When babies change eye color


"Games of our grandmothers"

Compiled by: children, parents, grandparents

Leader: Mukhina

“When our grandparents were young, they lived in a difficult post-war time. But still, the children found time to play. When I asked my grandmother what they played as a child, she called a lot of games. I play with friends. Played outdoor games, catch-up, rode on skipping ropes. And the girls played with dolls. Nobody had any real dolls, so they were made by themselves. It has been shown that it has been drafted. Whats your dads made of? Snowmans played in the winter, downhill on wooden sleds. But there were those games that I heard about for the first time … "

The game "Wooden horses". When our grandparents were young, they were in a difficult post-war time. They played outdoor games: football, volleyball, catch-up, jumped on ropes and horses. A wooden stick and a twig served as a horse.

“Daughters-mothers” – girls played these games. Nobody had any dolls themselves. It has been shown that it has been drafted. And the dolls were with a clay head and a soft rag body.

From large cucumbers made buckets for games. It was taken as a guideline to play the game.

Barbie dolls, robots, transformers, Lego designers are our modern toys. What kind of toys did our grandparents play? My grandmother loved to play with dolls. They didn’t want to drink at that time. Rag dolls are made from cotton wool and cloth. Hair was made from tows and eyes were drawn with charcoal. There are a lot of rags on the rope. Boys made wood from automatic machines, whistles. In the summer of clay sculpted various figures. It was not the children’s “dish”. There loved.

There were no clothes, no clothes, no clothes, no fun.

And they also played with dolls in kindergarten and hospital.

He used to play with his daughter, played “daughter-mothers”, “hospital” and “store”.

"Swing – carousel". Whats your dads made of? The children are stronger and stronger to unleash them. Sometimes, it was not a lot of fun.

There was still such a fun, put a board on it. One of them jumped. You had to fly as high as possible on your feet.

"Cars". Grandpa had a wooden car and cubes. And although the toys were not always beautiful, the grandparents loved them very much. "

"Voynushka" (or pirates). Sami made sabers from boards, ranged with sticks, as with machine guns. We found suitable knots and cut out slingshots. The harnesses were deficient, so they used rubber bands from bicycle cameras.

My grandfather was born in the village of Verkh-Chumysh. According to him, he played Voynushka. An indefinite number of children can play this game. They made themselves various weapons from improvised means: machine guns, knives, pistols. They made them to be soldiers as soldiers. The children were divided into two camps: one was “OWN” and the other “ENEMIES”. They imagined all sorts of plots from military films, lost them. According to my grandfather, it was very interesting and exciting.

They loved to play on the lake. They made it a rainy day, Who fell into the water, he lost.

My grandfather loved playing Musketeers with his friends. They made swords from sticks and fought.

"Leapfrog". Jump rope, snowballs, football game, hide and seek, lyap. But there were those games that I heard about for the first time. Game "Leapfrog" – where jumping over the back of a friend. Dad and I tried. It was a lot of fun!

Game "Towns". This is a game where it was knocked down for short trunks, who has knocked down more and won. Grandpa loved to play "The Towns", he was the champion of the yard.

Sand games. It was a lot of fun. For their dolls they made sand treats.

"Concert". On the long, freezing evenings, my grandmother and her sister organized home concerts. They listened, sang songs, recited poems, and parents listened attentively and applauded.

"Cradle". In the old days, they were wanted to run and play. My love for play "Cradle" – this is the jumping of a rope, which is twisted by two people. She jumped the longest and best of all she did. She jumped in different ways with her legs, on one foot, with crossed legs, with a twist when jumping. She really liked this game. For her to walk. She often remembers those times.

"Score". I have two grandmothers: Tamara – my mom’s mom and Valya – my mom’s mom. Both of my grandmothers loved playing at the "Shop", which was amazing. It was a rainy day for the “sale”. Grandma Tom played in a similar way. They both realized the childhood dream. They grew up, learned, and became a store manager. I made a box for my childhood.

The board is staged counters, from boards and bricks – scales. They sold everything: chips – herring, round sticks – sausage, sand – sugar, pebbles – candy (sometimes even in candy wrappers), leaves from trees were money. Someone was a seller, someone was a buyer.

"Ringer". I love you to play the bell-ringer. It is not a long time that it can be seen. The rest of the playing "blind" blindfolded catch "Ringer". "Bell" carefully give him a call. Rule: caught the "bell ringer" is changing places with him. The rest is resting with their eyes untied from the game.

Word games. But what is interesting: what games did grandparents have? It turns out the same as ours! “Edible – Inedible”, “Corrupted Telephone” or “Deaf Telephone Numbers”. I like to play different games. With dad, we play with cars; We play with the grandmother in words, we solve riddles to each other.

"Edible-inedible." For each player, while naming various objects: edible and inedible. For an example of an “apple” If an object is an object, for example, it must be off. The player who has caught the ball in the ball. The winner is the player who lasted the longest.

“Black and white do not wear! Yes and no, do not speak! According to our grandmothers played it. The game starts like this. He’s in the garden, in the courtyard, in the courtyard, on the playground. Someone, by lot or by count. You must ask questions. It is not necessary to play it. And you can’t get any better: You can answer the words: black, white, yes, no. It gives a handkerchief, a badge, a ribbon, a nut, and a nut. These fanta then have to be redeemed.

So, the game has begun! For all the players, for example, the rules of the game. Black and white, not to say “yes” and “no”. Will you go to the ball? The player’s goal is to break the conditions. The goal is to hold out as long as possible. Clothing, vehicles, walls, paintings, carpets – it is not necessary to contain black or white details. It is difficult to formulate the answer to the words “black” – “white”. But you can have a conversation along with two players. Inexperienced players are very easy to catch:

– Will you go to the ball?

– Of course you will smile there?

– No, I will not! (forbidden word uttered)

It takes the quatrain and asks questions. So he will bypass all.

When babies change eye color

Some will not get together even once, others get off quickly. Who will get off, he gives a fant. Wins the one who gave the least fantasy. After the game, the purchase of fantasy begins. He added that he would not be able to see the phantasm, but would not be able to see the phantom over his head, asks:

– What does this fanta do?

Wishes can be comic:

– This fantasy is necessary. ride on one leg around the table. This fanta will cry out loud … this fanta sing your favorite song.

I offered to play this game to my friends. It turns out the game is really fun! And not only fun! This is a thought-out game that develops intelligence and memory in players.

"Secret." We need to collect all the "most valuable": gold, candy wrappers, beads, beautiful pebbles. Covered with glass. All this was done in secret. About the "secrets" could only tell the most loyal friends.

Ring Ring is also a game from grandmother’s childhood. Hey, Hey! It is a ring or something else. This item was secretly placed in the “boat” of one of those sitting. Then the driver retreated and said: “Ring-ring, go out on the porch!” The one who managed to get off the bench, became driving.

"Dead Man’s Silence." I played my favorite games. It was a little girl who was blindfolded, she was a girl who was blindfolded. If she became guessed, then he became “driving.”

"Cat and Mouse". And my grandfather’s favorite game was Cat and Mouse. All the players got up in one big circle. Chose the "cat" and "mouse." "Cat" was around the circle. The "cat" has become the "leading" one.

Games in the open air. I played lapta. Bits, of course, did themselves.

Grandmother played with her girlfriends in "Brook", "Lyapi", "Hide and Seek".

They also played “Forged Chains”, “Classics”, “Lapto”, “Password”, “Cossacks-robbers”, “Jumping” and many other interesting games.

They played, played snowballs, built fortresses and rode down the hill.

"Bouncers". The goal is to play the ball against the field. It was kicked by the kicker of the field. kicked players to field.

"Classics" – divided into "classes" (

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