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Whistling sounds? Can parents help baby? It is a therapist. It can be used to make it. 5-6 years, when we were already late, but much earlier at 4 years of age. This is the most important thing! You only need to know the exact technology. teaching kids how to sound and its nuances. It has been noted that the order is to take place for the children. (Note – not even in speech therapy, kindergartens, regularly). If there is any need, then the child can be helped at home. It was a therapist who helped her children. Injury to the speech. The right way! But I want to warn:It will be enough. This is where the sound comes from. And there are many such children! The sound of automatic sound,

Stages of work on the sound.

Pump lips home

Work on a new sound, which includes incorrectly, includes a number of steps: 1. Refinement of the articulatory apparatus, There is a need for a training system, 2. Sound appearance – sound, 3. Sound mastering – In the words of the singles, in phrases and texts – in words, plays, plays, phrases. I will talk about these stages in more detail.

First stage. Articulation gymnastics for whistling sounds (s, sb, s, d, c)

Whistling sounds are disturbed and there is no sound. . The motif of the articulatory apparatus. Therefore, you need to exercise regular exercise-charge – articulation gymnastics. AT articulation gymnastics complex This is a series of exercises for the air jet. Therefore, it’s important to After all, all the complexes are not randomly composed! It is impossible to form all goals. Articulation gymnastics should not be performed daily without interruption. The most convenient time before breakfast. It takes 3-5 minutes of your time to conduct such a gym. Each time the gymnastics is held in the form of a game. – fairy tale or story, accompanied by exercises. It is where you can come in accordance with the interests of your child!

Articulation Gym Tips – It is important to know and perform:

2-3 exercises are usually performed at a time. Each exercise is performed multiple times. • If you add to the complex new exercise, then it is not a problem. • Is it the old exercises, then the new ones are consolidated. But the consolidation is in a new plot, with the new heroes. • Articulation gymnastics should not be done – You can see your face. • Be sure to follow the symmetry of the gymnastics movements (movement of the child should be left and right half of the face). It can be seen whether it can be carried out correctly. • It’s clear that you’ve been able to follow the correct rules. There is no need for any further movement. If you’re on the other hand, it’s just to get the exercises, then use it! After all, articulation of the gymnastics is not for nothing called. This is really “gymnastics”, It is a good result for your health! Similarly in articulation gymnastics. For the result, it’s not. • Articulation gymnastics exercises for children. Therefore, it isn’t grieve that you don’t work for the first time. Everything needs to learn! And there is one life law – everything that develops! Therefore, everything you have yet to come! It is a rule that you can’t make it.

Pump lips home

Preparatory complex articulation gymnastics includes exercises It is a practitioner practicing how to use it in the kindergarten or at home. This can be started at home: • Smile and holding the lips in a smile. In this case, the front teeth are visible and visible. • Tubule Pulling the lips forward tube. With this movement only lips move! • Little ring Lips in the form of a ring. • Alternation: smile – a ring – a straw. • Calm opening and closing of the mouth, lips in a smile. There should be no other unnecessary movements! • The language is wide.The language is narrow.Alternation: the language is wide – the language is narrow. • Language rise over the top teeth. • alternating movements tongue up – down. •Alternation of movements It is a good idea to bring it closer to the teeth.

Pump lips home

For these whistling sounds. If necessary, it is necessary to train the basic movements of the preparatory complex. If I’m a child, I’m not sure I can advise the therapist.

Complex articulation exercises for whistling sounds s, c (Developed by Fomicheva

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