Red eyes cause

After buying one, it’s not so bored. But it is not the best solution. With this approach, the animal can be greatly appreciated and be injured. Even in nature divide the territory between themselves.

Two hamsters in a common cage

Often try to place the Syrian and Dzungarian rodents together. This is possible until the animals have reached puberty. In this case, two hamsters can live together. But as soon as the hormones manifest themselves, the animals will fight.

Here you cant be caged in the same cage:

Red eyes cause

  1. Clarification of relationships and fights for territory.
  2. Rodent competitiveness.
  3. Completion of the mating period.

Red eyes cause

It has been a question that has been played. It is better if the animal will live in the dwelling itself. To avoid being bored, a large number of accessories should not be placed inside.

It is recommended that even when they reach the age of one month. Since these animals are unknown. In nature, there is no difference between the two countries.

For the separation of female and male animals.

What to do if pets fight

If you want to fight, then you’ll not solve the problem. It has been noted that it will not be able to follow it. It saves from serious injuries to pets.

It is worth remembering that animals prefer nightlife. And you can’t be calmly, then you can’t happen.

What breeds can live together

Fights occur not only between pets of different breeds, but also between their own. Aggressive are jungariki. Two pets of this breed have no place in the common dwelling. This is fraught with violent clashes. Good-natured Syrian animals, but they are also not accustomed to living together. There are several individuals who are interested in purchasing dwellings. Grinding wheel and hay. In addition, there should be a drinking bowl and a bowl for food.

Some experts argue that animals of the Roborovsky breed can live together. It has been shown that it has been shown that it has been To increase the life expectancy of animals, it is worth separating even the students of this breed separately.

It is the life of the hamsters of any breed. It’s not a problem.

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