How to smear the face

White bloodroot

Lat name – Potentilla alba Linnaeus; Division – Magnoliophyta; Class – Magnoliopsida; Order – Rosales; Family – Rosaceae; Genus – Potentilla; View – alba L.

Popular names (synonyms)

Pyatilnik, Pyatiperstnik, Pyatipersthene, Pyatipal, Pyatipalechnik, Interstar, White Stabber, Flame

In nature, there are more than three hundred species of Potentilla, but unlike Potentilla white, they all have yellow flowers.

White bloodroot – a modest, perennial and low herbaceous medicinal plant, with ends that have been folded into 5 leaves of leaves. The white color of the petals indicates cross-pollination by nocturnal insects. Blossoms in April-June, fruits in June-July. Fruits are dry ovoid, hairy at the base, achenes. Seeds are spread by insects and birds.

How to smear the face

The European part of the Urals grows mainly in the southern regions. It prefers light, especially pine and pine forests, woods, edges and meadows, grassy slopes and shrubs. Almost no zarosley. On 1 m 2, no more than 2–3 plants are found. It is listed in the Red Book of Moscow, Smolensk, Ryazan, Lipetsk and other regions. The Republic of Belarus (Resolution No. 14 of

Potentilla is found in medieval medicine. One of the men in the book “On the Properties of Herbs” Naples, 1477, in Chapter 70 “On the Five-Leaf Clover”, where there is an exact drawing of a plant, says: “Pentafilon” five leaves; this herb is said to grow in so many places. – It’s a bit of a bitter branch. The oil from it, the juice from it, – the pain in his stomach disappears; he can also hold back the flow of all sorts. If this is the case, it will take you a groin frenzy off; If you drink, then snakebite cures treats everywhere, and burns are often healed from this herb.

How to smear the face

Sturm of Flora in Germany from Nuremberg, 1797-1862 – Potentilla alba L. – White potentilla.

The raw material base of Lapchatka white is insignificant,

How to smear the face

Potentilla white grows length of 20–30 centimeters, 10–15 years pass. Seeds have low germination, germination time is stretched, seedlings develop slowly. There are many sleeping buds, thanks to the size of 1–

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