Walk barefoot in the street


Confusion – this is not a nonsense. In all these "absurdities" – it is a need for fun and self-affirmation. Pull-ups undoubtedly teach creativity, awaken thought and fantasy.

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interesting selection EVERYTHING OPPOSITE (compiled by Grigory Kruzhkov)

Once upon a time. Once upon a time. Once upon a time. Once upon a time. Once upon a time. Once upon a time. And they were crested, And they had the chicken Burenka. And they also had two goats: Sivka and Burka!

Miller Rain warms, The sun pours. Miller grinds Water in the well.

Laundress on the stove. Erases the trough. Grandmother in the river Roasted sieve.

“Two merry tots, sitting smartly on the stove, Ripping watermelons from the apple tree, Carrots tugging at sea. On the branches of matured crayfish, Seven herring and ruffs. All the neighboring dogs ate swede from the heart. "

Oh, misfortune happened: the water caught fire. For that happiness, At that time Past walked Lame Taras – Quenched up the water, And deserved that glory. As he poured it, he didn’t tell us about that. Only heard by the side: He put out his beard!

There is no warehouse here, no fret. Rearrange it all! Penguins are desert dwellers, Uzhata is very fond of melons. The guys are crawling in the quagmire. Camels float on the ice A turtle walks slowly, A spiny lion lurks in the grass, A mighty hedgehog knows no fear, A fox is hunting him. Snakes fly in the clouds, Eagles are stubborn, just fear! Whales in the mountains, Walks in the mountains, Cats swim in the steep waves. Is everything in its place? Three minutes are given to you!

Flies, twirling tail.

Small children, little pigs. Piglets hanging from knots, Hanging from knots, they want to fly.

Walk barefoot in the street

Vanya, Vanya – simplicity I bought a horse without a tail. He sat backwards and went to the garden.


Knocks, strumming on the street, Thomas, rides on a chicken, Timoshka on a cat – There, too, on the path.

And how can you play confusion? Yes, like this, for example: divide all the lines of the poem into two parts. The words of each line are written on the left and on the stripes. These strips are confused (it is put) and it turns out nonsense. It is a question of what is written.

Angry boar Steamer Nightingale Porcupine Cat Masha Pinocchio Tailor Hedgehog Siskin Rak Table Kettle Boy

It was a mustache that was sharpened by a horse.

After the arrangement, it should turn out: Angry boar sharpened fangs, catches his tail, Behind its tail, chassis mice, chris flew under the clouds, jumped in the yard.

Here is another version of the poetic text for this game:

Cucumbers play, Piglets sharpen swords, Crayfish, Crayfish, Wolves swim on the bottom, Plays how to the moon. What kind of pie? Sharpen a pencil! I order you to put everything in its place!

Poetic changeers.

Walk barefoot in the street

For help! In a large waterfall Fell young leopad! Oh no! The young leopard fell into a large waterfall. What to do – again at random. Hold on, dear leopad! Or rather, dear leopard! Again, does not go vopard. I. Tokmakova

Here is the bud. But the can. Here is a can. But the python. A loaf is baked in the oven. A python crawls through the grass and there is concrete on the construction site. Repeat and you are in my tone:

Where’s the buddies, where’s the buddies

One, two, three, four, five, I begin to repeat. But it is a bang in the bottom, and there is a python on the construction site.

No not like this! No not like this! Tell me yourself: how? Understand yourself, Where is the bud, and where is the loaf, Where is the can, and where is the concrete? N. Matveyeva

I say it in vain praise myself, I say To everybody and everywhere, With every sentence. I’ll repeat right away. Soaped cactus on the window. Rhyshunshah I know what I say, And it boosted in vain? E. Uspensky

Warm spring now, Vine grapes ripened with us. Horse horned in a meadow Late autumn bear And in the winter among the branches “Ha-ha-ha!” – the nightingale sang. Quickly give me an answer – Is it true or not? K. Chukovsky

Where do walruses live? In the rye! And where is the little mouse? In water!

What do cats chew? Flowers! And the hungry bull? Barbecue!

What did the mole eat? Beans! What about snail? Coat!

How does a giraffe sing? Tyaf, tyaf! And how? No

WHAT ARE YOUR WORDS There is a sweet word – rocket, There is a quick word – candy. There is a sour word – car, There is a word with a window – lemon.

There is a thorny word – rain; There is a wet word – a hedgehog. There is a stubborn word – spruce, There is a green word – a goal. There is a book word – tit, There is a word forest – page. There is a funny word – snow, There is a fluffy word – laughter.

Stop! Stop! Sorry guys. My machine is to blame. Error in verse is not a trifle, it is necessary to type like this:

Change the tale: the weather was terrible. One day, in the second hour, the princess got lost in the forest. Suddenly he sees – it is a terrible dugout. And in the dugout – a cannibal. Come to my place for lunch! Taking out a knife is a clear thing. Suddenly I saw how beautiful. The ogre immediately became ill: Go away, he says, from here. The appetite is terrible. Too kind, said beautiful. And the princess went to the castle. Here is a terrible legend. Here is a beautiful princess. Or maybe it was all wrong? The weather was beautiful, the princess was terrible. One day, in the second hour, the princess got lost in the forest. Suddenly he sees – a terrible glade. There is a beautiful dugout on the clearing. And in the dugout – a cannibal. Come to my place for lunch! Taking out a knife is a clear thing. Suddenly I saw how terrible. The ogre immediately became ill: Go away, he says, from here. The appetite is beautiful. Too kind, said terrible. And the princess went on the sly. Straight to the castle of the woods. Here is a beautiful legend. That’s what a terrible princess. Or maybe it was all wrong.

Petya Korobkin is in a trough, and Grisha Korytin in a box is billed. If Korobkin were in a box, KOpal, If 6

– Well, guys, how are you? – Good! – shout boys. – Do you have any news? – There is! – and began the story. – I went to the circus not so long ago. – I was on the river. – How was fun, funny! – Stripped and swam. – I laughed to tears. – And suddenly went to the bottom. – There was a dog in a stroller carrying a cat. – Shouted: "Tonu!" – There is no clown – And then the guys went. – Sea lions played with a ball. – They saved me. – Wait a minute, friends, I did not understand. Repeat everything, to the point, Only – mind you! – one by one.

Past the doggie, The gates were casting, The roofs were frightened, The horse pushed the man with the whip. The horse ate porridge, A man oats, A horse sat in a sleigh, And a man took.

The typesetter confusion Here the typesetter confused the lines. Help me to understand

Yesterday we’re the dust

Today we have our carpet. We gave you some ice cream.

Rode the village Sheepskin coat Whacks under the gate. The village screamed: "The men are burning!" Sundresses with women are in a hurry for the fire.

And then the lights were turned off. Cook bream takes And lowers in compote. He throws the logs into the pot. Stirs soup with a chop, Coals beats a ladle. Sugar cakes in broth, And he is very pleased. That was the salad, When the light was repaired

The gardener showed us a densely populated, Ogurbuzy grew, Tomatoes grew, Rediswekla, chesluk and repust. Selderoshek has ripened, Asparagus has already begun to crumble, But such baclachs Yes shaggy pods Every gardener would be frightened.

With the poodle, he wandered over to the fence. Ivan, like a log, fell into a swamp,

With him poodle skipping Ivan fell into the river, jumped over the fence.

He fell into the fence. Ivan, jumped over the swamp, jumped onto the ax. Daniel harms

I walked once at dawn Late late in the evening. Bald stump Sat in beret, Hiding behind a fan. Three frogs On a birch Willy nest Uzh. And the Woodpecker bear frightened: – I will invite the Cat to visit!


Someone’s House, Away, Away, Awesome, Awesome Yes, as he screams, Flying: – That’s what a comma means.


If you’re an adult or not, you’ll be shouting your head: “Stop, give up, hands up!” Mom will laugh And you, dad will shake your hand.

The dog sits down in the water, socks it out, and the grandchild’s grandmother plays little fish read funny books

Walk barefoot in the street

A clever hoopoe bastard fished, A crocodile chalked up a street with a fishing rod, a cat caught a mustache, a cat with ducklings dived into a river. Something was probably wrong, Something messed up the artist – eccentric? What confused our poet, eccentric?

With the marmalade in the beard For his daddy

Above the ground, a watermelon flies, He tweets, whistles: – I am a mustard, I am a lemon! I closed for repairs!

Once in a galosh I went down a Horse And said: I am a galoshad! On the guitar, on the harmonica I will do yoke-goshka! "

Yam-tiryam-tiryam, in a stroller Two baleen whistles Shistopljaski Barefoot, run-run Catch the wind with a boot!

Hello, The First Day Of Spring!

There was a hat for a saucepan. Her cavalier was a broom; He ate a dumpling from a hat.

The cat got drunk valerian, he got drunk, He got his ears.

A buffet runs along the river, Everyone will like shooting a movie, Everyone will like it!


The cuckoo was silent. The cuckoo broke for no reason. The watchmaker came And repaired it.

The old woman, blinking, Looking at the hut: Riding a hut Kukuet cuckoo. Cuckoo cuckoo For no reason. The watchmaker came And repaired it. Again an old woman blinks in surprise: Riding a cuckoo Cooking hut. Kukuet hut Without any reason. The watchmaker came And repaired it.

Now the hut blinks in surprise: Kukuet cuckoo. Cuckoo cuckoo For no reason. The watchmaker came And repaired it. Again in a blink of a blink hut: Riding a cuckoo Kukuet old woman. the old woman without any reason. The watchmaker came And repaired it.

Kukuet hut. Kukuet hut Without any reason. The watchmaker came And repaired it. And again the cuckoo blinks in surprise: Kukuet old woman For no reason. The watchmaker came And repaired it.

Kukuet edge Kukuet hut, Kukuet cuckoo, Kukuet old woman. Next kicks the clockmaker: kukuet: Ku-ku! He is screwed and he doesn’t have to be screwed up.

Our cock cock crowed loudly. A well in the dark. Our door was screaming, the calf creaked. Snarled a little mouse.


It is a rule.

“I need a kindergarten kindergarten. Call the kindergarten. "A kitten named Marmalade left us." "Summer cottage for rent with a goat and a garage." "There will be a lecture on life abroad." "I need a cart with a horse." "Thunderstorm and leaf fall are expected for tomorrow". "The teacher teaches singing and drawing." And "Requires a nanny In a good family."


"I need a kindergarten nanny With a teteyu to the warehouse." “A teacher named Marmalade left us.”

And here syllables are messed up in words. So, we begin to glue together the words of the scattered syllables. Study these lines, putting the pieces together correctly.

What is stone? What is ice? Sul – mi – ka – ra – pi – so – yes! Who crawls and who flies? Kartya – y – ka – guz – sot! Where is the car? Where is the country? Sa – ar – mo – gene – te – dump! Who is in the pond? Who is in the meadow? Re – be – a – noc – same – shk – gu! What’s in the closet? What is on the table? Wi – bash – zo – te – ka – ru – le!

pyramid icicle snail wagtail dump truck argentina frog foal tv shirt


It was Sunday at the elephant’s birthday party. So it sled, it was fun, so spun it. AN, lo, te, pa, di, co, dil, k, kroshim, ze, pan, ko, reel, Ena, mot, ge, be raf – gi, Mur – go – la – le – bra – braz – zhi!

antelope crocodile porcupine chimpanzee hippo gorilla giraffe lemur cobra hyena

Rain forest rushing from the forest cock. He shouts: “Ku-ka-re-ku!” Honor and glory to the mushroom picker! I filled my body and run quickly home! A hedgehog snorted from under the tree: “You will shake up all the mushrooms!” In the outfit one trash. Ka – ro – may – le – sy – hedgehog – wick, Sub – axes – wick – ry – nozhik, Cas – i – i – p – re – 6e – zo, Nush – ka – fi – ox – oh

And here are two more, well-known and many beloved, confusions:


This is a mystery! Here is what the Tale says: Once upon a time there is a CAT and a CIT.

CAT – huge, just scary! KIT was small, homely. KIT meowing. CAT puffed out. KIT did not want to swim. As the fire of water was afraid. CAT always laughed at him! Time so spends whale: Night wanders, Snoring during the day. CAT Floats on the Ocean, KIT Eats sour cream from a saucer. Catching KIT Mice on land. CAT At the sea beats baclushi! If you’re scoring a bit I tried to swim away from my enemies: I tried to swim away from my enemies:

KIT Loved to climb higher. At night Songs were sung on the roof. Call him: – Kitty, kitty! – He willingly Jump down. But the denouement was approaching: Into the Sea. The Captain is looking keenly. He sees – in the sea He submits the command: – Whale at the rate! Full stroke! Whaler approaches the cannon. Guns are not toys! I will say Clean: I do not envy KITU!

– Mama! – Shouted whaler, bounced off the gun. – What is this. Tail pipe Ears on top.

Stop the car! Scamp, freak! Hey, polundra: In the sea – CAT! –Take it easy! What’s the matter? – I, – shouts, – not kotoboy! Report to the captain – I will not shoot a cat! I am ready to punish Those who torment cats!

“All-all-all! “By the radio operator.” “By all, all, all! Miracle Yudo Fish-Cat is coming! There is some mystery! There is no order in this fairy tale! The cat is obliged to save our souls!

And in response to a whale helicopter sits down immediately. Doctors, Professors, Nurses, Academicians for Whales, Academicians for Youngsters, Newsletters with a searchlight, Young naturalists and other specialists. All went down to the deck, barely accommodated. Understood the Whole year – Where is the CAT? Discussed, not in a hurry. And in the end they decided: “There is no order in this fairy tale. Typo: Someone, For hesitating “KIT” to “CAT”, “CAT” to “KIT”, Against any rules “Well, And put things in order: There are no more riddles in the fairy tale. In the ocean goes peacefully. Everything is decent. The tale has become – to "excellent"! All clear and clear. It is a pity that she ended.

In the wonderful country Irina Tokmakova

In the morning, it is a country day. It makes it possible for you to enjoy harmony with you. In one country, In a wonderful country. Why don’t you believe me?

Kittens meowed “We’re tired of meowing! We want, like pigs, Grunt! ”And after them the duckling:“ We don’t want to quack anymore! We want, like frogs, to croak! ”The pigs meowed: Meow, meow! Kittens grunted: Oink, oink, oink! The ducks squandered: Kwa, Kwa, Kwa! Chickens grunted: Quack, quack, quack! Sparrow rode And the cow moaned: Muh-y. A bear came running in. And let’s cry: K-ka-d-ku! And the cuckoo on the bitch: “I don’t want to scream ku-ku, I bark a dog: Woof, woof, woof1” I didn’t grunt – I lay under the cabbage, I hated lambers And the foolish little animals persuaded: “To whom Tweet Don’t purr! Whom to purr – Do not tweet! Do not come under the cloud! “But the funny animals – Pigs, bear cubs – More than that they want to play. Flying walk across the sky, Moth catching a cat, Fold it up, And chanterelles The sea is burning with flame. A whale ran out of the sea: “Hey, firefighters, run! Help, help! “For a long, long time, a crocodile Sea blue stewed Pies and pancakes, And dried mushrooms. Ran up two kurchonka, They watered from the barrel. Two ruffs swam, They poured from the bucket. The frogs came running, They poured from the tub. Extinguish, extinguish – do not extinguish, Fill – do not flood. Then it went to sea. The beasts rejoiced, – they looghed and sang, they were flared with their legs. The geese started shouting again like a goose: Ha-ha-ha! Cats purred: Mur-mur-mur! Birds zachirkali: Chik-tweet! The horses screamed: And-and and and! The flies buzzed: WF Frog kvakayut: Kva-kva-kva! And ducklings quack: quack-quack-quack! Piglets grunt: Oink oink! Murochka is lounging My darling: Baiushka-bai! Baiushki bye!

I have a bed – Crocodile Grows. And in the Moscow River Cucumber lives! Crocodile Has Ripped! Cucumber in the Moscow River All the frogs ate! The terrible hippopotamus. And in the Moscow River Klyunet hook – How do you like it? – Scary zucchini! Oh! Will everything be all right !?

That’s all confusion. Sad to part with them? No problem! Try to compose your own (although, of course, this is not a comic affair) and offer it to your friends. material taken from books:

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