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  • Part 1: Cordon
  • Part 2: Landfill and research institutes Agroprom
  • Part 3: Laboratory X 18
  • Part 4: Laboratory X 16
  • Part 5: Laboratory X 10
  • Part 6: Pripyat and Chernobyl NPP

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CORDON Amazing stuff. Zone. It has been miraculously survived. You are alive and this is important. Sidorovich for your reason. He needs a stalker to perform small tasks. Fortunately, your interests converge. After all, you have no equipment, no weapons, no memories of the Zone. So have a little bit of a stalker to run errands. The only clue is the “Kill the Arrow” note in the PDA.

For the first time, I’m like to be experienced. If you have time, choose a beginner section – get information on the PDA (information is duplicated in the introduction section). The Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl is more of a PDA.

Sidorovich will have 2 sections of tasks – special and work. Special assignments will help you get through the storyline and are more interesting. For the most other employers, it is mainly for people who need to work. Key tips for completing such tasks are below.

Your first special assignment will be:

COLLECT INFORMATION FROM THE SCIENTIST Unknown to you stalker You need to talk to the warden of the stalker camp – Wolf. Looking at the PDA and selecting the task, you can add it up. The wolf is in a camp nearby. This is a minimap. Gray dots are dead stalkers (you can get ammunition during a search of their bodies), yellow ones are still alive, red ones are opponents. Frisky seized reports – will have to release. If you want your next task. After the conversation, you will receive ammunition and can proceed to the assignment.

It’s not true that you’re not satisfied with me. It is a road map. Stalkers on the road, you will notice the stalkers: one is already dead, the stalker will stay alive or finish the ammunition).

If you reach a petrol, you will have a choice of handicap, go assistants – get the Medusa artifact).

It can be a shoot, you can shoot it, you can shoot it. This is one of the bandits, which is quite useful to you. When destroy all opponents look quick. It is located at the corner of the red 2-storey building on the left. If you’re continuing your conversation?

FIND ITEM (JACKET) Can be performed immediately. Select the corresponding task in the PDA. The road from the base. Possible resistance on the road – animals. The path to the bottom of the tunnel. You will get a stalker village (Frisky will stay there after a scrap), you will get a stalker from a village. Then you can immediately look at the mill.

MILL There will be no special resistance at the mill. Find it dead thug. If you have the information on the building of the mill. Where the dead gangster is located, you can find a nice gangster jacket. She is near the boxes. Now you can freely return

You can do major quests or continue to perform major. In the game of Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl, passing the quest (optional) is usually represented by the following types of tasks:

DESTRUCTION CAMP A pair of pigs in their lair. Finding this fest tree, kill the animals. Also, it’s possible to find the dead stalker nearby. Reward – Artifact Vyvert

KILL A TRADE REPRESENTATIVE Sidorovich seems to be a substitute for low quality products, as well as competitors. So this stalker will have to kill. Having reached the goal of stalkers sitting near the fire. One of them will be armed with a machine "Viper 5", which will be very useful to you. Return to Sidorovich you will receive an artifact as a reward.

Patches under the eyes

In the northwest of the village. In the small valley, you can find a small valley. But you must be careful.

PRODUCT ARTIFACT One of Sidorovich’s clients is a Medusa artifact. Your task is to find him. There are several alternative solutions: 1. You could have a jellyfish after you. 2. You could have a jellyfish. ) 3. Another 2 jellyfish on the sweater of the territory. 4. Also jellyfish can be in the valley described above.

TO GET A PART OF THE MONSTER’S BODY Outside the band. The tail of the dog is mutant. Sidorovich doesn’t need to be able to protect the quest ….

You should have no particular problems.

FIND MILITARY DOCUMENTS Merchant Sidorovich will offer you an interesting variant of cooperation. It is necessary to obtain information about Arrow You have to use it as a tool, a first-aid kits and bandages. Some of the above can be obtained by destroying the soldiers at the outpost.

It is a clear idea of ​​how to keep on the track. find him dead and an anomaly record in his PDA, then there are several ways to further advance: 1. Go to the tunnel alone. If you’re throwing bolts into anomalies (by default, button 6), you’ll be able to get there. There are 2 possible ways to pass through the outpost: 2. Peaceful. Military Kuznetsov 3. We regard the action. After that, it is advisable to kill the opponents alone. As a reward, you will receive assault rifles, ammunition for them, first-aid kits. 4. You can climb the path through the fence. 5. It is possible to bypass the embankment through the territory with a high radiation background.

After you have completed the embankment, Sidorovich immediately comes in contact. Foxes must be destroyed. Lys also has information about the shooter. Having reached the Fox, fight off his opponents.

On the way, you can complete the sweep quest. It is a very high radiation background.

Continue on the road, killing stray dogs and lonely opponents along the way. When you reach the abandoned checkpoint, you will encounter considerable resistance from the gangsters who are seated there.

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