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Oleg and Valentina Svetovid – mystics, esoteric and occult experts, authors of 14 books.

Here you can get advice on your problem.

Quality information and professional help!

Clean air, clean water, environmentally friendly products. And most people had pure souls. People lived by their labor and knew what love was. There is a lot of good.

For example, there were so many good names. It is hard work, wisdom, generosity. Not in our time.

What can you think about? old, long forgotten name.

Just 100-200 years ago, the following male names were actively used, were in use, were well perceived by ear. Now they are forgotten.

Everyone knows that life develops in a spiral. Forget it, then discover the same thing. Maybe someday it will happen with long-forgotten, good old names.

Forgotten and rare male names

August (Rome.) – majestic, sacred, royal

Agap (gr.) – favorite

Agapion (gr.) – favorite

Agathon (gr.) – kind, noble

Aglay (gr.) – shining, gorgeous, beautiful

Agni (gr.) – clean, immaculate

Adrian (Rome.) – resident of Adria

Azarius (Heb.) – God’s help

Akaki (c) – mild

Ambrose (gr.) – immortal, divine

Amos (Dr.-heb.) – loaded, carrying a burden

Amur (rome.) – love

Amphibrach (gr.)

Anani (Heb.) – God’s grace

Anastasius (gr.) – resurrected, revived

Anikiy (gr.) – victory

Anisy (gr.) – performance, completion, useful

Antigone (c) – instead of someone, child

Antip (gr.) – persistent, strong

Anthymy (gr.) – covered with flowers

Apolinarium (Rome.) – dedicated to Apollo, the destroyer

Apollo (gr.) – the killer. The name of the sun gods among the Greeks meant: the sun, scorching, burning

Apollonius (gr.) – the killer

Arefii (arab.) – plowman, virtue, eagle

Arius (Dr.-heb.) – brave

Aristarkh (gr.) – the head of the best

Arseny (gr.) – courageous

Athanasius (gr.) – immortal

Athos (gr.) – generous, rich, unenviable

Benedict (rome.) – blessed

Bonifati (rome.) – good, rock

Bogolep (Russian) – acceptable, pleasant to God

Varachisium (east)

Bartholomew (aram.) – son of plowed land, son of fields

Vakhtisy (Persian.)

Venedim (Rome.)

Benjamin (e.) – beloved son

Vivian (r.) – lively

Vincent (r.) – winning, overcoming

Victoria (r.) – winner

Vissarion (gr.) – forest

Blasius (gr.) – simple, coarse

Vukol (gr.) – shepherd

Galaktion (gr.) – milky, milky


Hector (gr.) – the perpetrator, the keeper

Helium (gr.) – the sun


Herermann (r.) – native, blooded

Herermann (German) – warrior, retainer

Hermogen (c) – born by Hermes (Mercury)

Gleb (glory)

Glyceria (gr.) – sweet

Proud (gr.) – Phrygian king

Grania (r.) – grain

Gury (e.) – lion cub

Darius (gr.) – possessing, owning

Dementy (r.) – the tamer

Demid (gr.) – ruling

Demian (gr.) – conqueror

Dionysus (gr.) – dedicated to Dionysus, Bacchus, the god of wine and winemaking

Dominic (r.) – master

Dorimedont (gr.) – spear, chief

Dorofei (gr.) – the gift of the gods

Dosifey (gr.) – given by God

Evgraf (gr.) – well-drawn, hand-painted handsome

Evdokim (gr.) – surrounded by good fame, honor

Eucarpium (gr.) – fertile, fertile, fertile

Evlampy (gr) – beautifully glowing, blessed

Evmenius (gr.) – benevolent, gracious

Men's eyes

Eusebius (gr.) – pious

Evstafy (gr.) – permanent, stable, balanced

Eustachy (gr.) – magnificently nosing

Evstigney (gr.) is a good sign

Evstraat (c) – good, warrior

Evtikhiy (gr.) – happy

Egor (gr.) – farmer

Eleferiy (gr.) – free

Eleazar (Heb.) – God’s help

Elisha (e.) – saved by God

Yemelyan (gr.) – affectionate, friendly, cheerful

Epifan (gr.) – prominent, famous, glorious

Erazm (gr.) – beloved

Erast (gr.) – favorite

Yeremey (Dr.-heb.) – messenger

Ermak (gr.) – herald of the people

Yermiy (gr.) – giving wealth

Yermil (gr.) – inhabiting Hermes Grove

Yermolai (gr.) – herald of the people

Yerofey (gr.) – sanctified by God

Yefim (gr.) – pious

Efrem (Dr.-heb.) – prolific

Yefrosin (gr.) – joy, fun

Zahar (ancient Heb.) – God remembered

Zeno (gr.) – divine

Zosima (gr.) – living, living

Iakinf (g) – yakhont, hyacinth (name of the gemstone)

Ignatius (r.) – Unknown, Unknown

Ilarius (gr.) – cheerful, joyful

Hilarion (gr.) – fun, fun

Iliodor (gr.) – the gift of the Sun

Ilya (Heb.) – the fortress of God

Innocent (r.) – innocent, harmless

Hypatius (gr.) – the highest

Hippolytus (gr.) – unraveled horses

Heraclius (gr.) – dedicated to Hercules

Isidore (gr.) – the gift of the goddess Isis

Casimir (glory) – predict, tell the world

Kalinik (gr.) – good winner, victor

Callist (gr.) – the most beautiful, beautiful

Kalistrat (gr.) – a great warrior

Calisfen (gr.) – beauty, strength

Capiton (r.) – big-headed, stubborn

Carp (gr.) – fruit

Kasian (r.) – helmet carrier, empty, empty

Cyprian (gr.) – Cyprus, from the island of Cyprus

Cyrus (c) – lord, lord, power

Kyriac (gr.) – born on Sunday

Claudius (r.) – lame

Klim (r.) – gracious

Clement (r.) – gracious

Kondraty (gr.) – square, broad-shouldered

Concordia (r.) – consonant, unanimous

Cornelius (r.) – horned

Xenophon (gr.) – a stranger, a foreigner

Kuzma (gr.) – decoration

Laurel (r.) – laurel tree

Lawrence (r.) – crowning laurels

Larion (gr.) – cheerful, joyful

Leon (r.) – the lion

Leonard (r.) – the lion

Leont (gr.) – lion

Leonty (gr.) – lion

Livery (r.) – free, free

Livy (gr.)

Luke (r.) – light, glowing

Lukyan (r.) – light, light

Lukiy (r.) – light shining

Loop (r.) – wolf

Mauritius (gr.) – black, moor

May (gl.) – month of May

Makar (gr.) – blissful, happy

Macedon (gr.) – Macedonian, great

Macedonia (gr.) – Macedonian, great

Men's eyes

Maximian (r.) – the greatest

Maximillian (r.) – descendant of the greatest

Malachi (ancient Heb.) – messenger of God

Mardarium (gr.)

Mardoni (gr.)

Mari (r.) – the sea

Men's eyes

Mark (r.) – hammer, dry, faded

Markell (r.) – warlike

Marcian (R.)

Martin (r.) – dedicated to the god of war Mars

Matvey (Heb.) – God’s gift

Melety (gr.) – caring

Melito (gr.) – honey

Methodius (c) – track, search

Milan (fame) – cute

Milen (fame) – cute

Millet (gr.) – city on the north coast of Crete

Mily (gr.) – apple

Milovan (fame) – caress, care

Miney (gr.) – month

Myron (gr.) – exuding a fragrant myrrh, fragrant

Mitrofan (gr.) – mother’s glory, having a glorious mother

Micah (ancient Heb.) – who is like God

Modest (r.) – modest

Mokey (gr.) – mocker, mocking

Moky (gr.) – mocker

Nazar (Dr.-heb.) – dedicated to God. The town of Nazareth

Nathan (dr.-heb.) – God gave

Naum (Dr.-heb.) – consolation

Nestor (gr.) – returned home

Nikandr (gr.) – victorious warrior

Nicanor (gr.) – winner

Nikita (gr.) – winner

Nikifor (gr.) – victorious, winner

Nicodemus (gr.) – the overcoming people

Nikon (gr.) – winner

Nile (gr.) – black river

Niphon (c) – sober, prudent

Octavian (r.) – eighth

Olympic (gr.) – Olympic, light

Onysiah (gr.) – use

Onysim (gr.) – performance, completion, useful

Oname (gr.) – useful

Onuphrius (egyp.) – sacred bull

Orest (gr.) – Highlander, savage

Pawsai (gr.) – fighter against evil

Palladium (gr.) – protection, stronghold

Pamphilus (gr.) – dear to everyone, common pet

Pankrat (gr.) – omnipotent, omnipotent

Pankraty (gr.) – omnipotent, omnipotent

Panteleimon (gr.) – all-merciful

Paramon (c) – solid, reliable, loyal, durable

Parmen (gr.) – resistant, firmly standing

Parfen (gr.) – pure, virgin

Patricius (r.) – son of a noble father

Paphnutius (Egyptian) – belonging to God

Groin (gr.) – broad-shouldered, strong

Pimen (gr.) – shepherd, leader, tutor

Plato (gr.) – broad-shouldered

Polien (gr.) – mnogochvalny

Polycarp (gr.) – Multiple, fertile

Porphyry (gr.) – purple-red. Red porphyry stone

Potap (gr.)

Prov (r.) – honest, kind

Proclus (c) – born in the absence of the father

Procopius (gr.) – seizing the sword, success, prosperity

Procula (r.) – distant, born in the absence of the father

Protasius (gr.) – advanced, standing in first place

Prokhor (gr.) – singing, head of the choir

Reasonable (fame) – reasonable

Rem (r.) – paddle

Renat (r.) – revived, returned to life

Robert (other-herm.) – glory, splendor, brilliance

Rodion (gr.) – pinkish, pink

Rubytiy (r.) – blushing

Reuben (Dr.-heb.) – look: son

Ruslan (arab.) – lion

Sawa (aram.) – old man, grandfather, bondage

Savvaty (Heb.) – Saturday

Savely (Dr.-heb.) – solicited from God, hard work

Samson (Dr.-heb.) – sunny, similar to the sun

Sevostyan (gr.) – respectable, worthy

Selvan, Sylvan (r.) – forest

Semyon (ancient Heb.) – heard by God in prayer

Serapion (gr.) – Egyptian God of life, death and healing

Seraphim (e.) – fiery, fiery

Sylvester (r.) – forest

Sylvius (r.) – forest

Simon (ancient Heb.) – noble name, glory

Spiridon (r.) – illegitimate

Solomon (Dr.-heb.) – peaceful, prosperous

Sosipater (gr.) – saving father

Sofron (gr.) – sensible, prudent

Spartacus (r.) – in insurgent gladiators in Rome

Stachy (gr.) – ear

Stepan (c) – ring, wreath, topped

Taras (c) – restless, rebel, troublemaker

Terenty (r.) – annoying, tiring

Timofey (gr.) – God-fearing, worshiping God

Titus (r.) – defending honor

Tikhon (gr.) – bringing happiness

Trifilia (gr.) – clover

Trifon (gr.) – luxuriously living

Troy gr.) – from the mountains of Troy

Trofim (gr.) – plump, pet

Faust (r.) – auspicious, happy

Thaddeus (e.) – praise

Falaley (gr.) – blooming olive

Falassiy (gr.) – sea, skilled in navigation

Fedot (gr.) – God-given or dedicated to the gods

Felix (r.) – happy

Themistoclus (gr.) – renowned for justice

Phyogen (gr.) – God born

Fedos (gr.) – God-given or dedicated to the gods

Fecklist (gr.) – God’s creation, creation

Theophanes (c) – revealed by the gods

Theophilus (gr.) – Bogolyub

Philaret (gr.) – loving virtue

Filimon (gr.) – favorite

Theophylact (gr.) – bearing guard, boghranimi

Ferapont (gr.) – servant, admirer, satellite

Firs (gr.) – decorated with flowers, grape branches

Flavian (r.) – originating from the flavian clan (or their freedman)

Phlegon (gr.) – flaming, burning

Frol (r.) – blooming

Florence (r.) – blooming

Florian (r.) – blooming

Fock (gr.) – seal

Thomas (e.) – twin

Photius (c) – light, light, illuminate, enlighten

Chariton (gr.) – generous, grateful

Harlampy (gr.) – shining with love and joy

Chrysanthus (gr.) – gold flowers

Christopher (gr.) – Christ-bearer, anointed one anointed for the kingdom

Celestine (r.) – heavenly

Edward (other-germ.) – property, protection

Elim (ancient Heb.) – dumbness, silence

Emily (gr.) – affectionate, flattering

Erast (gr.) – charming, sweet; enamored

Ernest (other-herm.) – serious, strict

Juvenal (r.) – always young

Julian (r.) – from the Julius clan

Julius (r.) – curly, sheaf

Just (r.) – fair

Justinian (r.) – fair

Jacob (Dr.-heb.) – follows someone

Ian (glory) – God’s mercy

Oleg and Valentina Svetovid

You can also see forgotten and rare female names.

Oleg and Valentina Svetovid

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