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It has been designed to prevent unauthorized access to valuable items, documents, money. With this equipment, it is characterized by efficiency and reliability of work. Consider the most popular devices for sealing doors and safes.

To protect safes

Sealing of safes is most often performed using mounted devices. For their opening. It is the most often steel. It can be used as a padlock.

At its core, it is a locking device. It is made with a plastic. At the slightest damage changes will be noticeable in a clear figure.

Safe sealing accessories are used to control vaults, cabinets, door designs. Since their products have been arranged for a state of the jumper, they were securely connected to the device flag. The safety seal device is installed as follows:

  1. First, the safe door closes.
  2. The accessory jumper is passed through the eyelets.
  3. Is made with ordinary clay.
  4. The metal seal-sealer.

Stock equipment should not be installed. The sealing of the device includes a rod and a hole for the door. It is sealed with clay and sealed. Therefore, it’s not a problem. The cup is brass or plastic. Where there are doors. When sealing is necessary,

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  1. Cup securely mounted on the door.
  2. The door closes.
  3. After the sealing device moves in.
  4. The surface is treated with plasticine.
  5. The metal seal is sealed.

The stem-based sealing device has a universal body. It creates a radial hole through the body. For example: If you pay attention to users reviews, you can count them.

Folding rod

Sealing device rod may be folding. Moreover, these products are becoming more common. This is a very effective way to get under control. Installation instructions are simple:

  1. First, the cup is securely fastened to the door trim.
  2. The door closes.
  3. After the door, the rod is lowered.
  4. The surface of the flag is uniformly treated with clay.
  5. Sealing and creating a standard metal seal.

It is necessary to ensure that it is necessary to seal doors. The door doesn’t have to be on the same level. After the door closes. After that, the flag is sealed with clay. A metal seal is used for sealing out.

It is easy to determine.

It is a flag plate – it is a polished strip. It is a fact that it is not a problem. Most often, it is necessary to deserve it.

It is especially useful when it comes to themselves. Installation is possible both on both doors, and on an aperture. Most manufacturers offer dies with plastic, brass or duralumin body. There is a choice of colors that harmoniously complement the door in any style.

The sealing device is considered the most common. It has a cylindrical body in which a groove is cut. The flag in the working position will be buried in it. It can be of various shapes, sections and configurations.

Under the string

There are two mounting holes in the middle for the thread. This device is sealed in various ways, depending on the design. Thus, when the door is opened, it is located on the structure of the jamb. The door has been stretched, sealed. At internal opening the cup fastens on platype.

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If necessary, sealing devices under the screw. This device is wrapped until it is filled with clay. If you try to remove the screw, it will be immediately noticeable. By the way, buyers will say that the most optimal way.

Keyhole processing

Door sealing devices can also be used to protect the keyhole itself. In this embodiment, When installing requires several works:

  1. First, the device is screwed to the keyhole with screws. It’s not a problem.
  2. After a dead lock, it is locked with a key.
  3. It can be used to make it through to the device.
  4. An impression is made using a metal stamp.
  5. The device will be broken.

Design features

Sealing devices for doors are available in various shapes and configurations. It must be remembered that the cups themselves are metal cases, the size of which is quite small – about a walnut. This is where the attachment is located. Sealing is carried out not only on the basis of metal printing, but is also carried out.

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It can be used to ensure that it can be used. Underscoring access is provided. If, nevertheless, the door is cracked, it will tell you about it.

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