Pallor of face

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All skin is different. Many factors affect the skin’s nutrition, bad habits, lack of sleep, stress, sports, the environment and even heredity. But the main factor skin color changes are acute and chronic diseases.

Diseases of the skin of the skin. It can be taken in time.

You need to look closely at the suffering person. Sometimes it becomes even naughty or has a fever. If you’re sitting in the air, you’re not waking up. In more cases, it can not be done.

What can you recognize? There are general patterns. In Chinese medicine, for example, there are indicators of pain (white, green, and black), absence (white), and fullness (yellow and red). There is no face on it. It’s a little bit different. liver are green.

Modern medicine in the diagnosis of yellow, white, red, green and blue colors.

RED color indicates overheating and related infectious diseases. It may also indicate carbon monoxide poisoning. Signals about heart disease and blood vessels.

WHITE, it is WAN, color warns about lung pathology, anemia, stroke or heart attack.

BLUE color is the result of oxygen starvation, lung diseases. It indicates the presence of gastrointestinal diseases, in particular, constipation, and a bladder infection.

It is a sign of the liver cirrhosis or cancer.

Colors of the spleen, pancreas, liver, stomach, gallbladder.

Of great importance and skin tones.

Adrenal glands. The skin acquires the hormones. Ask for help to the endocrinologist.

It is necessary to pay attention to your metabolism, nutrition, blood composition, digestion, lungs, thyroid, cardiovascular system. There is a lack of hemoglobin in the blood, and it is poorly absorbed. Also, it is possible to reduce the amount of thyroid hormones, lower blood pressure, inflammation of the heart, aortic stenosis, or left ventricular failure. Pallor can also occur from cold, fear, pain, or swelling.

Pallor of face

If the face is red, pay attention to body temperature, blood, cardiovascular system.

You need red hair, you need:

– check your cardiovascular system, and also make a blood test. There is a possibility of an increase in the number of blood cells;

– carbon monoxide poisoning, alcohol poisoning, atropine, acetone or hallucinogenic drugs.

With a bluish tinge of skin, pay attention to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Consult your cardiologist. This color indicates that there is a lack of oxygen and cardiovascular systems. Heart disease, pneumothorax, pulmonary emphysema, and thromboembolism. It is a blue sky.

Dark with a black tint of his face indicates the genitourinary system. Visit a urologist to check your bladder and kidneys.

Digestive problems. Gastritis, constipation, problems with stomach and intestines. Due to improper nutrition, the complexion also deteriorates. Gastroenterologist will help you to solve all these problems. Due to the skin, it can become gray.

If the skin has a greenish tint, pay attention to the liver, gallbladder, oncology. Green is no less dangerous than blue. Gallstone disease, cirrhosis of liver disease and even cancer. It is not a problem. It is provided by fluorescent lighting.

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