Proverbs about eyes

Money has been firmly entered into our lives, therefore, theme disclosed widely. The most accurate proverbs about money about money we have collected on this page. Proverbs selection useful for children, students for homework.

5 proverbs about money

  • Move to keep the money.
  • Money is like water:
  • The job is dirty
  • A penny to a penny – and the family will live.
  • Bread – a measure, a word – faith, money – an account.

Proverbs about eyes

Proverbs about money

(from the collection “Schoolchildren’s Dictionary. Proverbs, sayings, winged expressions”, by O. D. Ushakov)

  • Worse of all troubles, when there is no money.
  • In the head of the void wanders.
  • In one pocket there is a time to fix the other.
  • Move to keep the money.
  • Money – guests: then no, then handful.
  • Money is not a head, it can be acquired.
  • Money without legs, and the whole world will bypass.
  • Money is like water:
  • It is cold
  • Money is love.
  • Money through love.

Proverbs about eyes

From the collection “Russian folk proverbs and sayings”

(compiled by A. M. Zhigulev)

  • Labor money century fed.
  • Money is down: Blow on them, and there is none.
  • Money is not chips, you can not stand on the floor.
  • Labor money is always strong.
  • Righteous money lives forever.
  • Money without legs, and the whole world bypasses.
  • Money doesn’t rye: and will be born in winter.
  • Money comes and goes like water.
  • Money is not a head, a profitable business.
  • It happens that money is not happy.
  • Labor money – corn.
  • Money is not sliver, the bill is strong.
  • There was not a penny, but suddenly Altyn.
  • Count the money in your pocket.

Proverbs on the topic "Money"

  • Thrift – not stinginess.
  • A penny to a penny – and the family will live.
  • Every penny is put into the account: a saved penny saves the ruble.
  • What you save today is useful tomorrow.
  • He lives without need, who saves money.
  • Wealth – water: came and went.
  • Good fame is better than wealth.
  • But the soul is hungry.
  • Wealth with gold, and poverty with fun.
  • Can not be bought.
  • Tears flow through gold.
  • A rich man, rowing money with a shovel.
  • Rich, yes curve; poor, yes straight.
  • He has no money and no chicks.
  • Mourns.
  • If he had not fed him bread.
  • Want to eat rolls, do not sit on the stove.
  • Labor feeds, and laziness spoils.
  • The job is dirty
  • Where there is work, there is a work.
  • Put down more, there will be a thicker porridge.
  • Do not work, and bread is not achieved.
  • What is the profit, is and living.
  • For work and fee. For work money.
  • For the money and work.
  • Sow thickly, will not be empty.

Proverbs and sayings about money

(from the collection “Russian proverbs and sayings”, author M. A. Rybnikov)

  • Money, that pigeons: where they settle down, they will move there.
  • Fly the fly again
  • Money, that stones: it is heavy on the soul.
  • No money everywhere honechenek.
  • Bread – a measure, a word – faith, money – an account.
  • Friendship account does not spoil. More often the score is no longer friendship.
  • Money account love.
  • Labor money is tight, someone else’s is worth it.
  • Labor pennies stronger stolen ruble.
  • There is a rye in the barn – there is a penny in your pocket.
  • Take care of the rainy day money.
  • Who does not keep a penny, the ruble itself is not worth it.
  • Whoever doesn’t spare a penny, he doesn’t care about the ruble.
  • Money is a new thing.
  • I will be healthy and get some money.
  • Were we, and the money will be.
  • Money round – the whole century is rolling.
  • Money is not in money, but in deeds.
  • Rabochaska black, yes denezhka white.
  • Penny saves the ruble.
  • And pennies – the money is good.
  • The nearest penny is more expensive than the far ruble.
  • It is cold
  • Our money is kept in water.
  • Accumulated, but the devil bought.
  • People – everything, and money – litter.
  • Low price – cheaper than steamed turnip.
  • At penny do not give.
  • Altyn regretted – lost half the length.
  • Went for the big, do not regret small.
  • Money, like sparrows, will fly to us.
  • In that they are mistaken who chases after the long ruble.
  • Excess money to pocket is not a burden.

Proverbs and sayings with the word "Money"

(from the book “Encyclopedia of Popular Wisdom”, author N. Uvarov)

  • Time gives money, but you can’t buy time for money.
  • Time is more valuable than money.
  • But it’s not a problem.
  • Money laws do not care.
  • Money through, and bread measure.
  • Money is a guest: today is not a handful.
  • Money is a new thing.
  • Money – iron, dress – ashes, and the skin – the most expensive.
  • Money is evil and long.
  • Money is the key to all doors.
  • Money is the best sedative.
  • Money is not rye: they will be born in winter.
  • Your money, become ours.
  • Money blinded eyes.
  • Money goes to money.
  • Money clings to money.
  • Money does not smell!
  • Money, that dung, today is not, and tomorrow – a cart.

Proverbs about eyes

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