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Cats and cats are one sheer pleasure. If you want to make a cat, you will be able to make it in a lot of ways.


It doesn’t require skills, talent or artistic taste. If it’s time to run out, then you can limit yourself to funny images.

Ultrasonic face cleaning

Sleeping kitty

Such a sleeping miracle can easily draw everyone. It is a sheet and a soft patio.

Stage 1: We start drawing a cat from the head. To draw a circle with a line of pencil lines. It is clear that there is no space for it.

Stage 2: Focusing on the backstage lines.

Stage 3: Mark out the contour of the head with a soft pencil. Draw the ears, sticking out fur, and funny "whirlwind".

Step 4: draw the body of the animal and draw the tail. Note that the kitten is curled up.

Stage 5: At the last stage, the legs and mustaches are drawn. Carefully erase extra lines and markings. The kitten is ready. If desired, it can be painted with paints or colored pencils.

Kitten mischievous

This naughty baby like any child. You need to start drawing a naughty kitten from the head. We draw a circle, add a triangle of ears and draw a muzzle. Then follows the drawing of the body and the paws. It is shown in the picture. Surprise can be transmitted through wide-open eyes; you can make it a little bit different.

Kitten from circles

Since there has been a pattern, it has been shown. It is not necessary to draw proportions.

First, two circles are drawn. The diameter of the bottom should be about twice the top. The back part is the tail piece. It is randomly marked.

Once a circle, two circle

A cat with a pencil.

Ultrasonic face cleaning

A larger circle is drawn inside it. Add ears, facial features and tail. The child will be able to get his spirits.

Playful kitten


Marked contour made of solid slate. It is a rectangle or a cylinder. After this, we make a markup for the paws.

We’ll draw a horizontal line. Round eyes. Draw a chin, mustache.

More clearly denote the muzzle. Detail the eyes, nose, mustache and cheeks. Soft pencil draw villi on the ears, on the head and face. Then we draw the paws with claws and pads, detailing the back.

At the final stage, all auxiliary lines are carefully erased. It is the turn to draw fur. For these purposes, the 2M (or 2B) can be used.


It is a fact that it’s not a problem. You can verify the Scottish Fold instructions for a portrait of a scott Fold.

Draw a Scottish Fold cat with a pencil

Scottish Fold is loved by many breeders for temper and charming looks. It is impossible to see such a mustache. We offer a simple step by step lesson for beginners.

Solid pencil: 1 vertical and 2 horizontal. It has been shown that it has been sitting on its back.

Horizontal eyes should not be broken down. After that, you need to start drawing the contour of the muzzle and eyes.

Important! The size of the eye must be in proportion.

When drawing the nose, remember that its size should not be smaller (narrower) than the distance between the eyes.

Then, with the stylus M or TM we darken the eyes and nose. More experienced, you can use a black pen.

Unpainted, white places, as in the picture.

In the third stage, you will need a 2M (or B2). Gently, smooth lines, shading strokes, darken the space around the pupils. Note that the color shifts from the darkest (around the pupils) to the lightest. Then, with a solid pen, there are arrows. They show directions for drawing wool.

Focusing on the arrows, draw the darkest wool. Should not be the darkest.

To complete the picture, draw the remaining wool. Cat ready

Attention! The color of the villi depends on the pressing force.

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