If the face is burning

Tale Barmalej read:

Part one

Small children! Africa for a walk! In Africa, in Africa, gorillas, In Angry crocodiles, Beat and offend

If the face is burning

In Africa, the terrible Bar-ma-lei! Ugly, bad, greedy Barmaley!

And daddy, and mommy Sit

Africa is terrible, yes, yes, yes! Africa is dangerous, yes, yes, yes! Do not go to Africa, Children, never!

But Daddy and Mommy fell into the evening! To Africa!

They walk along, Africa, Figures are breaking, – Well, Africa! This is Africa!

Saddled Rhino, Ride a bit, – Well, Africa! This is Africa!

With elephants on the move Played a leapfrog, – Well, Africa! This is Africa!

The gorilla speaks, it is pronounced:

Vaughn shark Karakul Spread a wicked mouth. You are at the Karakula shark. Would you like to go straight to the mouth?

We shark Karakul Nipochёm, we care, We shark Karakul Brick, brick, We shark Karakul Fist, fist, We shark Karakul Heel, heel!

Scared shark And drowned in fear, – Shared you, shark, rightly so!

He goes, he goes, he goes, he goes through the marshes And he roars loudly and menacingly.

And Tanya and Vanya laugh, Behemoth belly tickle: Well, the belly, What kind of belly – Wonderful!

I didn’t tolerate such an insult to Hippopotamus, Ran for the pyramids And roars, Barmaley, Barmaley Loud voice Calls:

Barmaley, Barmaley, Barmaley! Come out, Barmaley, hurry! These nasty children, Barmaley, Do not regret, Barmaley, do not regret!

Part two

Tanya-Vanya trembled – they saw Barmaley. He goes across Africa, He sings all over Africa:

I am bloodthirsty, I am merciless, I am an angry robber Barmalei! Neither marmalade nor chocolate, But only small (Yes, very small!) Children!

He sparkles with scary eyes, He knocks with terrible teeth, He screams a scary fire, He screams a scary word: Karabas! Karabas! Have lunch now!

Children cry and sob, Barmalea plead:

Dear, dear Barmaley, Our dear mother!

And we will never walk across Africa forever!

Dear, sweet ogre, Tea with bread crumbs!

But the ogre replied: Nooo.

Someone is flying across the sky. This is a doctor, this is a doctor, Good Doctor Aibolit!

Good-Looking Aibolit K Tane-Vanya runs up, Tanya-Vanya hugs And the villain Barmaley, Smiling, says:

Well, please, my dear, My dear Barmaley, Untie, release These little children!

But the villain of Aibolit grabs And throws into the fire of Aibolit. Aibolit: Aw, hurts! Ay, it hurts! Ay, it hurts!

And they cry, and cry, and cry!

Part three

But because it is a bitter, it is Gorilla is coming, It is a leading crocodile!

Good doctor Aibolit Crocodile says: Well, please, rather Swallow Barmaley, So Little Children!

He turned, Smiled, Laughing Crocodile And the villain Barmaley, Like a fly, Swallowed!

Rada, danced, you saved us. Saw us, O good Crocodile!

But for the Crocodile Crying, Barmaley cries: Oh, I will be kinder! I love the children! Do not ruin me! Oh, I will, I will, I will be kinder!

If the face is burning

If you really became a kinder, you go back, please! We’ll take Barmaley with us, Take him to distant Leningrad!

Spreading it wide and wide, it looks like it’s fun, it’s a funky way to do it!

Dancing, dancing Barmaley, Barmaley! I will, I will be kinder, yes, kinder! I bake for children, for children, and pretzels, for pretzels! In the bazaars, in the bazaars I will, I will walk! I will be a gift, I will give away pies, I will distribute pretzels, rolls of children.

Will for I Will, I will have Mint gingerbread! Gingerbread mint, Fragrant, Amazingly pleasant, Loves, loves, loves, loves, small children!

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