The most beautiful eye color according to men

Georg Bauer, nicknamed Agricola, who once lived in Germany five hundred years ago, was once again decided to be nameless! Hexagon beads from the bottom of the sea and the renowned mineralogist after the gates of the Mediterranean.

Chalcedon figure, slightly romanized by Agricola, especially since it was precious. He was a German natural scientist.

Properties of chalcedony

The physicochemical properties of chalcedony will correspond to those of quartz. It was found that the SiO2 was scorched from the bottom of the water. Metals, calcium, iron, nickel, aluminum, chromium, and their compounds with oxygen.

The microscopic structure of chalcedony is interesting. It is thin and detached. The cobweb.

Chalcedony causes the sedimentary It is clear that there is a difference in the number of centimeters.

Chalcedony shines through (with a small thickness of the stone). Monophonic – most valued – chalcedony can be translucent.

Natural monoliths of chalcedony rarely exceed one and a half meters in size. Most often, the chalcedony stone is sintering formation of an apple or less.

Varieties of chalcedony: purple Damson – the main!

All chalcedony belong to semi-precious or semi-precious stones. In aesthetic and price terms, the different types of chalcedony are unequal. In modern gemology, a stereotype has been established: “correct” chalcedony is a homogeneous semi-opaque violet-purple stone. In the past, such stones were called damsonites.

Purple damsonite blends perfectly with the pure or slightly gray whiteness of natural quartz. This is a dramatic effect created by jewelry.

Mineralogists explain how to get a purple-reddish coloration in the case of chalcedony, for example, as well as hematite (giving blue hues).

This is a method of bleaching. Coloring may not be sufficiently stable. This property of chalcedony has long been used by artisans.

Beloved in the centuries green chalcedony

Bluish-green chrysoprase, greyish-green prase, green with red spots, heliotrope The green tones of chrysoprase are due to the nickel-containing minerals to the silicate massif.

Mtorolit, tint chromoprase, but distinguished by apple green tint, is colored with chromium compounds. Chromic chalcedony was not always used.

However, the apple green chalcedony remained a few years ago. Mtoroshang was found in the middle of the last century,

Heliotropes to chalcedony According to modern mineralogy, heliotrope is a cross between jasper and agate. In the heliotrope of the chalcedony fibers, a minority is a sign of jasper; however, quartz spherulites inherent in agates are also required in heliotropes.

The academic debate lasts a hundred years, and there’s no end to sight. Therefore, hemmotropes to chalcedony – and then it will be seen.

Biblical chalcedon – red!

The chalcedony group is a warmly-colored chalcedony group, red-brown sarder, orange-yellow linkurium.

He is a carnelian, he is a sarder. It has been converted to iron oxide, but it has been converted to ferrous oxide.

Such metamorphoses are characteristic located in areas of active volcanic activity. This is a method of refining chalcedony.

Yellow linkuria on the bottom of the high priest. Other researchers are looking for evidence of Linkurium in Heavenly Jerusalem. The yellowness of the admixture of the finely dispersed goethite (iron oxide, FeO (OH)) to the silicate massif.

Chalcedony luxury

Chalcedony belongs to agates in all the innumerable diversity of its forms; contrastly layered onyx; fiery banded sardonyxes.

True far away Not every agate is pure chalcedony. As it often happens in mineralogy, it can be complex. Along with chalcedony, agate often includes quartz, kunzite, opal, morganite, and other minerals.

Translucent chalcedony with filamentous and branched growths of crystalline and amorphous inclusions resemble landscapes imprinted in stone. Gemologists refer these stones to "moss" agates. It is clear that it can be understood that it can be understood as: oxides and manganese.

Onyx and sardonyx – chalcedony with contrast colored layers. Sardonyx is now used in mineralogical inaccuracy. In the old days, sardonyxes are not always on the skin of the skin.

The composition of the hydrothermal waters is It is a certain type, or even pure quartz.

Chalcedony Exotic

It has been used since there has been a chalcedony. The statement is true only in part. Chalcedony fibers in flints are more likely than obligatory. In chaotic mixing with fine-crystalline quartz, they form the flint itself.

The most beautiful eye color according to men

About chalcedon cold-colored grayish-milky-blue tones are sapphirins. For a minerologist, this is a distant “relative” of silica chalcedony. However, in gemology, beautiful banded blue chalcedony continues to be called sapphirins.

Cacholong is another term of use requires clarification. Caholongs are stones of milky-white color, silicate nature, but of different morphological structure. That is why it is customary to distinguish between quartz, quartz, opal and, of course, chalcedony. However, it is not always easy to keep track of the color of the stone. Which can simultaneously show signs of both quartz, and opal, and chalcedony.

To chalcedony exotics can be safely attributed and engidros – hollow chalcedony, within which a liquid is preserved – often with an air bubble. Chalcedony enhydros stones and rare collection stones.

Multicolored fossils – this is also often chalcedony! Layered silicates form of organic remains – wood, shellfish, corals. The colors of chalcedony are infinitely beautiful!

The natural variety of chalcedony does not interfere with falsifiers.

Handmade chalcedony

Chalcedony Nevertheless, many ways of making silicates have been known since ancient times.

It was a boiled sugar chalcedony, it was baked in an oven. Colorless in solution, carbohydrates are boiled and heated among the coals. Anhydrous nitrobenzene is used today.

Slightly colored chalcedony is blued with iron compounds.

Handicraft imitations of natural chalcedony. However, we can only talk about the beauty of natural beauty.

Therapeutic and magical properties of chalcedony

In the East, chalcedony is a stone that accelerates long and gives joy. A woman in chalcedony jewelry enjoys increased attention from men. A man with a chalcedony insert in a ring is lucky in cases involving long absences.

Chalcedony blue shades can tame bouts of rage. They also help deepen sleep, normalize the perception of the world.

The subtitle of subtle energies. However, chalcedony is a “hard” stone, it’s “half-hearted” to request, it is reluctant to execute orders.

For signs of zodiac select for themselves chalcedony according to color preferences. It is noticed that the most of the colors of the colors are pastel colors. Virgos and Gemini yellow and green gems. Heavenly shades.

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