To the side of the eye

Was afraid of everything. A bird will fly up somewhere, a bird will fly up, a snowy ball will fall from a tree, –

I was afraid for a couple of days; I was afraid of a couple of days; he was afraid of being afraid of him.

– I’m not afraid of anyone! He shouted to the whole forest. – Here I am not afraid, and that’s it!

To the side of the eye

It is a concept that you can’t make it. It is not yet that the hare was afraid of anyone.

– Hey you, you are not afraid of the wolf?

“I’m not afraid of the wolf nor foxes nor bears are afraid of anyone!”

That was really funny. He has a lot of fun, and he has a lot of fun. Very very funny hare. Oh, how funny! It was fun. Each other, just like everyone was crazy.

To the side of the eye

– What can I say for a long time! – the hare finally shouted. – If I get a wolf, so I will eat it myself …

– Oh, what a funny hare! Oh, how stupid he is.

Everyone sees it both funny and everyone laughs.

Hare shouts about the wolf, and the wolf – right there.

He walked, he hungry and only thought: “He wanted to eat it!”

Now he stopped, sniffed the air and began to sneak up.

He was coming to his ears.

“Eh, brother, wait, eat, I’m going to eat,” More than ever. Hare climbed on a tree stump, sat on his hind legs and spoke:

– Listen to you, cowards! Listen and look at me! Now I will show you one thing. I … I … I …

Here is the language of the bouncer just froze.

To the side of the eye

The hare saw the wolf staring at him. Dare to die

Then there was a very unusual thing.

Hell jumped on his head, jumped up on his neck, .

Bunny for a long time, ran until he was completely exhausted.

It was his hair.

Finally, he lost his life.

And the wolf at this time was running the other way. When someone had shot him.

And the Wolf ran away. It was some kind of madness …

For a long time could not recover Who fled into the bushes, who hid behind the stumps, who fell into the hole.

Finally, getting tired of a little braver.

– A cleverly scared the Wolf, our Hare! – decided everything. “But it wasn’t our fearless Hare.”

Went, went, there is no brave anywhere. Had another wolf eaten it? Finally they didn’t find it.

– Well done, scythe! – shouted all the hares in one voice. – Ay yes oblique. Deftly you scared the old wolf. Thank you brother! And we thought you were bragging.

Brave Hare immediately perk up. He climbed out of his fossa, shook himself, narrowed his eyes, and said:

– What would you think! Oh, you panties …

It wasn’t any trouble.

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