People with different eye color

Class hour in class 1


Class hour in class 1 on the topic "My rights and obligations".

• Introduce first graders with the rights and responsibilities of children.

• Dilute the concepts of “rights” and “obligations”, show the unity of rights and obligations;

• To form the communicative skills of schoolchildren;

• To develop respect for the statements of classmates, their rights;

• Instill interest in reading;

• Petals with human rights icons;

• on the blackboard – children’s collages, drawings of the family tree and parts of proverbs;

-What country do we live in?

-All of us are under the protection of our state and are its citizens from birth. We are citizens of Russia.

-Every adult has a document confirming citizenship – a passport. And you still have a birth certificate.

– Our country stretched widely from west to east.

– In this vast territory of Russia live people of different nationalities, with different color of skin, hair and eyes.

-So that people do not quarrel, so that everyone can live well, the state has passed important laws:

"The Constitution of the Russian Federation" and the "Declaration of Human Rights". – They give a person the right to enjoy the very necessary benefits, without which a person can not do.

-Our rights are protected by the state and cannot be taken away.

-They do not need to buy – they belong to every person simply because he is a man and needs the most necessary.

Find such a good that a person can do without.

-And what is the most important among the other benefits?

-Life is given to man to learn to rejoice and delight loved ones. "Life is given to good deeds"

-Who had to be bored when parting with loved ones and rejoice at the meeting?

– So, the most important right that all people on the planet have is the right to life. Petal

-Why does a man work?

-If people did not work, they simply could not live. Everything is created by labor.

In the world of various words,

What glitters burn and burn, –

Gold, steel, diamond, –

There is no sacred word: Labor!

All that we drink is a full cup,

In the past, created by labor:

All the contentment of our life,

Everything that every house is beautiful with.

The new lamp is victorious,

Running motors, trains,

Monoplanes years without a trace,

Everything is a legacy of works.

-You also dream to work in the future.

-Who do you want to become.

-What brings happiness – work or idleness?

-Find the ending of proverbs among the entries on the board:

“Labor feeds,. and laziness spoils. ”

Effort and work. fortunately lead

"You want to eat rolls, … do not lie on the stove"

-So, another right that all people on the planet have is the right to work. petal

– And what is a man for rest?

– During the rest, a person regains his strength. After all, we do not work and get tired.


-What are the days at the end of the work week called off from work? WEEKENDS

-What is the annual vacation of parents? VACATION

-What is the break between classes at school? TURN

-What is the name of the long rest of students from school classes in the autumn, winter, spring and summer? HOLIDAYS

-There were times when a person rested a little and worked up to 15 hours a day. Children worked along with adults. And it was hard and unhealthy physical labor.

-It is now forbidden to use the hard work of children.

-So, one more, very necessary right that all people on the planet have is the right to rest. petal

-We considered only some of the rights of the people, the most important.

-Do children have these rights?

(Attaches the image of the child in the center of the flower.)

-Before you are different tales, but they violate the same right. Which one

-Which of these rights was violated in the Cinderella fairy tale?

A lot of countries in the world, everyone knows.

Who, tell me, is the most important in these countries?

Do not rush, do not try to give an answer in one moment,

There are many main issues – choose, the king is there, the president is here.

About the leaders and about the kings we know from the cradle,

But most importantly, more important, more important for the country – the child!

-Children cannot protect themselves, so many countries (November 20, 1989) have signed the “Convention on the Rights of the Child”.

-What other rights does it say?

Vovochka and Lenochka, Andrews and Arishka –

Every day girls and boys are born

They use their rights from the first days –

After all, from the cradle a person gets a name.

-Every child is entitled to a name. petal

-Name come up with parents at birth. The middle name is transmitted from the father, and the surname from the clan.

Who was your great-grandfather in Russia –

Ask your last name.

There are in each class Kuznetsov.

Who is Kuznetsov’s great-grandfather?

He was from a kind of blacksmiths,

Father father father.

Sawers were friends with the saw

Myal Kozhemyakin skin.

Warrior attacks went,

Streltsov fought too.

They sound like music, like verse,

Look and you will see in them

– Find out the origin of your last name and the meaning of the name.

– Boys, stand up and call on the chain, what middle names will your children receive?

-What are the names of people who glorified Russia?

-Why comrades should not be given a nickname or nickname?

-Because they also have the right to name.

-Defending your rights, do not forget that other people also have the same rights as yours. Respect the rights of others!

The baby that was left alone in the whole world

Normally can not live and grow.

Adults, those for childhood in the answer,

Help your child find a family.

-Children have the right to live with their parents and the right to their care. After all, the child can not take care of himself. petal

-Should children take care of their parents?

-Of course, because apart from the rights, everyone has responsibilities.

-Caring for parents is the responsibility of the children! And duties must be strictly fulfilled!

The family gathered in the room: the grandmother knits, the mother writes. Runs son Petya.

Son: Mom, so want to eat! Hurry give me some food (sits down at the table, starts eating).

Mom: With dirty hands at the table ?! Wash your hands!

Son: This is personal abuse! We got acquainted with the Convention on the Rights of the Child today!

Grandma: Petenka, go to the pharmacy for medicine, something the pressure has risen.

Son: Granny, you do not have the right to exploit the child (rises from the table). Thanks, I’m so full.

People with different eye color

Mom: Wash the dishes, son.

Son: You have no right to use child labor, mommy (parents clutch their heads).

-Did Petya do the right thing?

-What mistakes did he make?

-Petya has learned rights well, but does not know about duties.

-What responsibilities do you do at home? We will show a pantomime (to the music of "Antoshka".), As we …

– walk with the dog,

– go to the store for bread.

-The tree is strongly rooted, and the person is a family or a child.

-Each of you must know your ancestry and keep and cherish the memory of your ancestors. Because it…. the roots and strength of man!

Come in first class,

Do not step past.

Here you will be taught everything

-Children have the right to learn. petal

If you want to build a bridge,

Watch the movement of the stars,

Drive the machine in the field,

Il drive the car up

Work well at school

-And why should a man learn? Why do we need knowledge?

-Right! Without knowledge, a person will not master the profession. And even when a person knows a lot, it is interesting to communicate with him.

-Popular wisdom says:

Learn more – …. you will become stronger.

Who loves science, … .to not know boredom.

(Children find the end of proverbs among the notes on the board)

-What did papa Carlo do for Pinocchio to learn?

-Your parents and the state create for you all the conditions for learning.

-Your duty is to try hard to learn.

And hit the idlers

Thick satchel with books

And skates under the arms

See, see loaders:

Frowning and skinned

– Why are you frowning

– To me, a cat mustache,

And I am handsome, idlers,

A letter and literacy

School not built

Teach us to read and write

And now without a certificate

Far without a diploma

Nor drink without a diploma,

At the gate of the room

We will go to the twelfth

Teach us and literacy

But they can not learn

We learn, slackers,

Ice skating ride

We do not write with slate

And we write with skates

– To me, a cat mustache,

I knew a lot of slackers

And met with such

-What is the right for loafers and not for a cat?

– Is it possible not to study at all?

-No, learning is the responsibility of the children! And duties must be strictly fulfilled!

-Beware of any disease:

Flu, sore throat and bronchitis.

Everyone is calling you to battle

-What right will be discussed?

(On the right to medical care.)

-Every child has the right to health care and free medical care. petal

-Who of you ever had to go to the doctor?

-Health is the main value of a person. Health must be protected.

-Do you have to take care of your health?

-What do you need to do?

-So, taking care of your own health is your responsibility too.

-Did you learn the tale?

-What did the wolf do with the pigs’ houses?

-He violates the right to housing and its immunity. petal

– Guess a fairy tale in which the right to housing was also violated?

The fox house was made of ice.

The sun came out – instantly water.

From the houses of the bast

Liska expelled oblique. (Zayushkina izba)

-Children also have the right to guard and protect … petal

-In which tale was this right violated? Find the book exhibition.

… from abuse

In which tale was this right violated? Find the book exhibition.

..from exploitation and bondage

-In which tale was this right violated? Find the book exhibition.

(allowed – we slam or forbidden – we stamp)

With mom, children should live,

Always give her flowers –

If someone does not know that:

Mother separates a child.

Listen to the views of the child …. (permitted).

Beat, punish the child …. (prohibited)

Draw and sing learn,

If ill – be treated

If a child is working,

He has a little strength,

In childhood, hard work …. (prohibited).

Together in peace to live,

be friends with different children –

This weak hunch back,

Before a strong bow.

Be slave to the master

People with different eye color

-See what a wonderful flower turned out.

-List your rights on the symbols on the petals.

-Is it possible to violate the rights of others?

How good that there are rights!

The law strictly protects us.

And in it all rights are important to us,

They have great power.

Rights of the child need to know.

Not only know, but comply.

Then it will be easy for us to live,

Play, be friends and not grieve.

-Our rights end where our responsibilities begin.

-This flower will bring happiness only to those who, taking advantage of their rights, do not forget about their duties!

-What responsibilities have we remembered today? (Learn, respect parents, take good care of health.)

-On the petals of this flower, write these and other duties that you need to perform.

The teacher distributes flower patterns with the words:

“The petals are flying, flying, winding in the air, and behind them thoughts pour out loud about the occupation” (children’s statements)

By topic: methodical developments, presentations and notes

Every person has rights and obligations. Children should also be aware of this. This class hour helps students learn about their rights and responsibilities. .

Classroom Theme: My Rights and

Presentation on My Rights and Responsibilities.

The traditional goal of civil law education in an educational institution is the formation of legal knowledge, rules of behavior in society, since every child is in society. In the concept of fashion.

Class hour on the topic of my rights and obligations.

After studying the topic of the world around them, the rights and obligations of children were asked to issue a project on this topic.

Developing classes for the extended day group My rights and obligations.

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