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Word after the Divine Liturgy December 4, 2013

The Holy Spirit!

We all remember him. More than once, he played the Divine Liturgy, our pupils-students.

For Vladyka Alexy. And, we believe, he has adequately prepared for it.

Orthodox Christians: “Deliver me, Lord, from an unnecessary death.” "Vain" in Slavonic – sudden. It is a dream. Without suffering – and you are no longer …

The spirit of the spirit of the soul is unanimously told in a completely different way. It is a woman who has lost his soul. a christian It is an eternal hell of unfulfilled desires. It is a time of death for you and your loved ones. However, it’s not our business! Every death is a special accomplishment of the Providence of God.

Blessing – unmarked testify? It is a woman who has lost her life. It is a scaffolding that has been committed to the truth.

Christy went through the wreath of Christ the Savior.

He was born, like many of those standing here in the Soviet Union. Received a spiritual and humanitarian education. I know his friends: Viktor Burdyuk, Nikolai Blokhin and future Lord Anatoly Frolov were pals. They were distinguished by super-exemplary behavior. But they have been received, received the most excellently, and most importantly, they have come to faith. In the seventies, he entered the seminary, then he became a lawyer.

Alexy loved professionally. I’m thinking about the blessing, including the blessing, and the baptism of the baptism. . You can’t imagine the memory of the christianity and the christianity.

For many years, Vladyka served as a deacon and was not even a priest. But in the early 1990s, Patriarch of the Novospassky monastery. Vladyka Alexy revived this ancient monastery.

For many years, Synodal Commission for the Convent. It would seem – a bureaucratic position. He met with his heart, including our Sretensky monastery. He could always come to him for advice, he was always ready.

He was an extraordinarily, severely demanding man. To myself. He treated others more than condescendingly, with infinite mercy. The brethren of the Novospassky monastery, it seems, especially understand this.

Thinking of the god of the gods at the Divine Liturgy. Praying with him has always been a tremendous spiritual happiness.

The Lord gives him peace of mind. This happens in different ways. I remember the life of the Rev. Optina Elder Varsonofy. It was the time of his death, the father of the Holy Spirit, the infinitely beloved by him, and the abbot of the Novo-Golutvinsky monastery. It would seem: persist, labor, perform obedience! But the elder Barsanuphius didn’t take it, like a real Golgotha. If you’re a little bit difficult, you’ll not be able to understand this

It is necessary to save it, so it’s necessary to save it. It’s been a hard time for us to know how it’s been.

In Kostroma, Vladyka Alexy, as elsewhere, worked on his life.

And then the disease came. The same, Vladyka Pitiri’s deathbed ailment. And Vladyka Alexy felt that he would have been suffering for a long time. Vladyka Pitirim has been added to his soul for God. " Vladyka Alexy also took his test.

And about the Providence of God. Vladyka Alexy died in Moscow. It was particularly clear that it was a little day and a little bit more than any aspiration. blessings, and there is nothing vain and accidental.

The Holy Spirit of Theotokos during the “Orthodox Russia”. Vladyka had for a few months, only a few people could see him. Do not leave the Arena all day, without a vigilant protection. His Holiness Patriarch Cyril, His Holiness, His Holiness, His Holiness

Let us pray for him.

Let’s forget it in our prayers! Thank you for your love. And let us rejoice for Vladyka Alexy: he, we believe, has been deserved and ordained by the Lord God. Amen!

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