How to remove holes on the face

Hello, my name is Victoria. I am 37 years old. I want to tell you what happened last summer.

But let’s start from far away. Despite the breasts and ass. I have long blond hair and green eyes. Married. My daughter is 18 years old. In my life there were so many men. Some didn’t even know by name. If my husband knew what he wanted, he would have to be killed long ago. But I don’t betray him because I don’t love him, Just when I have a little bit of drink, even a glass of wine, my roof blows away. I am ready for whatever you want. I found adventure on my twat, since he didn’t recognize anything. But now is not about that.

In the summer, the three of us rested on the Black Sea. We’ve been resigning to our daughter’s house. I love you to go to the sea, sunbathed, or go to the kindergarten. On one of these evenings, we chose a Japanese one. It was a very expensive champagne and dessert. I was surprised, since we did not order alcohol. But the waiter reassured us. It was carefully tested by our reaction. I smiled sweetly at them, in gratitude. It was a sparkling wine. She drank one glass After some time, our company came to meet your table. They were called Michael and Vladimir. They are offered. I thought I spent the night together.

We walked around the city, talking about ourselves. I was very surprised. When it got dark, we bought sausages, fruit, wine and go to the beach. The guys lit a fire. We didn’t have a bad time. Ksyusha laughed loudly at the guys’ jokes. I’m not sure if I’ve seen it. It is an interesting evening. But plans for us. I didn’t understand what he means. He pulled me back, hugged me, but I pulled away. I was not even thinking about it.

– Do not want good. we’re gonna fuck you anyway.

How to remove holes on the face

With these words, I broke off my third-sized breasts became bare. Of course, I wouldn’t refuse two strong members. I tried my distance from Michael. It was a pussy. It has been a lot of help. He wondered how he wasled but did not release her.

– This juicy pussy bit me!

How to remove holes on the face

– Let’s go to! – came the harsh voice of Michael.

Vladimir called someone and asked to drive up. We went on the road. It was a car ride on the wheel, it was on the wheel. We were pushed into a direction and we drove in an unknown direction. But the guys refused. Threatening broken bones. We had to obey. Vladimir, who was sitting on the mobile phone. Then he climbed between our legs.

– Ahahahaha, fucking, the little one is already wet. Damn, and builds himself innocence, ahahaha – Vladimir laughed.

My daughter blushed deeply and tried to squeeze her legs.

Meanwhile, we drove to a private house. I was there and they were also in the restaurant. It was my daughter. He poured 200 grams into me, but I felt nauseous

When we entered I was stupefied. I love my daughter. He pushed his cock deep and hard. He just fucked, waiting for their turn. But she rubbed her pussy hard. I was disgusted by what I saw. Michael pushed me in the back.

– Join your daughter-huesoske!

I fell on my knees for a long time. I diligently sucked my mouth was filled with sperm. I gave her a piece of sperm in her mouth. Then I was fucked in the ass. I hung over the ass. Ksyusha began to lick sperm flowing from my anus. I vaguely recaptured the memory, I’m not sure what happened next. In the kitchen, we waited for new clothes and money. 1000 dollars.

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