Tattoo on the eyes


Tattoo on the eyes

13. We all learned a little. The medical examiner Reborn as a mirror of Soviet forensic medicine.

It is a matter of course. Now, for example, the body of Napoleon’s father (1785), Napoleon’s own (1823) and Andrei Yushchinsky (1911), are widely available. It’s not a problem.

Tattoo on the eyes

Boris Alekseevich Reborn.

The examination of the body and the body of the deceased and its individual organs. The manipulations of the patholoanatom or forensic physician were strictly normalized. A uniform forensic medical report (Examination Act) was introduced uniform throughout the USSR. All specialized educational institutions have been subject to the regulatory regulatory framework. The tools for the autopsy were standardized, the standardized formulations of the forensic scientist. The RSFSR in 1935 is subject to a special order. staff experts in legal medicine allowed). The following diagrams show the rules of the body: heart, lung, brain.

Fragment of the Ludmila Dubinina with the unacceptable correction. These corrections were strictly forbidden by the document.

Fragment of a sentence of 18 characters in length. If you’re trying to find the correct word, you’ll find out what you’re saying: Nose bones (the last word is unreadable). The third word should be broken. The text is directly in line with the touch.

It was recommended that he passed the examination of the corpses of 1929 and the corpses of 1929. It is not necessary to make a statement. The spinous processes of the spine). It’s a hard way to reach all parts of the body. (Sometimes it’s not a meaningful difference)

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