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Honor 10 smart phone with a smart camera for a beautiful life. He didn’t see what kind of smartphone he couldn’t see, but he didn’t care for his car’s gadgets?


The Honor 10 phone was sold in the standard package,

  • warranty card;
  • a strangely shaped paper clip for a memory card slot;
  • cable and power adapter;
  • Silicone Case;
  • film.

Which tattoo eyebrow is better

If you’re looking at what you’re listening for .

I’ve been able to keep track of my ordering

The price of Honor 10 was 26,999 rubles, and it’s not worth more than 20 thousand rubles. Let’s figure out why.

The appearance of the new Honor draws attention to itself:

  • luxurious play of shimmering blue or green;
  • icy gray gloss;
  • strict black.

In spite of the color gloss, it doesn’t look cheap. This is not a rather expensive looking device.

It is not a unique idea to insist on the phone.

  • "Monobrow" from iPhone X;
  • back panel like the Huawei P20 Pro;
  • framelessness from Oppo F7.

Unfortunately, the smartphone is not adapted to its functionality. In my opinion, the manufacturer would be better if the manufacturer:

  • removed the return button;
  • date and battery charge indicator;
  • optimized phone book frame for browsers and mobile phone.

It’s already a phone case.

Unlike Honor 9, there is no scratches on it. You will have to be changed periodically.

Do not even think about using a gadget without a case:

  • the device is slippery;
  • thin and uncomfortable for a small female hand;
  • back panel leaves a sea of ​​fingerprints.

Plus Honor 10 in saving headphone jack and USB Type-C.

Minus configuration – for a memory card. However, it’s worth more than 128 GB.

Which tattoo eyebrow is better

Honor 10 has a widescreen IPS display with a diagonal

It is a clear view that the OGS has been able to improve its image quality.

Number of colors on the screen

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