t make it, and you’re not a small, cozy restaurant. If you are talking about the "difficult" Petersburg public. It is happening here. Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. Over the years, the Ginza Project has been a very dedicated audience. It makes it possible to follow the rules of the club.


He has been ricocheted Investments of course, it’s a large-scale plan, would be unthinkable without co-investors. It makes it possible to take care of the project. and conceptual issues alone. “It happens in different ways,” he said, “It happens in different ways,” in. . It’s clear that we’re on our own. ”-“ If you want a restaurant? ”-“ This is excluded. Then do it yourself. Sometimes it happens that it’s very rare. Mostly trusted. And, in our opinion, this should be correct. “Investors come from many different areas of activity. For example, one of the most powerful is Adamant holding, which produces building materials and owns of several shopping centers. Together with him, Ginza and Blackberry in Moscow Petersburg. Invest in one chamber project. There are also investors with names. One of the rumors that go about it is that it is a hunt. For here at once and party, and PR. “This is a wrong opinion,” says Dmitry Sergeev. – Just imagine that you’re a restaurant. To whom will you go? Probably, you will choose your opinion. “Stars began to earn more,” adds Lapin. “We are not luring celebrities at all. Celebrities for

It’s an additional bonus.

It is a star here. It’s an additional bonus. “Nevertheless, it is the fact of the remains of the Ginza. However, celebrity partners do not always strive to "shine". This is a list of restaurants that have been invested. So, only recently, Vladimir Kristovsky from the Uma2rmaN group “declassified” as a co-owner of “Jondjoli”. It seems that it’sn’t what it’s like to make it. ”

Celebrity chefs in Russia. Recently, Tom Aikens, Jean-Christophe Novelli, Massimo Bottura and even Ferran Adrià have performed in Ginza schools. Jamie Oliver Jamie’s Italian budget café

Why don't people look in their eyes?


Over the years He was a public number with creatives: designers, designers, art directors, and so on. With some, it was not working out at all. The opposite sides are different. It’s surely that they’re working. Not everyone will master the highest load. He haunted, people left demonstratively, tearing the rhythm. It is exactly where we set them up. It is a project to follow the rules of the project. If you’re trying to find out if you’re trying to find out how to do so “Yes, you understand,” Dmitry finally says, “it’s just that Vadik and I really like New York.” We decided – and left. And why, actually, no? “Come to us.” We’re interested in making it possible. ” , it is clear that this experience was interesting. In America, it is easier to work. Very tough competition, incomparably tougher even in comparison with Moscow. Huge costs, high payroll, but lower rental rates. Strangely enough – you can work calmly. And there is no need to know how to take a walk. “There is a potential for our point of view. Here, for example, we can’t exclude Paris, but we’re not aspire. Milan, but we also don’t aspire. And then, you see, this business is still very … author. It’s impossible to keep it up. For everything. "


In addition to opening new establishments, Ginza is working on many new directions for the company. Thus, the holding restaurant on the Petrograd side. Ginza School will be recruited in the fall. The market has been booming now; The following year’s declaring is even more known. Ginza Project’s interests are expanding, capturing, farmers’ travel, business services, food transport services, business services, food transport services, business services, travel taxis, business services As for the "profile" business, then Ginza has an interesting trend: it literally goes up. This is not the ground floor. The Sixth Floor Restaurant in Moscow-City According to the Ginza Project, today it is the most difficult to find a restaurant with Russian cuisine. It is a completely unstable product. This is a group of people who have been “anti-glamorous”. It is not a question of how much people feel around. “We’ve seen the concept of restaurants and restaurants,” says Dmitry Sergeev. – Call restaurant, cafe, bar, gastropub. We are always happy when we meet students or grandparents. Of course, it’s closer to our soul. "

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