Something got in the eye

In 303 AD, in Nicomedia, a ruler of unprecedented beauty, Euphrasia, was maximin. The worship idols – it would be defiled. And next to Euphrasia turned into a rough warrior with a sword, who craves carnal joy. The hand of God turned with fervent prayer to the Savior, firmly believing that the Lord would not disgrace. And he seemed to understand. Euphrasia said: “Brave warrior, you often go to battles. Do you want to find out how to preserve from any enemy settlement? "The legioner’s eyes are lit up:" Find me such a flower: I want it. "The saint of continued:" The warrior wants to take over the miraculous talisman, followed by Euphrasia into the garden.

It is a gardening path. She is looking for a flower of immortality. Finally, you can’t say, “I’m not happy, I’m not happy!” Crossing, neck and humbly bowed her head. A warrior, putting on flowers to her neck, hit the sword hard.

. Silently, as if awesome, humble prayer, In amazement, the young Christian. For the sake of preserving virginity, the sacraficing her life, Saint Euphrasia sacrificed her life. And her soul. It helps to observe their virginity.

Something got in the eye

This example seems strange to many. Was it worth it to lose life itself? I would live, but nothing at all. But it doesn’t arise. Saint Euphrasia Revealed Divine Gift It is true that it is one of the most precious human treasures. The gift of the Lord gives us all the gift. Serves only once. As purity and purity of heart. It is not a chance. The girl turned out to be a warrior and eventually won the heavenly crown, eternal life. There is a lot of time for the pleasure of regret.

It has been a great deal to premarital relations.

It was a certain stage of their acquaintance. This is not even supposedly. Bought and ate; he wanted a pretty girlfriend. Everything seems natural: eat, see, enter into an intimate relationship.

Something got in the eye

Several years ago, a young man she knew. But he didn’t want him. She was followed by her victim: “We have a child. If you don’t marry me, I will have an abortion. "It turns out that it is one of them: It was not a dream. Is it worth it to create such problems for yourself? He also made recommendations on how to protect themselves from unnecessary tragedy. Rev. It is a woman who has been a man of the opposite sex. Do not go where you will lose your treasure, avoid situations in which the tragedy will happen.

It is sometimes a girl who has lost her love. But in mutual relations, tenderness disappears now. The lover then treats her unceremoniously: he knows that he has already taken possession. And, it is like, it is removed and it will be removed.

Here is the bloom for the whim of an unfeeling villain, –


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