These eyes do not mind

St. Seraphim of Sarov: ". the bishops of the Russian Land and other clergymen will shy away from preserving Orthodoxy in all its purity, and for that the wrath of God will strike them ”

These eyes do not mind

(Seraphim of Sarov, before his death, spoke to Motovilov about his vision of Russia in our time: They will not want it through saliva, they will have bloody diarrhea).

As early as 1832, St. Seraphim of Sarov predicted a general rebellion against the Tsarist government and the bloody moment of its fall: “They will wait for such a time, when even without that it will be very difficult for the Russian Land, and in one day and at one o’clock, having agreed in advance on that, they will raise in all places of the Russian Land, on one day and one hour, having agreed in advance on this, they will raise a general rebellion in all parts of the Russian Land, and since many of the employees will then themselves participate in their malicious intent, there will be no one to take them down, and at first many will spill innocent blood, its rivers will flow on the Russian Land, many nobles, and clergy, and merchants, located to the Sovereign, will be killed… "In December 1916, the Empress visited the Desiatinny Monastery in Novgorod. Old Mary, who had been lying in heavy chains for many years, stretched out her dry hands and said: "Here comes the Martyr – Tsarina Alexandra", hugged her and blessed her. Blissful Pasha Sarovskaya before his death in 1915, all put bows before a portrait of the Emperor. “He will be above all kings,” she said. And on her deathbed she cried: Tsar, abdicate the throne himself! To the portraits of the Tsar and the Tsarist Family, the blessed one prayed on a par with the icons, crying: "Holy Royal Martyrs, pray to God for us." The king was given her words: "Sire, come down from the see himself." As early as 1832, Saint Seraphim of Sarov predicted not only the fall of Tsarist power, but also the moment of its restoration and the resurrection of Russia: “… but when the Russian Land is divided and one side clearly remains with the rebels, the other will clearly be for the Sovereign and the Fatherland and the Holy Church, but The Sovereign and the whole Tsar surname will be retained by the Lord with His invisible right hand and will give a complete victory by raising a weapon for him, for the Church and for the good of the indivisibility of the Russian Land, but not so much blood will be shed here as when Cheat victory and overfishing all traitors and betraying them into the hands of Justice, then they will not send anyone to Siberia, but they will execute everyone and they will shed more old blood, but this blood will be the last, cleansing blood, for after that the Lord will bless people With his peace, he will exalt the anointed, his David, his servant, the husband after his heart. "

Rev. Seraphim spoke about the future of Russia (after the Bolshevik yoke), that the Lord will give a certain time limit, about 15 years, to Russia for repentance … If after this Russia does not repent, the wrath of God will be poured upon it on an even larger scale … ” .

In the early nineties, people responded to the call of the Lord. And by 1992 the Lord added about 15 years of grace for repentance. This time is now ending. But we are mostly indifferent. Repentance began, but there is no mass repentance of the people. And it is time to think. According to Serafim Sarovsky, in the absence of repentance, time is extended further, but Russia is awaited by grief and distress “on an even larger scale”, as compared with the past century, for our admonition and repentance. Or maybe the well-known events, after which the Lord gives another 15 years, should be calculated after the end of the defolate in 2000. Then everything fits together! (Alexandra) ****************************************

"That Tsar who will glorify me," says Rev. Seraphim, "and I will glorify." This prophecy began to be fulfilled in 1903 during the glorification of Rev. Seraphim, when the Sovereign wrote: "To glorify immediately." We remember the Rev.’s prediction that there will be a great triumph and joy when the Tsar’s last name arrives, and in the middle of the summer they will sing Easter, a prediction that ends with a mournful depiction of Russia’s future tests: "And what will happen afterwards – the angels will not have time to receive souls." The royal family actually visited Sarov and Diveevo in the days of the discovery of the relics of the monk in 1903. The sovereign with the bishops carried the shrine with the holy relics, and the people sang in the great joy of Easter. And the second part of the prediction after that soon became a reality. But has everything already been accomplished from what the Reverend said?

The glorification of the Tsar-Passion-bearer Nicholas Alexandrovich by the Lord in martyr end must also be imprinted by church glorification. In addition, we know from Holy Scripture that prophecies often have more than one fulfillment – a fulfilled one can have a continuation and be revealed in a new way at a new stage in history. The second finding of the relics of St. Seraphim in 1991, when Orthodox Russia sang Easter during the summer, wasn’t it given us consolation on the eve of new sorrows, about which St. Seraphim said that angels would not have time to accept souls after that?

Or will these words be fully expanded after our canonization of the Tsar for the prayers of Rev. Seraphim, on the eve of the end of the world, when the brief flourishing of Orthodoxy in Russia? The fates of our Fatherland are connected with the glorification of the Royal martyrs and with the prayerful intercession of St. Seraphim. Until we glorify the Tsar, while Russia does not deserve this glorification by repentance, let us cry to our new martyrs, because the martyrdom of our Tsar cannot be separated from the martyrdom of the entire Orthodox people, and to Rev. Seraphim, that they pray for this gift from the Lord.

In confirmation of the truth of the above, we give the gracious revelation of Fr. Mitrofan Srebryansky, confessor of the venerable martyr the Great Princess Elizabeth, recorded in his diary. Before the start of the February Revolution, Fr. Mitrofan had a predawn dream that greatly agitated him. Having come to church in great excitement, he asked to call Elizabeth to him at the altar. Here is their dialogue: “Mother, I am so excited about the dream that I had just seen, that I cannot immediately begin the service of the Liturgy. Perhaps, having told him to you, I can calm down a little. I saw in a dream four pictures, alternating one after another. At first, I saw a burning church that burned and collapsed. In the second picture, I saw your sister Empress Alexander in the mourning frame, but then sprouts began to grow from the edges of this frame, and white lilies covered the image of the Empress. Then in the third picture I saw Archangel Michael with a fiery sword in his hands. This picture changed, and I saw Reverend Seraphim praying on a stone. After listening to this story, M. Elizabeth said: – You saw, father, a dream, and I will tell you its meaning. In the near future events will occur, from which our Russian Church, which you have seen burning and dying, will suffer greatly. In the second picture – a portrait of my sister. White lilies filled the portrait, saying that her life will be covered with the glory of a martyr’s death. The third picture – Archangel Michael with a fiery sword – says that Russia is in for great disasters. The fourth picture – Reverend Seraphim praying on a stone – promises Russia a special prayer protection for Reverend Seraphim. ” The intercession of Archangel Michael with the heavenly host and the prayers of St. Seraphim and the Holy Royal Martyrs are the one secret of the salvation of Russia. Empress Maria Alexandrovna (spouse of Emperor Alexander II), said Tyutcheva

It was a Mason-Decembrist, who wanted to receive a blessing from the monk on the impending coup. But he did not have time to approach the priest, as the water at the source turned cloudy, darkened, hammered with a key. Seraphim of Sarov stared at the stranger and said to him: Come away! Just as this holy source is clouded, so are you and all of Russia with your like-minded people who are outraged!

It will take more than half a century. Then the villains will raise their heads high. It will certainly. The Lord, seeing the unrepentant anger of their hearts, will allow their undertakings for a short time, but their illness will turn to their head, and the wrong of their pernicious plans will descend to the top. There will be once a King who will glorify me, after which there will be a great distemper in Russia, a lot of blood will flow for rebelling against this Tsar and Autocracy, but God the Tsar will magnify. There will be great calamities on the Russian land. The Orthodox faith will be trampled upon, the hierarchs of the Church of God and other clergy will retreat from the purity of Orthodoxy, and for this the Lord will severely punish them. Any desire to make changes to the rules and teachings of the Holy Church is a heresy. blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which will never be forgiven. I, a poor Seraphim, prayed to the Lord for three days and three nights that he would better deprive me of the Kingdom of Heaven and have mercy on them. But the Lord answered I did not have mercy on them: for they teach the teachings of men, and they honor Me with their tongues, and their heart is far from Me.

Before the birth of the Antichrist, there will be a great long-lasting war and a terrible revolution in Russia, surpassing all human imagination, for the bloodshed will be the most terrible: the Razinsky, Pugachevsky riots, the French revolution is nothing compared to what will happen to Russia. A lot of people loyal to their fatherland will be killed, the plunder of church property and monasteries; the desecration of the churches of the Lord; the destruction and plundering of the wealth of good people, the rivers of Russian blood will be shed. Then the time will come when, under the pretext of church and Christian progress, for the sake of the requirements of this world, the dogmas (teachings) and regulations of the Holy Church will be changed and distorted, forgetting that they have a beginning from the Lord Jesus Christ, who taught and gave instructions to His disciples, To the Holy Apostles, about the creation of the Church of Christ and its rules, and commanding them: “Teach all nations to teach what I have commanded you” (Matt. 28, 19).

From here, the rules and traditions of the Holy Apostles that have come down to us, which are explained and approved once and for all by the Holy Successors – the Holy Fathers, led by the Holy Spirit in seven Ecumenical Councils, have survived to this day. Woe to the one who reduces or adds one word our Church has no vice; woe betide those who dare to make any changes to the worship service and the statutes of that Church, which is the “Pillar and affirmation of Truth” and about which the Savior Himself said that even the gates of hell will not overcome it; that is, it will remain unchanged until the end – until the second coming. ” Any desire to make ostensibly improvements, changes in the rules and teachings of the Holy Church is a heresy, a desire to create its own special Church by fabricating the human mind, a departure from the decree of the Holy Spirit and is a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which will not be forgiven for ages. All those who have fallen away from unity with the Holy Apostolic Church have done and will continue to do so, as the Apostle Paul says: he takes the form of servants of truth, but their end according to their deeds. " (2 Cor. 11, 13-14). The hierarchs of the Russian land and the clergy of the last times will go along this path and the wrath of God will strike them …

But the Lord will not be fully angry and will not allow the Russian Land to collapse to the end, because it alone preserves Orthodoxy and the remnants of Christian piety. We have Orthodox faith, the Church, which has no vice. For the sake of these virtues, Russia will always be glorious and fearful and irresistible to enemies, having faith and piety — hell cannot overcome this gates. The Lord will have mercy on Russia and lead her by suffering to great glory. To me, poor Seraphim, from the Lord God is supposed to live much more than a hundred years. But since by that time the Russian hierarchs are so incriminating that they will not surpass the Greek bishops during the time of Theodosius the Younger, so that even the most important dogma of the Christ Faith – the Resurrection of Christ and the General Resurrection will not be believed until the time of me, the poor Seraphim, from sowing the premature life, take and then resurrect the assertion of the dogma of the Resurrection, and my resurrection will be like the resurrection of seven youths in the cave of Okhlonskaya in the times of Theodosius the Youngest. Upon my resurrection, I will go from Sarov to Diveevo, where I will preach universal repentance.

O (coming) Gosudar is not a baker, His Lord will preserve, He is a Christian in his heart, what others cannot say about themselves even from spiritual great persons. The Sovereign Emperor Peter I Alekseevich was great, for which the Great and Father of the Fatherland was justly named, and by faith in the Lord (the coming Sovereign) and equaled (with Peter the Great) cannot be; judge yourself, Peter the Great lived at a time when even with one glance the tsar’s primaries were valued by the mercy of God and everything silently obeyed the King, so it was easy for Him to manage, and now not that nation has already become. Here it is (faith in the Lord) He (the coming Russian Tsar-winner of the Antichrist) and above Peter the Great, for His unbelieving Orthodox Belief and God will help Him in everything and magnify Russia so much over all its enemies that He will become above all the kingdoms of the earth and not only among foreigners there is no need to learn anything, but they will also happen to be in our Russian Land and learn from us and the Orthodox Christian Faith and pious life according to this faith.

And many, many will be at first before the Grief of the Sovereign, and not once will seek His head consecrated to God and the belly of the royal family, but the Lord will always protect Him and the whole august royal House, the righteous for the sake of one, the whole race is saved, which says Trieh , and in His Sovereign, look at how many holy relics from His crowned flesh and blood, I see, that not one dozen God-pleasers, so they are all prayers for His kind and His sacred person, the Imperial, at least the Emperor Pavel Petrovich as he loved t The Church is holy, as the holy ordinances honored her and how many did for her good, not many of the Russian Tsars served Him like the Church of God, but His Imperial Majesty (the coming Sovereign) and the Lord will help our Church and the Holy One even more the whole universe of the true – the unholy Apostolic Ecumenical Church of Christ, but before that there will still be much to bear the grief of both the Sovereign and the Russian Land.

When the Russian Land is divided and one side is clearly left with the rebels, the other is clearly going to be for the Sovereign and the integrity of Russia, that’s when your God-love, your zeal for God and by the time – and the Lord will help the right cause – became for the Sovereign and Fatherland our Lord, and the Lord and the entire Tsar Surname, will be retained by the Lord with His invisible right hand and will give a complete victory by raising a weapon for Him (the coming Sovereign), for the Church and for the good of the inseparability of the Russian Land – but not so much blood will be shed here the condemned party will get victory and over-catch all traitors and put them in Justice’s hands, then they will not send anyone to Siberia, but they will execute everyone, and then more blood will be shed, but this blood will be the last cleansing blood for God will bless His people in peace will exalt the horn of His Anointed David, His servant of His Husband after His own heart, the Most Pious Sovereign Emperor. He also affirmed and more favorably affirm His right hand holy over the Russian land.

Before the end of time, Russia will merge into one great sea with other lands and Slavic tribes, it will constitute one sea or that enormous universal ocean folk, about which the Lord God since ancient times had spoken through the lips of all saints: “The terrible and invincible kingdom is all-Russian, Pan-Slavic – Gog Magog, To which all nations will be in awe. " And all this, everything is true, like two and two are four, and certainly, as God is holy, predetermined from ancient times about him (the last Russian Tsar) and his terrible dominion over the earth [24]. The combined forces of Russia and other Constantinople and Jerusalem will be filled. When Turkey is divided, it will almost all be left for Russia, [25] and Russia will take Vienna together with many other states, and about 7 million indigenous crowns will remain behind the house of the Hapsburgs, and the territory of the Austrian Empire will be built there. for her love for the Mother of God – St. Madonna – will be given up to seventeen million French with the capital city of Reims, and Paris will be completely destroyed. The house of Napoleon will be given Sardinia, Corsica and Savoy. [26] The invariable bill of the world war and the Russian will be 10 years.

All that which is called “the Decembrists”, “reformers” and, in a word, belongs to the “life-improving party” is true anti-Christianity on earth, which, developing, will lead to the destruction of Christianity on earth, and partly Orthodoxy, and will end with the enthronement of anti-christ all countries of the world, except Russia, which will merge into one with the other Slavic lands and constitute a huge national ocean, before which other tribes of the earth will be in fear. When the Russian Empire receives one hundred eighty million in its possession, the appearance of the Antichrist must be expected.

These eyes do not mind

1) The Antichrist will be born in Russia between St. Petersburg and Moscow in that great city, which by the union of all Slavic tribes with Russia will be the second capital of the Russian kingdom and will be called “Moscow-Petrograd”, or “The City of the End”, as the Lord the Holy Spirit calls it, from afar all envisioning. 2) Before the appearance of the Antichrist, the Eighth Ecumenical Council of all Churches will be held under the Common Head of Christ, the Life Giver and under the united Protection of the Mother of God, United by God Almighty, leaving the first patriarch of his royal authority as the prototype of the eternal kingdom of Jesus Christ, also to unite and reunite all the holy churches of Christ against the emerging anti-Christian trend under the One Head of Christ the Life-Giver and under the uniform cover of His Most Perfect Mother and for the final curse of all Freemasonry and all such parties (under what names they would not appear), whose main leaders have one common goal: under the pretext of complete equal accomplishment on earth, with the help of people fanatizing them, to cause anarchy in all states and destroy Christianity throughout the world, and Finally, by the power of gold concentrated in their hands, to subdue the whole world to anti-Christianity, in the person of the one-autocratic autocratic king, the king of the God-honored, alone in the whole world.

Satan was the first revolutionary, and through this he slept from heaven. There is nothing in common between the teachings of his followers and the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, here is a huge gulf. The Lord, through the making of His commandments, calls humanity to heaven, where truth dwells. The spirit of darkness promises the device of heaven on earth.

So all revolutionary societies, secret and obvious, under whatever names they appear and no matter how beautiful appearance they hide, have one common goal – the struggle and the general destruction of Christianity, preparing the ground for anti-Christianity in the person of the coming Antichrist. Jews and Slavs are the two peoples of the destinies of God, [27] the vessels and his witnesses are indestructible arks; but all the rest of the nations are as it were the saliva which the Lord cast out from His mouth. [28]

For the fact that the Jews did not accept and did not recognize the Lord Jesus Christ, they are scattered over the face of the whole earth. But during the time of the Antichrist, many Jews will turn to Christ, as they will realize that the Messiah mistakenly awaited by them (anointed for the reign – Heb.) Is none other than He, about whom our Lord Jesus Christ said: "I came in the name of the Father Mine, and they did not receive Me; another will come in his own name, and they will receive him. ” So, in spite of their great crime before God, the Jews were and are a beloved people before God. [29] The Slavs are loved by God for maintaining the true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to the end. At the time of the Antichrist, they were completely rejected and did not recognize him as the Messiah, and for this they will be rewarded with the great blessing of God: there will be an omnipotent language (people – glory) on earth, and another kingdom of the more omnipotent Russian-Slavic will not be on earth.

In Israel, Jesus Christ was born, the true God-man, the Son of God the Father by the influx of the Holy Spirit, and among the Slavs and Russians the true Antichrist-Beschelovek, the son of the generation’s wife Danov and the devil’s son are born through artificial transferring to her the male seed, which with her will dwell in her womb spirit of darkness. But one of the Russians who survived before the birth of the Antichrist, like Simeon the God-receiver, who blessed the Youth Jesus and announced his birth to the world, curses the born Antichrist and announces to the world that he is the true Antichrist. In one of his conversations with Motovilov, Rev. Seraphim, speaking of the spiritual condition of the last Christians who remained faithful to God before the end of the world, said something very important for strengthening confessors of Christ: “And in the days of that great tribulation, about which it was said that no the flesh, if, for the sake of the elect, were not shortened by these days, In those days, the remnant of the faithful will have to experience something similar to what was once experienced by the Lord Himself, when He, hanging on the cross, being perfect by God and perfect man, felt Himself with His Divinity so left that he cried to Him: My God! Oh my God! Why did you leave me? (Matt. 28 46).

Similar leaving of mankind by the grace of God should be experienced by the last Christians, but only for a very short time, after passing of which the Lord will not hesitate to appear in all His glory, and all the holy angels are with Him. And then everything predetermined from the ages in the Pre-Eternal Council will be accomplished in its entirety. ” Some of these prophecies are fragments of a handwritten letter from the Sarov elder, Seraphim (Moshnin), sent by

“Hail Reverend Seraphim, Sarovsky Miraculous!” – so they sing in the churches, glorifying the holy saint of God Seraphim of Sarov. His life, according to researchers, was a real miracle, and the height of his spirit – "truly supernatural."

He saved and healed the countless unfortunates who came to him. The miracle is also in the fact that with death the miracle worker did not disappear and continues to comfort the unfortunate, to heal them. All Russian land is full of stories about the wonders of all near and dear "Father Seraphim." His ability to work miracles began as a child, after falling from the bell tower in Kursk, he remained unharmed and healed from the Root Icon of the Mother of God, which appeared to him 12 times throughout his life.

In many descriptions of his life fetter, there is a story about how “a simple peasant once ran to him with a hat in his hand. With disheveled, hair "and, falling on his knees, he began to say:" – Batyushka! a horse was stolen from me, and now I am absolutely a beggar without her: I don’t know what I will feed the family with. And they say you guess. " Father Seraphim gently took him by the head and, putting it to his chest, said: “Protect yourself with silence and hurry to such and such (he called it) village.” When you approach it, turn off the road to the right and walk four houses behind you: you will see a small gate; enter it, untie your horse from the deck and remove silently. The peasant immediately ran back happily, never stopping anywhere. Afterwards, there was a rumor in Sarov that he had indeed found a horse in the place shown. ” It is believed that the main predictions of the future of Russia are connected with Seraphim of Sarov. His prophetic words are known, spoken by him to Alexander the Second who visited him. "There will be a king once — the seer has foretold — who will glorify me, after which there will be great unrest in Russia, a lot of blood will flow for rebelling against the king and his autocracy, but the king’s God will magnify".

And once a message from the past, from St. Seraphim of Sarov, was handed over to Nicholas II, on which there was an inscription; "The Last King." In the letter, the great elder prophesied: "The last reign is underway, the sovereign and heir will accept a violent death." There

Spreading the conversation about the holy prophet Elijah, as I mentioned above, he told me by the way: – Elijah the Fesfityan, complaining to the Lord about Israel, as if he had bowed his knee to Baal, said in prayer that he alone, Elijah, remained faithful to the Lord, but already his soul is sought withdrawn. So, sir, the Lord answered him? “Seven thousand husbands left behind in Israel, do not bow down your knees to Baal.” so if in the kingdom of Israel, which had fallen away from the Judean Kingdom, faithful to the Kingdom of God and having come “perfect corruption, there were still seven thousand men loyal to the Lord, then what about Russia. I know that in the kingdom of Israel then there were no more than three million people. And we, father, how many in Russia now? I replied: "About sixty million." – Twenty times more. Judge for yourself how much faithful God we have now! So, sir, so: prejudice them, these and pre-election, their pre-election, these and pre-set; provide them, and watch them, and glorify them. So what are we despondent about? God with us! He that hopes in the Lord, being a mountain of Zion, does not move in the age of the living in Jerusalem. The mountains are near him, and the Lord is near their people; the Lord will save her. The Lord is your cover on your gum. The Lord will preserve your entrance and your descent from now on until the ages. In the bottom of the sun does not burn you, the moon is lower than the moon. And then I asked him what it means and why he tells me that.

“Besides,” Father Seraphim replied, “that the Lord keeps in this way, like the pupil of His eye, His people, that is, Orthodox Christians who love Him with all their hearts, with all their thoughts, and with word and deed and servants His. And such are those who keep all the ordinances, dogmas and traditions of our Eastern Church of the Universal th, who profess piety, are faithful to Her, and in deed in all cases of life create according to the holy commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ. ” In confirmation of the fact that there are still many on Russian land faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ, Orthodox and pious living, Seraphim told one of his entourage that once, being in the Spirit, he saw the whole Russian land, and it was fulfilled and, as it were, covered the smoke of prayers of believers shaking to the Lord. ” And despite the fact that he was depressed by the fall of the Christian faith in the Russian land, Seraphim of Sarov believed in its revival. Insight and prediction can be called his next statement, which he made in the presence of the old Irina Semyonovna: “Here, mother,” he says, “when we have the cathedral then the Moscow Bell Ivan the Great will come to us! When they hang him, they will hit him for the first time, and he will hum, – and the priest imitated with a voice – then shall we wake up? Oh, you, my mothers, what a joy it will be! In the middle of summer they will sing Easter! And to the people, to the people from all sides, from all sides! ”

After a pause, the father continued: “But this joy will be for a very short time; what next, father, mother, will be. such a grief, which is why “the game was not there!” —And the bright face of the priest suddenly changed, faded, adopted a sorrowful expression. After the head, he drooped down, and tears streamed down his cheeks. Well, didn’t his predictions come true? The bells were hung, they revived the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, as predicted by a holy seer, a bright sunny day, and there is little joy, we live in fear for our next day, wondering if Russia has a future. As the prophet of our time, Vladimir Sapozhnikov, figuratively put it: “. frightened nations are waiting for what will happen: will the nag collapse or not collapse yet? ”Let us return to Sarov. To the old woman Evdokia Efremovna, he said: ". The time will come such that the angels will not be able to take souls". Apparently, the holy elder also saw the possibility of a third world war.

The scripture says that any person who will pray to the Lord God will receive what he asks. But, probably, only to those saints who carry his word to the people, the Lord allows to see his heavenly mansion and saints. “I will tell you about the wretched Seraphim! Once, while reading the words of the Savior in the Gospel of John, that in the house of the Father his abode is the essence of many, I stopped at them with thought and desired to see these heavenly dwellings. I spent five days and nights in vigil and prayer, asking the Lord for the grace of that vision.

And the Lord really, by his great mercy, did not deprive me of consolation by my faith and showed me these eternal shelters in which I, a poor wanderer on earth, admired for a minute (in body or without body

I do not know), I saw the beauty of heaven and those living there: saints, martyrs and our saints: Anthony the Great, Paul of Thebes, Savva the Sanctified, Onuphrius the Great, Mark Fracical and all the saints shining in unutterable glory and joy, which “the eye had not seen, ear I didn’t even hear the thought of a man ”, but which God intended for those who love him!” The most amazing revelation was given by the god-like father Seraphim N. A. Motovilov. He is considered a revelation of world significance, in which he answers the question about the meaning of a person’s true existence.

According to Motovilov, a landowner who held the position of a conscientious judge and superintendent of county schools in the Simbirsk province, close to Seraphim and calling himself a “servant of the Seraphim”: “It was in the fourths. The day was overcast. The snow was a quarter on the ground, and a rather thick snow pellet was stuffed on top, when Father Seraphim began a conversation with me on his near page, near his nearest desert, against the Sarovka River, near a mountain close to its shores.

He placed me on the stump of the tree he had just felled, and he himself squatted against me. “The Lord revealed to me,” said the great elder, “that in your childishness you zealously wished to know what the purpose of our Christian life is, and you have repeatedly asked many great spiritual figures. But no one, – continued Fr. Seraphim, – he did not say that definitely. They said to you: go and the church, pray to God, create the commandments of God, do good – this is the goal of Christian life. And some people even resented you for being busy with objectionable curiosity and told you: do not look for yourself. But they did not say so, as it should. Here I am, poor Seraphim, now explain to you what this purpose really is. Prayer, fasting, vigilance and all other Christian matters, however good in themselves, however, not only in doing them is the goal of our Christian life, although they serve as necessary means to achieve it. The true goal of our Christian life is to attain the Holy Spirit of God. ” And in the Christian commandments the thought runs through the thread that man does not live by bread alone, that he should strive for holiness, uprooting from his soul evil, god-oppressive thoughts: ". flee these things, and prosper in righteousness, piety, faith, love, patience, meekness. "(1st Tmf.,

“Fasting, and vigilance, and prayer, and alms, and all Christ for the sake of doing good deed, are means for the acquisition of the Holy Spirit of God. Notice, Father, that only a good deed done for Christ brings us the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Yet, not for the sake of Christ, what is being done, although it is good, but does not give us any bribes in the life of the next century, and in this life also does not give the grace of God. That is why the Lord Jesus Christ said: "Everyone does not gather with Me, she scatters." A good deed cannot otherwise be described as gathering, for although it is not done for Christ’s sake, it is good. Scripture says: "In every tongue, fear God and do the truth, delight in Him." Serafim Sarovsky himself lived according to the commandments of Jesus Christ, carried the light of his teachings to people, fulfilling his covenant to the point: “I will not come until, be engaged in reading, reading, teaching”. He preached, explained, pointed to those values, eternal and eternal, the revaluation of which took place before our eyes, in our society: ". Gaining? The Spirit of God is also capital, but only gracious and eternal, and it, like monetary, official and temporary, is acquired in the same ways, very similar to each other. God the Word; Our Lord God-Man, Jesus Christ, likens our life to a fair life and calls the life of our life on earth and says to us: “Come again, come, artificial time, as the present is cunning,” that is, earn time to receive heavenly blessings through earthly goods. Earthly goods are virtues done for Christ’s sake, bringing us the grace of the All-Holy Spirit. ” ". Anthony Wei * cue in letters to the monks says. “Many monks and virgins have no idea about the different wills acting in a person, and it is not known that” three wills work for us: the first is God’s, the all-perfect AND all-in-one; the second is its own, its own, human, that is, if not fatal * then it is not saving, and the third — demonic — is completely destructive. And this is the third enemy will and teaches a person, or not to do any virtues, or to make them out of vanity, ate for one good deed, and not for Christ’s sake. The second — our own will — teaches us to do everything in the enjoyment of our lusts, and, like the enemy, teaches us to do good for the sake of good, not paying attention to the grace it gains. The first – the will of God and all-saving – is only to do good only for the acquisition of the Holy Spirit, as the treasure of the eternal, inexhaustible and not fully and adequately valued. It is this, the acquisition of the Holy Spirit, in fact, is called. with oil. The oil is not works, but the grace of the Holy Spirit of God received through them. "

Serafim Sarovsky spoke about the proximity of the ancients to God, which in our times seems to us an improbability, a fairy tale. "Here are some and say:" these places are incomprehensible. Could people so obviously see God? ”And there is nothing incomprehensible here. This misunderstanding happened because we retired from the simplicity of the original Christian knowledge and under the pretext of enlightenment we went into such darkness of ignorance that it already seems inconvenient for us that the ancients so clearly understood that in ordinary conversations they didn’t seemed strange. "And in the following sentence we find a direct explanation of the essence of the prophecy:". I will also tell you so that you understand more clearly what to understand by the grace of God and how to recognize it and in what way its action especially manifests itself in people who are enlightened by it. The grace of the Holy Spirit is the light that enlightens man. And the Lord repeatedly showed for many witnesses the effect of the grace of the Holy Spirit on those people whom he consecrated and enlightened with His great influxes. Remember Moses after talking with God on Mount Sinai. People could not look at him – so shone unusual light surrounding his face. He was even forced to appear to the people only under a veil. "

A strong confirmation of what he said was himself. The grace of the Holy Spirit repeatedly descended upon the holy father Seraphim as confirmation of his holiness. The same Motovilov witnessed the illumination of the seer with the heavenly light during the conversation described below: “Well, sir, do not look into my eyes? Just look, do not be afraid: the Lord is with us. I looked after these words in his face, and attacked me even more in awe. Imagine – in the middle of the sun, in the most brilliant brightness of its midday rays, the face of a person talking to you. You see the movement of his mouth, the changing expression of his eyes, hear his voice, feel that someone is holding you with his hands, but “not only do you not see these hands, do not see“ you yourself, not his figures, but only one light dazzling, stretching far, on a few fathoms around, and illuminating with its bright luster both the snowy shroud covering the glade, and the snow pellets scattering on top of me and the great old man. Is it possible to imagine the position in which I was then. "

The novice John (Tikhonov), who visited the elder in the monastery, also speaks of the reverent light emanating from Seraphim Sarovsky: “. At this time he leaned forward somewhat, his head drooped down with his eyes closed; and with the prostrate arm of his right hand, he equally (measuredly) drove against the heart. His face gradually changed and gave out a wonderful light, and finally, before that, it became clear that it was impossible to look at him. On the lips and in all his expression there was such joy and delight of heaven that it was truly possible at this time to call him an earthly angel and a heavenly man. During his mysterious silence, he seemed to be contemplating something with emotion and listening to something with amazement. "And here is the testimony

Here is one of the specific examples of his prophecy, which are given by sources. In one summer hot days, he walked along with the devotee of Murom, Anthony. Reaching the town of Kryvev Sich, the travelers stopped to rest. Suddenly Father Seraphim said: “At this place, Father, there will be a convent. There will be a temple in the name of the Mother of God "Soothe my sorrows." After these words, he chopped down two young oak trees with an ax and sharpened one of them. And to make the crossbar for the cross suggested to Father Antony. Then they put him on the ground and consecrated, singing: "Here on this very spot there will be a cathedral church." The incidental witness of this event was a boy named Dubov, to whom Father Seraphim said: “It will be when I am not alive; and you. You will live to the consecration of the temple in the monastery. " This was in 1775. Many years have passed since then, and in 1858 the first temple in the name of All Saints was built on this place. At the dedication of the temple was attended by the aged Oaks.

But the main acts and wonders of St. Seraphim are associated with the Diveevo monastery, the appearance of which he predicted heyday. According to the prophecies of the holy father, a great cathedral and a rich monastery were to rise in Diveevo, which the royal personages would visit, and later it will become the ark of salvation for many. This temple, foreshadowed by the Seraphim, will be transformed into a Lavra, where relics will be stored. “Diveevo’s Marvel will be, Mother,” he told Darya’s sister, “one monastery will be Laurus and the other Cinovia. And I have a church there, mother; and in that church there are four pillars, and every pillar of might. Four pillars and four relics! What a joy to us, mother. And tell you? Velmy is a good cathedral. But still not the one that is marvelous will be a cathedral, which by the end of the century you will have. That, my mother, will marvel at the cathedral. The antichrist will do, and he will rise to the air, and he will not be able to take it. The worthy ones who ascend in bliss will remain in it, “others, though! and they shall ascend, but they shall fall to the earth. So th will not be able to take you antichrist. No matter how the antichrist came to Kiev. ”

The anticipated construction of the cathedral began in 1865, and it was completed in 1875. The sisters wanted to dedicate it to the icon of the Tenderness of the Mother of God. But the Most Holy Jeremiah was the revelation of God, and therefore they called him the name of the Most Holy Trinity. According to the predictions of the holy elder Seraphim, the monastery and the cathedral were later joined. And this happened exactly “on the 12th boss – Abbess Maria”, about which he also interpreted. And in Diveevo already in our days the relics of Seraphim were transferred and buried there. They are now worshiped by hundreds of believers.

About the end of the world, the holy father said: “The Lord said with His most pure lips:“ On the days and the hour no one knows: no heavenly angels, only My Father is one. Such were his prophecies, in which, perhaps, some would not see something significant for Russia. But the significance of the following cannot be denied. In 1895, at the beginning of the rule of Tsar Nicholas | Second, the Police Department filed to the case | the prophecy, which began to spread in the court circles: "At the beginning of the reign there will be misfortunes and misfortunes, there will be an unsuccessful war, a great distemper will come, the father will rise to the son, the brother to the brother, but the second half of the reign will be bright, and the life of the sovereign will be long-lasting." This prophecy is attributed to the merchant’s son Prokhor Moshnin, who was in monasticism Seraphim of Sarov. It is said that Nicholas II immediately imbued with faith in his miraculousness.

This is what the Prophet Samuel’s mother tells us: the Lord kills and quickens, he brings them to hell and erects; The Lord makes poor and enriches, humiliates and exalts. He lifts the poor out of the dust, he lifts up a beggar from brazen, sowing with the nobles, and gives them the throne of glory; for with the Lord are the foundations of the earth, and He has established the universe upon them. He observes the feet of His saints, and the wicked in darkness disappear; for man is not strong by force. The Lord will wipe out the altercations with Him; from heaven will thunder on them. The lord is holy Let not the wise man boast in his wisdom, and not his strong man boast in his own strength, and not his rich man who boasts in his riches, but he who desires to boast, and boast in what he knows and knows the Lord. The Lord will judge the ends of the earth, and will give strength to his king, and will lift up the horn of his anointed (1 Kings 2: 6-10).

Rev. Seraphim of Sarov in 1832, at Easter, spoke to Motovilov specifying the prophetic words of the mother of the prophet Samuel for the last times: ““ When the Russian land is divided, and one side will clearly remain with the rioters [read: with the Freemasons, from the backstage of the world, with the enemies of God, the Tsar and the Fatherland], the other clearly became for the Sovereign and the integrity of Russia, then, your God-loving, zeal yours according to God and by the time – and the Lord will help the right cause – will be for the Sovereign and the Fatherland and our holy Church. And the Lord will preserve the Sovereign and the entire Tsar Surname with His invisible right hand and give a complete victory by raising a weapon for Him, for the Church and for the good of the indivisibility of the Russian Land. But not so much blood will be spilled here, but then, as when the right side, for the Sovereign, the became side will get the victory and over-catch all the traitors and deliver them to Justice, then they will not send anyone to Siberia, but will execute everyone, and more blood will be shed, but this blood will be the last, cleansing blood, for then the Lord will bless His people with peace and exalt the horn of His Anointed David, His servant, Husband after His heart, Pious Sovereign Emperor. He approved and, moreover, will approve His holy right hand over the Russian land. So, let us be disheartened, Your God-lovingness, even if God is for us, who is upon us – their own best – present them and pre-selects, their pre-election ones and sanctify them, and also consecrate them to them and glorify them, Your God-loving God with us if you can, you will be defeated, as God is with us. So, your God-loving, God is with us and we don’t have a heart to lose heart ”. I, in unspeakable joy, just wanted to say: “So bless, father, I will go to Petersburg this hour and try to see the Sovereign and tell everyone your words to Him,” and he covered his mouth with his hand and said: “As you don’t see, not now, but after. Now is not the time [in 1832], but after that, when, according to the prophet, see Jerusalem is war.

The Lord himself will lead you then, and He Himself will lay your heart upon the good of Jerusalem, and now you should be careful, and the Lord the Lord will preserve and bless Him and the Russian land with every blessing both in earthly and in heavenly ones. ” (From the letter

Glorification of st. Seraphim Sarovsky was committed in 1903 at the insistence of Sovereign Nicholas II.

From diary

August 1, 1902 Sasha says that the order to open the relics of Seraphim of Sarov led Fr. Peter Zverev thought that very soon the end of the world. According to some legends (he calls them the Annals of the Sarov Monastery) – the deceased Seraphim himself predicted that his relics would be discovered under Tsar Nicholas, in a difficult time for Russia … And someone (some kind of blissful) said that after . John of Kronstadt short red sun across the sky for a walk. And also some demoniac (with whom Father Peter Peter was busy a lot) said that the Antichrist was already born, and now he is 5 years old … Oh. Seraphim promised that the Antichrist would not approach Diveev, and now the relics of the holy defender of this place are opening …

By the way, say. About the prediction of Father Seraphim about the discovery of his relics under Tsar Nicholas, at a dangerous time for Russia – I heard quite a while ago, two or three years ago. Everyone who visited Sarov and heard the legends there spoke about this. In particular, Elena Petrovskaya said this, and Fr. Peter Zverev.

August 22, 1902

Incidentally, the striking piety of the Sovereign. For the surest one, I heard that the highest wish to speed up the canonization of Seraphim of Sarov as a saint happened. I do not know why, the Emperor presented about. Seraphim Chichagov. He has a daughter in Diveevo, a nun. Chichagov was adopted, by chance alone. He told the Sovereign that a nun, a contemporary of Fr. Serafima Sarovsky, who opened him to death, Fr. Chichagov, remarkable things.

The sovereign, it turned out, did not know what Seraphim of Sarov was for. Chichagov told and explained that the aforementioned nun had discovered the prediction of Fr. Seraphim, namely: At the end of the century, Emperor Nicholas II will reign in Russia, whose reign will be glorious but difficult: in this reign his relics, Seraphim of Sarov, will be glorified, and great wonders will be performed *. [* I heard this Diveevsky legend long ago, but in such a form that the relics of Fr. Seraphim Sarovsky will be glorified in a difficult time for Russia, under Tsar Nicholas … I did not hear about the glorious reign and the fact that it was the second Nicholas. Of course, Chichagov knows better.]

This story made a deep impression on the Sovereign. He began to ask details about Fr. Seraphim Then Chichagov said: In this very house of Your Majesty there are three images of this saint, and I can indicate them. These images are in the palace because Your Majesty’s August Grandmother highly honored Fr. Seraphim of Sarov. Indeed, Chichagov indicated to the Sovereign these three portraits, which the Sovereign had seen before, but did not know what kind of monk he was. All this is very struck by the Sovereign. He called the empress and told her, having aroused the same surprise in her. The sovereign wished the immediate discovery of the relics, and the Grand Duchess, with some court ladies, began to personally manufacture expensive vestments for the saint. But Pobedonostsev, called the Sovereign, made objections to the immediate organization of this celebration, and then the Emperor made a well-known order to speed it up. The vestments of the Grand Duchess have already been delivered to Diveevo, for, of course, Fr. Chichagov spoke more and more about Diveev, although the relics themselves rest in Sarov. Now the Sarov people demand these vestments to themselves, but they don’t give Diveevtsy, they say: The empress sent us …

In the celebrations of the discovery of the relics of St. Seraphim, held in Sarov on July 17-19, 1903, almost the entire Tsarskaya Surname, Mother Nun of Diveyevsky desert, Mother Seraphim (Bulgakova, 1903-1991), recalled the arrival of the Sovereign in Diveyevo on July 20, 1903: “ went to Elena Ivanovna Motovilova († 1910. – Comp.). The sovereign knew that she kept the transmitted

Natalya Leonidovna Chichagova (daughter of Vladyka Seraphim Chichagov, who wrote “the chronicle of the Seraphim-Diveevo monastery”, M., 1896. – Comp.) Told me that the Sovereign received the letter, with reverence put it in his chest pocket, saying that he would read the letter after . When the Sovereign read the letter, having already returned to the Igumen Corps, He wept bitterly. The courtiers comforted him, saying that although Father Seraphim and the saint, but he may be mistaken, the Sovereign wept inconsolably. Nobody knows the content of the letter. ”21

Regarding this letter, the participant of the Sarov celebrations in 1903, hegumen Seraphim (Kuznetsov) wrote (1920): “St. Seraphim, while still alive, was written according to the revelation of God with his own letter to this King, who would be destined to come to Sarov and Diveyevo, handing it to his friend Motovilov, the latter handed over this letter to the late abbess Maria, who handed him personally to Sovereign Nicholas II in Diveevo on July 20, 1903. What was written in the letter remains a mystery. One can only assume that the holy seer clearly saw everything that was to come, and therefore he protected from any mistake and warned about impending terrible events, strengthening his faith that all this would be done not by chance, but according to the predetermination of the Eternal Heavenly Council, so that in difficult times The sovereign did not lose heart and brought his heavy martyr’s cross to the end. ”22

D. Khodnev (1967): “Shortly before his righteous death of prep. Serafim Sarovsky handed a sealed package to a believing and God-fearing woman,

Archpriest Stefan Lyashevsky (1899-1986), from the manuscript “Annals of the Seraphim-Divevsky Monastery” (Ch. 2,1903-1937), compiled with the blessing of Metropolitan Seraphim (Chichagova, 1856-1937), written in 1978: “During glorification in Diveevo lived the famous all over Christ for the sake of the holy fool blessed Pasha of Sarov. The sovereign was aware not only of Diveev, but also of Pasha of Sarov. The Sovereign, with all the Grand Dukes and three Metropolitans, proceeded from Sarov to Diveyevo. In the crew, they all approached the cell of blissful Pavel. Mother Abbess, of course, knew about this supposed visit and ordered all chairs to be taken out of the cell and lay a large carpet. Their majesties, all the princes and metropolitans were barely able to enter this cell. Paraskeva Ivanovna sat almost always on the bed, looked at the Sovereign, and then said: "Let the Tsar and the Tsarina stay." The sovereign looked at everyone apologetically and asked him to leave him and the Empress alone, – apparently, some very serious conversation was ahead. They all went out and got into their crews, waiting for the release of Their Majesties. Mother Abbess was the last to leave the cell, but the novice remained. Suddenly, Mother Superior hears Paraskeva Ivanovna, addressing the Reigning Persons, said: “Sit down”. The sovereign looked round and saw that there was nowhere to sit down, he was embarrassed, and the blessed one said to them: "Sit on the floor." Recall that the Emperor was arrested at the station Bottom! Great humility – the Sovereign and Empress fell on the carpet, otherwise they would not resist the horror Parasceva Ivanovna told them. She told them everything that turned out

The Russian Pilgrim’s Journal of the American Society of Valaam reported (1990): “Princess Natalya Vladimirovna Urusova, a personal friend of us, was in correspondence with E. Yu. Kontsevich, who left us letters, as well as Memories of the late Princess. Here is what she says: “I know about the prophecy of prep. Seraphim of the fall and recovery of Russia; I personally know that. When in the beginning of 1918 Yaroslavl was burning and I fled with children to Sergiev Posad, I got acquainted with Count Olsufyev, who was still relatively young. In order to save some documents, which had to be destroyed by the devilish power of Bolshevism, he managed to get settled at the library of the Trinity-Sergius Academy ** Soon he was shot. *** He brought me a letter one day to read, with the words: “This is my son oka. ” The letter, yellowed from time to time, with a strongly faded ink, was written by St. Rev. Seraphim of Sarov – Motovilov. The letter was a prediction of the horrors and disasters that will befall Russia, and I only remember what was said in it about pardon and the salvation of Russia. I cannot remember a year, since 28 years have passed, and I can change my memory, and I confess that I did not read it with due attention, because the year was indicated remotely, and I also wanted to save myself immediately from the very beginning of the revolution. : and it seems that it was 1947: in any case, in the last years of the 20th century. I can’t forgive myself for not writing off the copy from the letter, but my head was so busy, and my brains were so tired of finding immediate needs for children, that I only calm and justify my short-sightedness. I remember the letter well. ”26

Blessed Praskovya Ivanovna († 1915) Diveevskaya: “. with all serious questions the Sovereign turned to Praskovia Ivanovna, sent the Grand Dukes to her. Evdokia Ivanovna (the blessed cell nurse – Comp.) Said that she did not have time to leave, the other came. After the death of the cellist Praskovi Ivanovna, Mother Seraphim, everyone asked through Evdokia Ivanovna. She told that Praskovia Ivanovna said: “Sovereign, descend from the throne Himself!” 27

Footnotes in the text: * The blessed old man left a letter “to the fourth sovereign, who will arrive in Sarov” (the first is Nicholas I, the second is Alexander II, the third is Alexander III, the fourth is Nicholas II. – See: Andreev

The Most-blessed Queen of Heaven and Earth visited the reverend 12 times. At the direction of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Monk Seraphim organized the Diveevo Convent, this fourth inheritance of the Mother of God in our sinful earth. The monk spoke a lot about the great sorrows that would have to comprehend Russia: It will take more than half a century, then the villains will raise their heads high. It will happen without fail, – said the elder, – the Lord, seeing the unrepentant anger of their hearts, will allow them to begin for a short time, but the disease will turn to their head. The Russian land will be covered with rivers of blood, and many people will be beaten for the Great Sovereign and the integrity of His Autocracy; but the Lord will not be fully angry and will not allow it to collapse to the end of the Russian land, because there is one in it. Orthodoxy and the remnants of Christian piety still persist.

Rev. Seraphim of Sarov is closely connected with the history of the Russian state, but his activities in Russia will be ahead: The great elder Seraphim told his children about the great Diveevsky secret the following: Me. poor Seraphim, from the Lord God is supposed to live much more than a hundred years. But it is pleasing to the Lord God to take me, wretched Seraphim, until the time from this temporary life, and then resurrect. Opened This great and terrible secret, the great old man told. that after his resurrection, he will go from Sarov to Diveevo, and there he will open a sermon of universal repentance. For the same sermon, moreover for the miracle of the resurrection, a great multitude will gather from all ends of the earth. aki ears in the field …

We have the prophecy of the greatest saint of God, St. Seraphim Sarovsky that the Lord, for the sake of the purity of Orthodoxy, professed by her, the Lord will have mercy from all troubles and she will exist until the end of the century, as a strong and glorious state. The Lord will restore Russia, and She will again become great and will be the most powerful stronghold in the world for the coming struggle with the antichrist himself and all his hordes. (From the book The Russian ideology of Archbishop Seraphim Sobolev) So, the time will come when the power of the godless men will fall, Russia will be restored to the former Orthodox Kingdom, and St. Seraphim of Sarov, the Lord God alone, will be the herald of this historical event and the restorer of our Motherland.

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