Whitefly in a greenhouse how to get rid

The Iskra series of pests is intended for the integrated protection of all plants. There are 4 types of this remedy, each of which is effective against certain organisms affecting vegetable and fruit crops.

Types of drugs

Manufacturers of plant protection products produce products that can significantly make life easier for thousands of gardeners and farmers. They can protect plants from insects, weeds, various diseases. Before purchasing a drug, it is important to determine what you need.

Whitefly in a greenhouse how to get rid

For example, the means “Spark” for pests, labeled as “Double effect”, is used by many as the so-called first aid. The drug not only helps to protect the plants, but also is a potash supplement.

Means "Iskra-M from caterpillars" is intended to combat moths, moths, ognevikov, sawflies and other pests of fruit and vegetable crops.

The drug called "Iskra-Bio" is able to paralyze pests, it is safe and can be used up to the collection of fruits.

The most popular means of protection is the Golden Spark. From pests it helps very well, ochem indicate numerous reviews. The drug is used in 120 countries around the world and allows you to save about 140 different types of plants.

Means "Spark Double Effect"

The drug, developed in 2000, is popular now. He is able to protect plants from more than 60 species of various pests. The speed of action and versatility are the distinguishing features of the Iskra pest agent. The instruction allows you to quickly understand how this drug works.

Whitefly in a greenhouse how to get rid

Means is suitable for protection of flower, berry, vegetable, fruit and cultures against various wreckers. In addition, it includes a special potash fertilizer that allows plants to quickly restore damaged parts, and an anti-stress component. The main active ingredients are cypermethrin and permethrin.

The specified preparation “Iskra” is most effective against aphids and weevils. Pest control pills (weighing 10 g each) are modern double-acting insecticides. The drug practically does not penetrate into the plants and does not have a negative impact on the environment. For warm-blooded animals, including humans, it is non-toxic.

Method of use

To protect plants, it is necessary to understand how Spark should be used. A pest preparation (the instruction allows you to familiarize yourself with the complete list of insects for which it is effective) is not difficult to prepare. To do this, dissolve 1 tablet in 10 liters of water.

Whitefly in a greenhouse how to get rid

To process apples, cherries, quinces, cherries, pears from flowering beetles, moths, leafworms, pinworms, aphids, cherry flies, it is necessary to prepare a solution. Spraying is carried out on the basis that one tree should be from 2 to 10 liters, depending on their size.

For the processing of berries from the complex of various pests need

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