Laser eye surgery

Years of experience

In 1996, it became available for patients. Since then, we have not performed over 100,000 successful operations.

Laser eye surgery

Reliable technology

It is a 3D laser microsurgery techniques, REIK, LASIK

Laser eye surgery

Impeccable reputation

There are thousands of our patients, including many celebrities – artists, musicians, showmen, politicians and businessmen.

Correction and treatment of vision

Ophthalmological Center "New Look" – it is the leading eye clinic.

It is a woman who has lost his head.

There is an unprecedented experience for the Russian ophthalmology (more than 100,000 eye correction procedures).

It has been a great deal of care.

There was no fear at all, there was even no doubt. I just really wanted to finally see normally. Laser correction does not need to be absolutely afraid. Doctors take this very seriously. It didn’t just like that. A person is first examined for a long time. Only then do something. They are 500 times reinsured. Therefore, it makes no sense to worry.

Julia Savicheva singer

I get the eye of the recommendation. And then I brought Valdis Pelsh to the clinic, who now also walks without glasses. My wife and I in the "New View" operated on. I’ve seen a single complication. Vision is fine.

Alexey Kortnev musician, showman


It was recommended that the patient underwent a “New Look” clinic.

Refractive surgery

Eye disease treatment

Eye surgery

Laser vision correction

innovative fully laser (no-knife) techniquefrom 57 500 rubles

unique advanced vision correction technique with a corneal stroma laserfrom 33 000 rubles

classic laser correction with corneal stromafrom 25 000 rubles

To make an appointment

The appointment of the appointment

Laser eye surgery

In the case of an order for a woman, he will be able to make an appointment.

Eye disease treatment
Patient handbook
Interview Clinic Patients

We invite you to the ophthalmological clinic "New Look"

Tired of your eyes? Pesky discomfort and pain? Did not bring results?

Do not despair! The right decision at the “New Look” eye clinic. It’s a problem that you’ve come to restoring and treating vision. We offer a range of services for patients of different ages.

The Eye Clinic "New Look" is an advanced ophthalmological center for vision correction. It is not necessary to carry out the field of microsurgery. This gives an integrated approach.

Please note: the reception of an ophthalmologist at the clinic. Contact us.

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