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This is the case with Vasi Lozhkin “Great Beautiful Russia” (aka “Sixth Sushi”) refers to extremist materials. It has been given that it has been an epic with "Great Beautiful Russia".

There are no comments on the artist’s work.

In 2016, the artist appoints the painting “The Sixth of Sushi” (also often referred to as “Great Beautiful Russia”). It is a map of the Russian Federation and its neighboring countries that have been replaced with various impartial expressions.

Kylie jenner lips

We still do not publish the list of extremist materials. Keep the picture with cats.

It was up to you to know what it was about. It turned out that it was out.

And the case of 2016 was “for repost”, where “Great Beautiful Russia” is involved. In January 2018, Victoria Lobova for her repost. A month later, it’s not a problem.

It is not necessary to take into account, but it’s not a matter of fact. drew attention to freedom of creativity.

It was announced that he was on the air at the ext ext ext ext Beautiful.

Mikhail Fedotov

However, Vasya Lozhkin clarified to the radio station “Moscow Says”.

The court overturned the decision, but it will still be reviewed, a new examination. That is, the case is not finished.

The Criminal Code for the World Cup. I’m a resident of Barnaul,

The story turned out to be so resonant. Even the rapper Oxxxymiron, who always kept aloof politics, did not pass by. And yes, he calls for rally on the streets.

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