Lip wound


12. Forensic examination of bodies of tourists found in a ravine.

Lip wound

On May 9, 1959, the medical examiner of the dead group of Igor Dyatlov. For example, there has been a trial of medical care. This was not the case, the witness forensic expert Churkina. It was a creeping case for the first time. Pay attention to this incident. He has been in the following condition: sleeves. It is not a question. It is a very strange forgetfulness, especially if it is not taken into account. It is a direct requirement that the regulatory framework has been issued and that it should be reviewed briefly – this topic harbors so many wonderful discoveries that crumple brief mention). Finally, it was a button, at 3 buttons, that it was a scientist.

Generalized scheme of bodily harm Lyudmila Dubinina.

The generalized scheme of bodily harm Seeds Zolotarev.

Generalized scheme of bodily harm Alexander Kolevatova.

The generalized scheme of bodily harm of Nicholas Tibo-Brignoles.

Scale of Nicholas Tibo-Brignoles It was given that it was a result of injury. They are truly terrible. Legend: 1 – the platform of the temporal bone,

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