Laminaria for the face

Philosophy of El Salon in Volgograd

Spa salon Volgograd Elvira (Spa salon in Volgograd, spa salon Volgograd Elvirra, spa salon on Komsomolskaya, spa salon Volgograd Komsomolskaya, spa salons Volgograd in the Central District).

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Laminaria for the face

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In the confusion of daily life, we often forget about ourselves. The fast pace doesn’t make it. Good rest, recuperation. Meanwhile, it depends on the harmony of mind, beauty and health. If you are a man, you must be able to reach your world. Give tenderness and care. And it is very important to get rid of the negative in time. Do you need to save your attention and energy?

A woman can replenish energy. Massage practices from beauty salon Elvira in Volgograd (spa salon Volgograd Komsomolskaya, spa salons Volgograd in the Central District) help to balance energy, tone muscles, heal the body. And they also help to maintain your beauty. After all, it is a body and a radiant face.

If you don’t need it, you can do it.

Laminaria for the face

Operating for over 13 years in the market beauty and health in Volgograd (Salon spa volgograd) We have been able to know your customers. At your disposal Cedar barrel, services lymphatic drainage massage, anti-cellulitis hiromassage face and bodies, wraps and cosmetic procedures, hardware techniques and much more. The most important thing is an individual approach and understanding. We invite you to plunge into the world of beauty and health. Elvira at a convenient time for you.

Give you a way where everything goes! Attract joy! Love your soul and body!

Always yours, spa salon Elvira in Volgograd (beauty salon Elgira in Volgograd, spa salon on Komsomolskaya, spa salon Volgograd Komsomolskaya, beauty salon on Komsomolskaya Volgograd, spa salon Volgograd in the Central District).

Dear residents Krasnoarmeysky district, Kirovsky district, Soviet area, Voroshilov district, Central District, Dzerzhinsky district, Krasnooktyabrsky district, Traktorozavodsky district, Spartanovki Volgograd and Volzhsky appreciate our quality spa services (spa services). Call, come!

Spa Elvira in Volgograd. Spa volgograd.

Spa salon on Komsomolskaya in Volgograd.

Spa salon in the Central district of Volgograd.

We have the high art of massage!

There are contraindications, consultation of the expert is necessary.

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