Paralysis of the facial nerve

Syringomyelia (spinal cord) – the empty pipe and myelon – the spinal cord and the spinal cord. It is a disease of the cranio-vertebral junction. The use of MRI of spine greatly facilitated the diagnosis of syringomyelia. In cases of inability to perform MRI, it is possible to visualize syringomyelitis cavities using myelography. Syringomyelia is not curable, beginning at a young age, it is a accomplishment. Patients are symptomatic and neuroprotective therapy, in severe cases – surgical drainage of cavities.

Paralysis of the facial nerve

General information

Syringomyelia (spinal cord) – the empty pipe and myelon – the spinal cord and the spinal cord. Syringomyelia is not curable, beginning at a young age, it is a accomplishment.

It is caused by the congenital defect that it is caused by the congenital cell line of the brain stem (syringobulbia). The process of reproduction of glial cells can be started with a traumatic injury or an infectious disease. The path of proliferating glial cells of the brain. It is a gradual increase. Motor and sensory neurons. The number of neurons has been consistently increased. Scoliosis, chest deformities, abnormal bite, skeleton, high palate, dysplasia of the auricles, glands, forked tongue, six flesh and others. True syringomyelia is family-like and occurs mainly by men of 25 to 40 years.

It is not true, but it is associated with cranio-vertebral junction. The spinal canal. There is a significant expansion in the spinal cord that can be seen in the cerebral spinal cord. It can be seen that it can be a spinal cord, or spinal cord infarction.

Symptoms of syringomyelia

In most cases, the syringomyelia cavities are formed in the spinal cord, where it is responsible. The most common types of sensitivity are the most common types of skin sensitivity. lesion, and a “jacket” in a two-sided lesion. Because patients are often injured, patients are often injured and burned. It is also possible to make a difference in the area of ​​pain and sensitivity of the patient (burning, crawling, etc.). Proprioceptive sensation and tactile sensation with syringomyelia are preserved. Interscapular region, arms, arms and chest are long. Loss of sensation in the lower torso and legs is quite rare.

It is a poor condition and it is a skin disease, it can be characterized as a syndrome. There are often fingers that can be seen in the hands, there are often fingers that can be seen, there are often fingers. Heyromegaly is observed – a pronounced thickening of the hand. There is a great deal about the formation of cavities. There is no pain in the case of the joint.

It is a clear view that atrophy of the spirits can be seen. The so-called flaccid pores of the limbs develop. In syringomyelia of the cervical spinal cord, Horner syndrome is noted (eyelid prolapse, pupil dilation, retraction of the eyeball). When the motor pathways are involved, it is noted, sometimes accompanied by urinary disturbances.

If there is a disease, it can cause a disorder in the case of the syringomyelia. Breathing up, breathing, breathing, and breathing. In case of syringomyelia, a secondary infection can occur with bronchopneumonia or urological diseases (urethritis, pyelonephritis). The development of bulbar palsy in syringobulbia can lead to respiratory arrest and patient death.

Diagnosis and treatment of syringomyelia

There can be a trophic manifestation of the disease, the destruction of the bony elements of the joint, etc. Accurate diagnosis of syringomyelia allows spinal MRI, if it is impossible, myelography. A study of the syringomyelic cavities in the spinal cord and trunk.

In the initial period of syringomyelia, when active reproduction of glia occurs, this process. This treatment and reduce the manifestations. For this purpose, it has been shown that it has been able to radiate it. It has been prescribed by the patient that it has been prescribed.

Drug therapy is carried out by a neurologist, vitamins, neuroprotective agents (glutamic acid, pyrocetam), bendazole. For relief of pain, analgesics (metamizole, aminophenazone) and ganglioblockers (pahicarpin) are indicated.

It is a relatively new method of treatment of syringomyelia and neostigmine therapy, which is a method of nerve impulses. But it only helps to temporarily improve neuromuscular conduction. Perhaps a combination of such therapy with UHF or radon baths.

Paralysis of the facial nerve

It is a form of treatment of the hands of the woman. Spinal surgeries are not compressed, syringeomyelic cavities, decompression of the spinal cord, removal of adhesions.

Prognosis and prevention of syringomyelia

As a rule, it is not a life expectancy. Patients remain able to work for a long period of time. However, in the event of infectious complications, sepsis may develop. The vagus nerve is fatal.

Methods of prevention of syringomyelia do not yet exist. Prevention of injuries and burns.

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