How to shrink pores on face

Liftensyn and wrinkles. Pharmacies, reviews, prices

There are also a lot of scouring products from the obscure sellers. One of these products is anti-wrinkle serum called Liftensin or Liftensyn. According to advertisers, not only fights wrinkles, but also with pigmentation, restores elasticity and much more. In a word – once and younger. From the first application, of course. Let’s look at this tool carefully:

Cheating or truth

It is, in fact, usually products are tested. Therefore, who is a manufacturer? Are there any documents at all? Contraindications, possible allergic reactions? Independent Testing? Advertising, intermediaries, anywhere. It is not surprising. This product is exclusively for online trading.. And if so, then it is possible to make it possible to sell it. It’s a funky way to find out what it’s like. We do not know.

How to shrink pores on face

Prices and reviews

If you still decide to choose the price of 99 rubles. You are not going to sell anything. This business is known for imposing a course of treatment. Usually, up to 8–10 thousand for a full course, or 3–4 thousand for a person. At the same time, such Internet cosmetics are purchased in bulk not exceeding 100 rubles per pack. Is it possible to get such income through pharmacy or regular stores? Of course, it’s not.

And what do real buyers say? It’s not a problem. Testimonials of real estate clients are sharply negative, let’s take a few quotes from Otzovika:

Galka67:I was so sorry that I did such a stupid thing !! It was cheaper. Horror. I do not recommend this divorce.

Annapav1982:The next day I woke up with a terrible irritation on my face! To call someone is not possible, it is not available! Be careful.

How to shrink pores on face

Anna Alekseevna:Applied this miracle cream. Morning. Mirror. Shock from what he saw. It has become a scratch. 28 years old remained the same. The positive effect is zero. But it is a negative for a week. It would be better to go to the beautician for the money.

And even more in the original source. No positive or neutral feedback.

How to shrink pores on face

It is surprising, since it’s even on independent sites.We can appreciate the true opinions.

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