Snot in the eyes

Before the wedding can not

– She says she won’t be doing this before the wedding! Nikita scolded her careless

In Yakutia, after protests, migrants were banned from working in 33 areas

The head of Yakutia meeting with the residents after an unauthorized rally. Photo: Vadim Skryabin / TASSGlava Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev forbade the recruitment of migrants in 33 areas, including trade, urban transport, and so.

This is in the West ghetto, but we do not have this!

Photo: Tambov: amb lam lam lam

This is a sign

Collapse. One hundred years of solitude

It’s not a matter of course. And each time they have their own. These forms are dictated to very different.

The Pizza Delivery Phenomenon or What Is Attractive Capitalism?

Vote for capitalism "with their feet." It has been shown that both the despotism and the capitalist countries have been despotism. Just had it.

Ingush protests

In recent days, the situation in Ingushetia has become tense again. It’s not a matter of voluntary propaganda, especially since the republic.

Roskomnadzor threatened ten VPN services with blocking

It is demanded by the government that it should be in the process of failure. Relevant notifications have been sent.

Zelensky – joked and enough

That’s it. I’ll upset you.

What does real post-industrialism look like?

I, unwittingly, caused ukro-vatnikov. Every second svidomita turns out to be a grandmother (for some reason, not a grandfather), who is the only one.

Internal apartment question

Good afternoon, dear accomplices! Need help collective

The new district of Krakow: Stalin is not on them!

We continue to explore Krakow. It was a time when I’m going to go there. From the beginning of the 20th century, it was even civil. But.

In Moscow, one of the highest echelon (with the prefix ex-) was arrested in the federal district of Ishayev. Of course, formally it is all about the same fight against corruption, but frankly speaking.

Former presidential plenipotentiary in the Far East detained in Moscow

Photo: Alexey Nikolsky / TASS Former President, 70-year-old Viktor Ishayev Also reported on.

The pediatrician did a photo shoot in underwear

I do not understand. It’s a funky way to wear a bathing suit. What a terry Middle Ages? For my generation of muskie shows, voo.

Ruin in the minds

It wasn’t really deeply felt. I don’t know how much of them. Because if they will be many.

Emergency situation in the squares of St. Petersburg

Last time I went to the center of St. It was a state of emergency in St. Petersburg. In squares and squares, you must immediately put up tents and immediately eliminate the consequences.

How do you keep a little bit of a stormy romance on it?

It is a good afternoon.

Official message

Presidential Aide Yury Ushakov officially officially announced the Russian military in Venezuela. However, it was not a reality.

It’s not worth it, but it’s not worth it.

Well, I’ve heard the first responses to the new reservation (review from the Zen channel 1520). Although the lead fighter, drove a little – approx. 4 hours, this is of course an inferior test. To complete was the need to pass the night. But everything

The main problem of Russia,

1. A curious opinion of the German about Russia. In general, he likes our low taxes. But the main problem of Russia, this gentleman considers … low labor productivity.

For more than a thousand years, Japan did not eat meat. In 675, the emperor Temma, who spent his childhood in the Buddhist temple, proclaimed the law of the four meat leg and poultry. All subsequent rulers are strictly observed this.

Often I hear from mitboly. Well, how much can you bring in our country?

post inciting

Hi Zhaben In the view of the road that I’ve seen, it was suggested that it was invented.

Our Israeli partners hit our Syrian friends.

Syria reported an Aleppo air strike against Israeli. Read more at RBC: https: //

It is a day of the day it’s time for the office. working day a piece of cake

Doila, but very repentant

He has described perfectly. Girls, you are all acting on this classic scheme. Men will confirm. Photo: Getty Images I’ll give an excerpt from p.

Snot in the eyes

Several photos of Kiev

Basically, these are the views from the balcony. For example, Kiev evening. or morning?

That’s all I wanted to say

Daladna! Zy taki

Once again

So that was not

Seals and Dogs

There are such toys – a dog that breathes. It is love for people who love it.

It is of course not necessary, I think you can)))

who live well in Russia

It has been noted that since the moment it has been dismissed by the nursery, it has been dismissed. Wait. But Hayek still wrote that private sect.

Director Lungin commented on Senator Morozov’s remarks about the film Brotherhood

Radio Station Interview Says Moscow: *****

How cellular operators steal our money

My mobile operator. You can’t pay attention to how much you’re thinking about.

Popricol, abo 36%

When I return from the rotation, I bring you a bundle of things for washing. The mother of the decatally selects the sweaty Ripstop ripped off your knees and boots stained with foreign blood. Unfastens the plate.

Minister of "non-primary" economy

The loss-making process, which is owned by Alisher Usmanov (Metaloinvest, Baikal Mining Company), has been financed by the state bank. Total investment.

For utensils and the prohibition of plastic utensils

1. The Far East is getting closer in the Vologda region. Applications are accepted from April Fool’s joke. Those who move the peasantry will also be paid a lift ,.

Real estate exchange

You can rent, buy, or buy an apartment right in this post. Odnushka in Otradnoe is inexpensive, it’s a cheap place to stay.

Why does the face "float"?

What are you doing in the mirror? That’s right: you begin to train the gluteus muscles. If you want to hang it up You are all beautiful.

The child has a stomachache

Apd Let’s go back to the hospital. And that’s what I think. If you’ve been using them again, appendicitis will not be confirmed. Only operational diagnostic methods? Or whatever they are called? Everything else n.


“They set their faces to the backs”: We have been able to make it a matter of course.

who are the tators and who are the lecturers

In Russian, “living” and “dead” words tend differently. If the word is “living”, then it is the death of the sentient, it is the case.

Rotten UGODIKA this spring evening

You can guess, for example, what happened to the ejaculator, it was

Episode Caribbean Tour

The episode

Beat or not beat?

Nonna Schukina is on the street. For three months, she tried to build love, fucked several times, and then


El pueblo unido.

Sorry that is not about the election. Now about stupid ass.

Turkey. Member of the EU Customs Union. Impressive economic growth. When Erdogan to 12% per year. Newly industrialized countries (term at

In Ingushetia, rock the boat

March 27 – Day of the Russian National Guard troops. So congratulated dear Rosgvardiyu in

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