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It opened for about two weeks ago. This is true, but it’s not a rule. But it was not there before.

In "Simon" men, really, are not allowed. You can get there after 19 hours. In the afternoon – for nothing. The creators of coworking, feminists Leda Garina and Svetlana Nartahova, “Ribra of Eva”. It is primarily feminist and is dedicated to combating gender discrimination. It has been noted that he has been constipating against his body. There was only one obstacle. Male gender correspondent.

It is what happens in "Simone" from 11 to 19 hours, when it works in co-working mode. At this time in the lantern men are not welcome. He said that he was an actress. If you’re not in the least, you’ll not be able to get in touch with you. He added that he had to give it a go-ahead.

Whats the do

It is a way to get in Simon during the day. Or have a keen desire to be it.

“Hello, can I see your girlfriend?” cafe if you read around like a woman. "Otherwise, other visitors may be uncomfortable.

The whole event was associated with a large share of stress. It is a long time in an unfamiliar environment.

In order to get a dress of a woman, I’ve got to get a dress. However, there wasn’t much wrinkle wrinkle. Pair of folded socks. So Alex became Alexandra.

It was a voice. Low and slightly nasal It was clear that there was no talker.

I left (left?) From the editorial office. The taxi driver got lost in traffic. I tried to make it out. He looked shy But I made an important discovery for myself: No one stared, poked his finger, or looked at the face. Disguise worked. And I went to Simon on foot. Four kilometers through the city center were easy. Persons of passers-by I realized that if I could play a girl, then not only very beautiful. Head down.

Get into the "Simon" with a swoop will not work. The building is located in a residential building. No signage. Even getting into the yard is still a feat. The arch is closed with a code lock. Divination by erased buttons did not help. Fortunately for me, I’m literally a few minutes later. It was Leda Garina herself. At me, her eyes did not even linger.

Garina strode widely holding hands in jeans. I minded behind it, pretending to read something important on the phone. He dived next to the door and stopped at the door. Garina turned around: “Oh, are you here?”. I nodded back. “How wonderful!” Leda smiled and flung open the door. So I ended up at Simon.

There is a hanger and hangers. All offer slippers, but you can walk in socks. Where there are bags, there are scattered everywhere, there is a table with books, and you can print something. In the group "Simons" VKontakte says that the institution can even sleep.

Pictures are hanging up for Fairy Tales for Girls. The whole story.

In addition to Leda Garina, only one person works at Simone – Svetlana Nartahova. She fulfills the role of the administrator and baristas. Nartahova explains the rules: for you can buy coffee for 150 rubles, or give you the co-working for a long time. I choose the second option. Nartahova gives you what she painted are: "Please cross out with a red marker." By the crosses, you can visit today. “20-30 cups of coffee or tea a day,” says the inscription on the blackboard. My cross was the sixth.

Embarrass anyone. Having finished with the formalities In the hallway, it was sitting in the room. The silence was even thicker than the background. However, it can’t be sewn on it. I opened the book. Looks like it is looking up from her laptop. It was unnerving.

It has been noted that it has been the case of the Garina and Nartahova Feminitives – “designer”, “organizer ”,“ Expert ”,“ volunteer ”" Operator ". From this, I first juggled – nobody says “designer” without irony. The names of coffee, by the way, are also feminized. "Latssa", "American", "Rafina", "Espresska" – for women’s rights even at this level.

For the authors of the book, Susan Sontag, Peggy Guggenheim and others. Almost all the books were sealed in polyethylene.

From the conversation between Garina and Nartahova, it became clear that another journalist, a Deutsche Welle correspondent, At first she made a video interview with Garina. It appeared at the once. Separately, Leda noted the “heite” and doesn’t end. We discussed the spontaneous Milonov visit. According to Garina, she was going to inside.

Nartahova admitted that she doesn’t receive a salary for working in Simone every day. He wondered at the competition in Finland. These were not possible – there were about 100 applications for a place. According to Garina, there is a money for the existence of coworking;

Whats the do

A Deutsche Welle journalist began filming the Simone Hall. They didn’t fall into the frame. I, looking through the camera, impudently looked into the camera. I was really a girl.

It would be a matter of fact. You can relax.

The turn has reached me. I felt safe in the modern realities. I said, as it is: yes, sometimes I feel pressure, but I cannot call it a danger. It turns out. I love you, my girlfriend, was more fortunate. She said that there’s no problem: “Even if he says,” it’s clear.

I went wandering around the coworking. Overall for the children’s center, rather than fem-cafes. If you are a gentleman, you can’t see what you’ve seen. of both sexes. In Simon, it is up to you. I just want to enjoy the peace and relax. Perhaps this is the effect.

Meanwhile, it’s goodbye and left. At 19:00 a meeting was scheduled for polyamorous people. I understand it, these are those who are able to love several partners. It would be impossible to remain a stranger. The rule also extended to the “Simona” hostesses themselves – Garina and Nartahova got dressed and went out. Poliamorov gathered surprisingly a lot, a dozen two. Girls with hair tits, I was kindly offered to join, but with my voice. Simon came to an end.

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