Smoker’s face before and after

For more than 19 years. (.) Working in the field of dental services in Moldova!

– The clinic is located in the historical center of Chisinau (Shchusev St., corner of Pushkin St.).

– Dental treatment is carried out without pain.

– We practice an individual approach to each patient.

– We employ qualified personnel trained in the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Russia.

– We provide guarantees for all types of dental services.

Dental services:

Therapy and Orthopedics

  • Free consultation DentaVita clinic dentist.
  • Dental treatment of any complexity: treatment caries, restoration of interdental contact (PALODENT and V-ring-NEW system!), pulpitis, caries prevention, dental treatment in children.
  • All types of dental prosthetics: metalless ceramics, metal ceramics, prosthetics on implants, inlays, veneers, cable-stayed prosthetics (bridge without turning). video
  • Cosmetic dentistry: dental art restoration, bite height restoration, front teeth lengthening (smile rejuvenation) .video

Teeth whitening

  • Professional whitening.
  • Homemade whitening
  • NEW! Teeth whitening with the use of LAZER-systems.
  • Dental implants (painless)
  • Treatment of cysts and granulomas
  • Treatment of gums (periodontitis, paradontoza, gingivitis and


  • Bite correction any self-ligating devices, such as the DAMON (USA) video bracket system. The treatment is carried out in a short time! Applies the most accurate indirect fixation method. bracesNEW!
  • Traditional bracket– systems of the company Dentaurum (Germany) (ceramic, metal braces)
  • Plates of all possible modifications
  • Treatment with segmental technique (partial installation bracket system)
  • Installing the retention apparatus, the company ORMCO (respond), after removing the braces.

Professional hygiene

  • Removal of dental deposits (stone), the raid of the smoker. Freedom from smell


    Dentistry is a large-scale approach. Modern dentistry is developing rapidly, offering new technologies. To achieve the highest results.

    Being a dentist is extremely interesting, especially in our clinic! It is a standard of care for people. It is shown in our clinic. Diagnosis and treatment of conditions after treatment.

    Patients of the clinic DENTA VITA are located completely safe for sterilizing instruments.

    Our practice is to improve your doctors’ manual skills.

    In dentistry, we are quickly, efficiently and efficiently. For all the work carried out.

    Smoker's face before and after

    We are often one of the most important sites of dental treatment. You need to be able to help you.

    I wish you good luck and smile on health.

    Sincerely, Sergey Sukhan.

    Interview with Denta Vita clinic orthodontist Maria Sukhan for PRIME / Prima Ora channel.

    Damon System braces.

    Damon System uses a different treatment. It is about 40-50 years and older.

    Computed tomography at the clinic DENTA VITA

    It has been found that it is a companion tomography. But it’s not a problem, because it’s a time of 6 seconds.

    Gum hurts!

    When it comes to resting teeth, it is important to keep your teeth clean.

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