How to reduce cheeks and make cheekbones

To feel always young, desired and flawless dreams, probably, each of the women. But, unfortunately, it takes him a toll. Wrinkles, skin problems and unhealthy complexions are among the many “charms”. And to avoid such a state 45 years of age by age.

How to reduce cheeks and make cheekbones

Makeup Application Rules

Already mentioned, there are wrinkles. And even as the most advertised creams can’t do it, creating a temporary effect.

Benefits of such cosmetics – This is an opportunity to choose your makeup style.

You can look fresh and rested at any age. The trick is correctly applying a makeup. Speaking of caring for women increases with age. The price of negligence is much higher.

How to reduce cheeks and make cheekbones

There are several simple actions, which consist in:

  • Use only proven cosmetics, control of serious laboratories. It is possible to leak at least the most appropriate options.
  • Use blush to give a gorgeous skin tone. This is one of the rules for creating a rejuvenating effect. It turns out that it’s not a problem. Therefore, many experts recommend shine on the cheekbones.
  • Corrective creams. with a greenish tint that you can’t get rid of redness, but can also significantly reduce blood vessels. But it is worth it.
  • Clear and neat lip contour. It is worth it. In this case, the duration of the lipstick decreases significantly.

How to reduce cheeks and make cheekbones

What is not recommended when applying makeup after 40

It should be noted that Make-up for each woman. It is especially evident in the already older age. So it’s refreshing and natural?

First of all, categorically overly thick layers of foundation should be avoided . It is the best to confine 1 layer.

It is also recommended opt for shadows with brighter shades , and carefully make it easy to wrinkles. It is also the best not to apply a colorless varnish, and stay on the varnish with a matte sheen.

It should be noted.

What should be in a beautician

Step by step after 45 years is the unique BB cream , capable of noting, but also not tonal.

Thank you for your remedy. It is possible not only to significantly improve the skin condition.. For the face, with a lifting effect, it’s a face.

Stages of makeup

Already mentioned, it has been possible and necessary. Make up your own makeup, following these simple rules.

First thing

The first step is to apply the skin. If the need arises, then areas with problems are hidden. Also can be applied, thus, the transition boundary.

Select eyebrows

Next you need a neat way, using a pencil, highlight eyebrows and make them brighter , giving them a finished look. After that comes the turn to the shadows.


It is best to determine their color. It is a rule that you can make it a little bit more.

It is also very important to ensure that corresponded to the iris , since their expressiveness is significantly lost. Two colors. For example, light to use on the upper eyelid, and darker to the mobile. Also, if you wish, you can make a brown pencil, making them even more expressive.


After this, it is worthwhile to dyeing your eyelashes using mascara of brown or black colors. Also, if possible, It is recommended to use false eyelashes. It should be noted that this is not the case.


It comes in the form of their better shading. It is the best to use them. from the top to the bottom.

After putting on lipstick It is recommended to apply lipstick using special brushes. This approach will not allow make holding more natural

The tricks of applying day makeup

Evening dress and day makeup. It is difficult to overestimate. So, it is recommended to perform the latter applying calm and light tones .

Also, do not be amiss add brightness to the lips and expressive eyes . Hair tone and hair color. It is considered dark gray.

Cold shades and golden shadows.

It is a lipstick, soothing shades.

Makeup for women in age

Evening make-up

As for evening makeup, then definitely it should be bigger than daylight , considering the time of day, respectively. In addition, it should be somewhat solemn and conspicuous. Therefore, it may take much more.

Firstly, need to prepare the skin for the application of foundation. Shadows are also selected depending on the type. So, fair-skinned and fair-haired women will ideally fit silvery, violet and dark blue colors.

The color shade. mocha.

More information on doing fashion make-up step by step for women after 40 of our article.

Be healthy and beautiful, take care of yourself, dear women!

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