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Maslenitsa cope seven weeks before Easter (Ostern).

Maslenitsa for Russians, “Carne-vale” for Italians, “Fasching” for Germans.

It is a travelwell for the winter, a meeting of the spring.

Translated from the Italian "carnival" means "beef, goodbye", and it is called "Meatpust" (the name comes from two words: "meat" and "empty",

And how does spring differ from winter? That’s right, in the spring of the sun shines brighter and warmer. And for Pancake Day the most important thing is pancakes! Damn – a symbol of the sun. Same round and hot. In Russia, pancakes were always eaten with caviar, jam, honey, fish, or just butter. Pancakes treated relatives, neighbors, fed beggars.

Do you want to cook real Russian pancakes? Ask your grandmother or mother and bake pancakes. And you can send us a recipe for your pancakes. Enjoy your meal!

If you want to eat it, it’s not really a problem. Wasser genommen) There is a lot of fun, so much about the day of the Pancake Day.

At this time, the adults turn to the carousel, the booths (Puppentheater) with jesters and buffoon (Harlekins). Lovers jump over fires to check if love is strong; fist fights (Faustkämpfe).

Scenario Shrovetide at school

The mist of the ravens is a strawberry doll burn doll doll doll doll doll doll doll large large large th th th th th th snow snow snow snow snow snow snow Near it, or around, drove round dances. The pagan goddess Mazhana (Marjana), personifying darkness. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the sun.

Design: model of the sun, “Maslenitsa” – a scarecrow, tambourines, drums, accordion. Pancakes, pies, candy, tea. Posters: "Where are the pancakes – here we are." "Damn is not a wedge, the belly does not split."

Actors: two buffoons, a folk group (5-7 girls), a group of mummers (3 girls, 3 boys, one of the girls – Maslenitsa, Avdotya Izotyevna), a girl Spring , a girl Winter.

A few minutes before the performance, a cheerful melody sounds, clowns appear.

Children’s holiday carnival at school

Video: DJs V. Antsupov. Shrovetide in Tallinn 2007

Hello my name is Vadim Antsupova, I am the master of the body and the radio host.

You will learn more about my site.

I have extensive experience in weddings, private and corporate events. I have worked on it for many of the spectators. We work with organizations and individuals.

Folklore artists tests folk,

You can choose both.

Host: Every day Maslenitsa had its name and its own fun.

1st child: Monday – Meeting.

Maslenitsa starts on Monday, which is a meeting. On this day, meet Pancake Day, build snowy mountains. They made a doll – a scarecrow – Shrovetide, dressed it up, seated it on a hill. Met her songs. The first were the children. Starting from this day, the children rode every day from the mountains.

2nd child: Tuesday – Zagrysh.

Children and adults, congratulations and begged for pancakes. Sang songs, joked. There was a race for the girls in the world.

3rd child: Wednesday – Gourmet.

Adults began to ride from the mountains. They rode on a troika with bells. Relatives visited savored pancakes and other Shrovetide delicacies. On this day, sons-in-law – mothers – mothers, mothers of our grandmothers.

4th child: Thursday – wide, Razgulay-Fours.

It was a fun day. Arranged horse races, fistfights and wrestling. They built a town on the snow. We rode horses around the village. Masked merry people. All were treated to pancakes. Ditched singing, danced, drove round dances. On this day, they began to carol.

5th child: Friday – Evening calves.

I love you (our grandmothers) with pancakes. The girl If you like, you can’t get out of it.

6th child: Saturday – Zolovki gatherings.

It is a list of refreshments. They were reconciled, if before they were in a quarrel.

They also recalled their dead words. On the day, the shirvetide is burned out and they finally say it.

Ashes are scattered across the field, so there is a good harvest.

7th child: Sunday – forgive day or farewell.

It was seeing off Shrovetide. Ice cube slides Ashes were once thrown across the field in order to harvest a rich harvest the following year.

It’s offended before. They said: "Forgive me, please." “God will forgive you,” they answered. Then he kissed and didn’t remember the insults. But even if there were no quarrels and offenses, they still said: "Forgive me."

Even when they met a stranger, they asked for his forgiveness. So ended Maslenitsa.

1st Buffer: Not for business,

And do not be afraid.

Drive a heel into the ground,

We continue the program

For guests, friends, for everyone.

We continue dancing Round dance.

We will stand together

And we will dance everything you need!

Round dances, games and competitions with children. Completes the holiday tea with bilny.

With our leading Vesnyanka and the cheerful Skomorokh.

Shrovetide games, fun and fun.

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Maslenitsa at school

Maslenitsa: history, traditions, scenarios

It’s a rule that it’s not a rule of thumb, but it doesn’t follow it.

Spiritual, moral, patriotic education is the most important aspect of the child’s personality. It is a question of the citizen of Russia;

Maslenitsa in the 2nd youngest group of preschool students

Celebration of Maslenitsa in kindergarten. A photo

Photo report from the holiday "Maslenitsa" kindergarten №7 "Belochka" group "Sunflowers" 2 junior

Scenario event for the elementary school "Broad Maslenitsa"

Life Safety and Physical Education "Extracurricular work on FC" Scenario event for the elementary school "Broad Maslenitsa"

Extracurricular activities in primary school. The script "Wide Maslenitsa."

Description of the material: "Broad Maslenitsa", held in grades 1-4 of school VIII type. Practicing in the OU.

School day, educators.

Aims and objectives of the celebration of the Shrovetide; organization of creative and meaningful leisure of children; the formation of a healthy lifestyle for children; fostering cultural habits and habits.

Children sit in the assembly hall. Buffoons start the holiday.

1 Buffoon: Come, honest people. Interesting is waiting for you!

Come, take your time, Friends, Rest, have fun. There is no way to be bored!

The people are going – the holiday begins! Song: "Maslenitsa"

You are waiting for my friend prankster.

Children know them.

1 Buffoon: True Shrovetide. Not English, not French, Maslenitsa is a Russian holiday! We will sing and dance, play Russian games!

Attention, attention, listen to everything! We open a wide Shrovetide, the fun begins!

Oh, and what is it ?! Look at how big and beautiful pancake we baked! You scram – scram pancake in a beautiful teremok. And whoever lives in the terem –

WINTER goes to the music.

Winter: who made the tararam. Come quickly, get out of the room and get out! There is nothing here to sing songs! We must sit at home.

That’s how the guest appeared. And why are you angry?

Not a guest – I am the mistress here. My name is all winter!

Eh you, Zimushka-Winter has covered all roads. All roads, all roads – do not pass, do not pass! Maslenitsa, we are escorting here! Spring is coming!

How is the end? My power! My time! I will not notice anywhere! I call to you snowstorm!

You have not been angry in vain – better have fun with us!

Try to surprise me with dance.

Winter: Well done, guys. And the songs you sing well, And dance beautifully. But the mystery of winter Do you know? 1. Paint white and crystal windows in the bedroom. (Frost) 2. He is not elucidated with a broom, He was not accustomed to live in heat. Who will melt? (Snowman) 3. Kids pills Those who ate what? (Icicles) 4. Through the snowdrifts – above, below – What slides through the snow? (Skiing) 5. In the white frost of the house. It means – Our Russian has cleared … (Winter)

Oh, thawed soul! Do not want to harm people. So leaving it, Blizzards, I’m taking away the cold! I am a goodbye kids!

Kids: Goodbye!

1 Buffoon: So we spent the winter, now we have to bring the spring to ourselves:

Children in classes chorus touting spring:

(Grade 3) Spring! Spring is red! Warm sun! Come quickly, warm the children!

Come to us with joy! With great mercy! With flax high! With a deep root! With rich bread!

Sunny, show yourself! Red gear! Hurry, do not be shy, Warm us guys!

The sun-nucleoli, Light up, look out! Sparrows tweet, Spring-red click.

Soon it will become a warrior Soon it will become a warrior

And now it’s time for the kids to go outside! We will take this scarecrow – we will burn it together. We will play again – we will accompany Shrovetide!

All go dress up, warmly dress. We continue our holiday.

(Children dress to go the burn.

Children in unison say: burn-burn clearly, In order not to go out! Burn, sun, brighter In the summer will be hotter

It’s time to go to Maslenitsa. You farewell, farewell, Our Maslenitsa. You farewell, farewell, Our wide.

Passed Shrovetide – ended the walk! Farewell winter,

Come to us, Spring Red

Scenario Maslenitsa at school: Meet the holiday fun!

Joyful spring holiday Maslenitsa 2016 is coming. Poker, funny games, funny games, funny games

Characters: 1 pupil, 2 pupil, 3 pupil, 4 pupil, 5 pupil, Shrovetide days: Monday “Meeting”, Tuesday “Zaigrysh”, Wednesday “Lakomka”, Thursday “Wide Thursday”, Friday “Toshchiny evening”, Saturday “Zolovkins gatherings , Sunday "Forgiveness."

1 student:

Friends, I invite! We have to start. A fun and sunny Spring Festival!

2 students:

And the snowstorm is everywhere.

Draws frost and pinching noses.

3 students:

The winter, All those who have survived,

We sincerely congratulate you on the spring!

4 students:

Thank you for a little bit,

And congratulations on Christmas!

5 student:

Already it is winter time, therefore, we are in a hurry, “Goodbye!”

And Maslenitsa she brings us goodbye!

Monday "Meeting":

Come in, dear guests! On Monday the block was born. (Put a log on the table and alternately swaddle it). Born a shoe. Congratulations on her birth! (Everyone congratulates each other and hugs).

Tuesday "Play":

Let us go, friends, friends, on the street, to the festivities and interesting competitions! Who is faster, smarter and faster on the sled! (Go to the middle of the class and hold a competition or dance).

Wednesday "Lakomka":

Congratulations to all and congratulate pancakes! Sweet, fragrant, generous, fluffy! (Treat everyone with pancakes or sweets and cookies).

Thursday "Wide Thursday":

Let’s all together call Shrovetide to visit! Come, Maslenitsa, go visit us, go sledding, lie in the snow! (Bring a sled with the Shrovetide symbol – a straw doll with a pancake in your hands). Hooray, came to us Maslenitsa!

Friday "Tillings of Supper":

On his own, gives his son a lawn to himself and gives him a treat. (Make riddles, sweets or cookies).

Saturday "Zolovkin gatherings":

There is a chance to make it. To be happy, you need to get a snowball. (Hold the game "Hit the Snowball").

Sunday "Forgiveness":

On the Sunday, we saw off the Winter, burned down by the Spring and the Shrovetide. In addition, the Sunday Forgiveness Sunday apologized to each other and forgive all offenses. (Become a circle, hold hands, ask for forgiveness and each other). Source

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Scenario Shrovetide for elementary school

This is a very cheerful holiday, which has always been accompanied by festivities, songs and round dances.

It is a scary story of the carnival in the elementary school, on the theme: “What if spring doesn’t come?”.

The script for Shrovetide with Baba Yaga, Cold and Spring, be sure to please the children. Also they are waiting for interesting puzzles, songs and entertainment.

The scenario of the holiday "Maslenitsa" in primary school

Leading: Hello guys! How much knows which holiday we are celebrating today? We are celebrating this spring holiday.

It was a fruitful year. And most importantly, on Maslenitsa decided to lead dances, play and have fun.

This is what we are going to do today.

(refers to children) Guys, have you ever seen a straw effigy? Shrovetide looks like.

(a master class on a straw stuffer begins)

Master: Do stuffed, usually from straw. To take this, take a handful of strawberries and a string on top, so we have a head.

Now hand to hand tied on both sides. It is not so high.

And so on. For hands

Carefully trim it out with unnecessary parts, giving you a well-groomed look.

And, if a large straw has been burned at the stake, then it can be placed at home. It will serve as a symbol of well-being and health. I mean you (refers to the presenter).

LeadingThank you. (Appeals to children), our holiday is a real symbol of Maslenitsa,

(number with a song. Song “Ay, na shyrokai stupas)

(Baba Yaga appears)

Baba yaga: Oh, something I was late … Have you been celebrating Maslenitsa?

Leading: We are coping.

Baba Yaga: Baked pancakes. Pancakes in French with frogs. Will you?

Leading: No thanks.

Baba yaga: Chinese pancakes with grasshoppers. (appeals to children) Want? Well, since you don’t want pancakes, then let’s solve riddles.

With everything:

With sour cream and jam,

With condensed milk

And with honey. (Pancake)

It is time to see off the winter,

And with her to meet the spring.

Her pancakes we bake

What do we call her? (Pancake week)

Warm countries

Blizzard closer to me

Roof snow give,

Will be swept by the snow itself,

Because I … (Winter)

The sun shone brightly

Every house is warm,

Bird voices voices,

This is coming to us … (Spring)

Baba Yaga: Oh, what pranksters, all my difficult riddles have guessed.

Leading: Of course, they were guessed, they were not so complicated.

How to quickly grow eyebrows

Baba Yaga: Look, you, what kind of wise guy … And what can you do?

Leading: Something I can …

(music plays. Tricks begin)

Baba yaga: (displeased) Hmm … I also found a magician …

(offended, sit next to the children)

Leading: (refers to children) It’s time to call spring-red. Only need to do it all together. Grandma Yaga, this also concerns you!

(start calling Spring)

And together we shout "Spring come"

And now once again: Handles pat once or twice,

Once-two-three with feet we sink

Cold: Here I am. So you called me and I came.

Leading: Who are you?

Cold: I am the brother of Winter – Cold. Didn’t you call me so loud?

Leading: Of course not.

Cold: So I heard you clapping me, stomping you. As they shouted: "Cold, cold, come soon." Well, here I come.

Leading: We called spring, not you.

Cold: So, should I leave now or what? Yeah, right now, I am away, especially since spring will never come.

Leading: Cold, you can’t get it wrong, spring, you’re close.

Cold: (smirks) Close … Of course, here she is (pushes "spring", she is completely insensitive, as if frozen)

Leading: What did you do? Let go of the spring now!

Cold: Hahaha, so I listened to you. Sun and flowers. Century winter to be with me.

Leading: We will throw snowballs at you.

Cold: Yes, where do you have snowballs here? And anyway, who are you, and who am I!

Leading: Well, Baba Yaga, organize us snowballs and quickly. (Baba Yaga distributes paper snowballs made of paper to children)

(The cold in every possible way to dissuade Baba Yaga from handing out snowballs)

Cold: Hey, you woman, well, throw a snowball! Come on I said! Hey, boy, give grandma a snowball. Yes, I am you … yes, I am you … Yes, you …

Leading: Last time I ask, will you give us spring?

Cold: Never!

Leading: Then throws snowballs (each throws snowballs) and one or two … TRIIII (throw snowballs in the Cold)

(The cold crouches, trying to hide from the snowballs, and then it is filled with laughter)

Cold: Did you want to scare me with snowballs? Me? Cold? Yes, you spring your more frozen.

Leading: Well, since we’re with snowballs, we’ve been driving away with dancing!

Baba Yaga: Well, children, stand in a circle, we will lead a round dance.

(children with Baba Yaga and the host begin to dance under

Cold: (nervous) Wait! Stop! My head is spinning! Hwa-a-at-i-it!

(The cold is running away. Spring is waking up)

Spring: You are my dear Thank you very much!

Leading: Because today Shrovetide!

Spring: I love you, you love your heroes with sweet gifts. And whoever reaches the first gift. (pause) What are you all fast. Perhaps I alone can not cope here. (turns to the host and Baba Yaga) Will you help me?

(Candies are distributed to children)

Leading: Well, that is here our holiday comes to an end. Let’s remember what we learned today about Shrovetide. What is made to bake at Shrovetide? (children answer that pancakes). And what is burned? (answer that straw figure) That’s right! So let’s try some delicious pancakes! (everyone is served pancakes).

We hope you like our scenario for elementary school. See also: "DIY crafts for Shrovetide for children."

The scenario of the "Pancake Week" for students

Tradition to celebrate Shrovetide has gone since ancient times. Maslenitsa (In Russia, the name of Myasopust, Myasopustnaya) Celebration of the winter and winter sports competitions. We offer you to hold your school.

Shrovetide opens

Gentlemen and ladies, we invite to us.

Come here

We meet Shrovetide joke and fun.

Move children clap your hands

After all, now it’s not good to grieve.

To us, here! Get the people together!

Today you will find many interesting things.

Games, fun, wonders of wonders

Hurry, there will be enough gifts for everyone.

To have fun

Have fun honest people

And we think well

Holiday Shrovetide will pass!

Congratulations on carnival caring!

Pies ovlastvovat hour comes.

The winter farewell will not disappear without pancakes

To the song, to join!

One, two, three, four, five!

We will accompany the winter!

Here comes the spring, look!

You open the door for her

Together visit me!

Look, you screamed, you can’t stop!

Even Pancake Day – you are struck in our wires.

And who are you so smart?

Look, do not spoil more.

And what, honest people!

We call Shrovetide to our round dance!

The girls are singing a song

And we met Carnival

Cheese mountain stuffed

Oil watered mountain

On the wide, the yard was invited.

Buffoons with girls

Soul you are our Maslenitsa

Your sugar lips

Sweet your speech

Come to visit us

On a wide yard

Take a ride on the mountains

In pancakes to roll!

Oh, Maslenitsa – Krivosheyka

Sharpen you well!

Cheese, butter, roll

And baked egg.

Oh, Maslenitsa – Krivorsheika!

Sharpen you well!

Everyone shouts: Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

During the march of Shrovetide the background recording sounds:

Hello people are good, yes fun!

Hello kids, funny kids.

I am your sovereign – the lady of the Maslenitsa.

I came to amuse you

And congratulations on the holiday!

Anyone who does not fool.

Who is the leu?

The Empress, the Lady of the Lady, the Maslenitsa, the Lovers

To whom the song, who dances, who wondrous tale!

Everything is for you! All on the show!


Song "Shrovetide – My Empress!"

1. Great Shrovetide! Great!

– And what are you doing?

– And we meet guests.

– Well, meet, meet!

Maslena, Maslena! My princess, Maslena!

And on Maslena jelly with milk and milk

And on Maslenu pancakes with cottage cheese, with cottage cheese.

Great Shrovetide! Great!

– And what are you doing?

And we treat guests.

Great Shrovetide! Great!

– And what are you doing?

And we have a nice walk, walk!

– Well, help you God.

Great Shrovetide! Great!

– And what are you doing?

And we drive dances.

– Well, God help you!

Great Shrovetide! Great!

– And what are you doing?


Well, God bless you.

Broad Maslenitsa – Cheese Week!

You came smart to meet us spring

Oven pancakes and have fun all week,

To chill out.

Each day of the week

Had a name.

We will tell you about it.

We are right now.

There are girls in Russian headscarves:

Morning Monday … There comes the "Meeting"

Bright slide with hills slide

All day fun.

Rolling as much as possible, all pancakes are eaten.

There used to be such a cheerful custom in Russia.

Mistresses stood at the stove and baked pancakes.

In the garden there were jumps in the spring.

And now we’ll see you spring, let’s play.

Helpers (11th grade students) are assigned to each match.

Relay on the brooms

Members numbered

1. Jumps on a broomstick.

2. Sweeping broom.

3. Jumps on the broom backwards

4. Jump on broom for two

The team should call out "Spring is a cry!"

The winning team is awarded prizes.

A musical number is played before or during the game.


"Play" careless – Tuesday off.

All walk, frolic out as one!

Games and rewards:

Sweet and ruddy Shrovetide pancake.

Playing is not complete without pancakes and games. Now we will play a game

THREADING OF PANCAKES (pancakes – cardboard discs)

A quick eating contest is announced.

Who will eat pancakes in a minute more than anyone.

Togo is waiting for reward and success.

There is a competition for fast eating pancakes.

Here the ENVIRONMENT fits Lakomka is called

Every hostess conjures at the stove.

Kulebyaki, cheesecakes – they all succeed.

Pies and pancakes – all the swords on the table!

Baking pancakes.

We invite each team to take part in

1 carries a bag of flour on his head.

2 in the teeth.

3 bottled water between the legs.

4 rolls a jar of sugar.

5 bears a frying pan and throws up a pancake.

1. As I am on the street but I do not.

I do not look at my sweetheart.

Oh, do not look good.

Eyebrows are my eyebrows, my eyebrows are black.

Eyebrows to go outside.

They saw a friend.

2. Go, go nice, oh, yes along the village

Oh yes along the village

And in the extreme house girl oh, good

Eyebrows are my eyebrows, my eyebrows are black.

Eyebrows to go outside.

They saw a friend.

And on Thursday the split

Ice fortresses, snow battles …

Threes with bells go to the fields.

Guys are looking for girls – their narrowed.

Try and find out what they are.

Teams are offered contests by PILLOWS.

Well – kA, guys, udaltsy

Show your hands

Who will lift the weight here

That pancake should eat.

The teams are offered competitions: Lift the weight.

1 As on our Shrovetide

Everybody gets warmer

Go away the winter away, we have fun with pancakes.

2. Kari eyes, sulfur eyes,

Blue do with it

We are caviar blinkers, with meat

Whom you want, we will entice.

3. My Melenok slept all winter

And now everything toils

He probably wants pancakes

How to quickly grow eyebrows

Only not recognized.

Forbidden to eat meals!

You are the Kremlin diet

Do not judge me for it.

5. I saw off the red

I could not remember anything

Slept with Pancake Day

And who did I then burn?

6. Milenka has a sweet look.

That face like a pancake glitters

This very damn face

Yes to anoint the porch.

7. And the mother-in-law’s trouble

No pancake left

So happiness is in the world

Her son-in-law Petya will be alive.

8. They drove around the courtyard

Oh yes, stately and beautiful

Sorry for such a burn

Yes, my wife will not let me sleep.

Friday has come – EVENING AT THE HELP …

Mother-in-law invites son-in-law to pancakes!

Eat with caviar and salmon, can be a little easier

With sour cream, butter, honey we ate.

But it isn’t easy

And now, we begin to overplay.

Come here people

The one who dances is ahead!

Team members, Lezginka, Gypsy, Lambada, etc.

1. Your hands are a warm wind.

Lips sweet wine.

How did this happen

How did it all happen?

2. I almost took off

Took off the ground

But once the sun disappeared

Gray rains have gone.

3. Freebie in the blue sky

Voiced songs I do not sing

And where the stars shine

You can’t fly without you

You put my wings

He himself scorched them

Love yourself forced

My youth is ruined.

Saturday is coming – HEATHEATH HEADS

All relatives meet, leads round dance.

The holiday continues, the general fun.


It is not a dream.

Teams are invited to participate in the game.

GAME WITH CHAIRS (prizes on chairs)

And what is the clever and clever.

Teams are invited to participate in the game.

(a word must be read it, the opponent must read it)

1. we have a non-Sabbath day, and tomorrow is a Sunday

Mistress you are my, madam you are mine

Three korman, three korman brought

Baryana you are mine madam you are mine

One walnut pocket

Oh oh money

4. raisin lips are sweet

You can not kiss cute

5. It is impossible to kiss cute

Can only hug

Sunday light comes fast

Relieve the soul all in a forgiving day

Effigy straw – Winter – burned,

Wearing a sheepskin coat, felt boots, belt.

Magnificent festivities our holiday crowns

Goodbye Maslenitsa, come again!

In the year we will meet the beauty again.

Again, we will celebrate, treat pancakes.

Sound recording of the words MASLENITSA:

I walked with you

Now sat in the sled.

I’m very tired.

We must do business.

Leave on pasha.

And say goodbye to me

In the dance all become

Hold hands together

We will accompany Shrove Tuesday

And Spring – red meet!

All participants of the festival

The girls sing in the dance:

You farewell our Shrovetide.

You forgive our wide.

You did not come on Wednesday and Friday.

You came on sunday

All week long fun.

You came with dorbrom,

With hop beer and wine,

With pancakes, pies and pancakes.

Pancakes oily, Schanki smeared.

Well, tomorrow is Sunday

Our fun will end.

Goodbye goodbye our maslenitsa

GREAT POST is coming


We work not too lazy

Come on sunday

We will ask for forgiveness.

To take away all sins from the soul

With a pure-hearted post to meet

Today is a festive date

Light a fire guys!

In order not to go out!

To all adversity

Gone like the weather.

Girls sing in the dance

In order not to go out!

Spring comes to us

The sun with a lead!

While the children are shouting the burning shout!

Hooray! Goodbye Maslenitsa!

Hello Spring – Red!

And now, the people are honest

We all go to school in a crowd.

Waiting for you all there treats

Tea with pancakes and jam.

Sweet prize from us!

In the school cafeteria, it is held.

Scenario Shrovetide in elementary school

Hello dear guests! Shrovetide. Pancakes, treat all friends and strangers. Seeing the arrival of spring.

It is a dream for the people who have been thus prepared for the Great Lent. I wish you sincerely forgive each other, as well as obedience, patience and love for people.

The festive presentation begins!

Good afternoon, dear guests,

Waited, invited and desired.

Well done guys, merry bolds!

Venerable and young.

We welcome guests like good news!

2nd buffoon: Welcome! We welcome everyone, heartily meet!

1st buffoon: We are buffoons! Holiday is no good.

Hey gentlemen, please come here!

We invite all guests

Hurry up for the holiday!

1st buffoon: You are welcome to us for the holiday festivities.

Today we have a presentation – To everyone for surprise.

Come all without constraint:

No tickets needed –

Show a good mood!

Come, knead the bones!

Today Maslenitsa invites to visit!

Today we meet Maslenitsa, we see off the winter, we conjure spring!

And you know that Maslenitsa precedes Great Lent. It can be a fun, go downhill, organize competitions and eat pancakes. And every day of Shrovetide has its own name. Shrovetide are called. Children go out

1 student: is first first meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting 2 pupil: Tuesday z fill fill fill fill fill fill fill fill fill fill fill fill fill fill fill fill

3 student: Wednesday – The gourmet is here, Here everything is exactly eaten! All fill their stomachs, and treat each other! 4th student: Well, it’s called "fracture" 5th student: “It’s a day of the day!” And what’s a real son-in-law feast! 6th student: And it is a family day, It is called "Zolovka sit-round gathering". And it gives to sister-laws! Forgiveness is called Sunday,

And they all ask for each other for forgiveness!

Host: And among you there are masters and craftswomen who can bake pancakes. I invite the masters I need 4 people

Game "Bake pancakes

Number of players: 2 people or 2 teams of 4 people

Optional: 2 stoves made of plywood, 2 pans or 2 tennis rackets, paper pancakes, real pancakes, 2 pots or bowls and 2 plates

The task of the participants is to quickly "bake" pancakes. It is necessary to put a pan on it, it’s 4-5 meters .

The winner is the team that cope with the task.

-Great, good people! And I – Maslenichka!

She came to perform their duties!

-Wait, do you have a passport?

-And how is it! Here, there is!

-Appointed the main long-awaited Carnival, 2015, the signature … Koschey Immortal.

Host: Do you guys, is it Shrovetide? This is baba yaga

-Get out! Not a real Shrovetide

-I was preparing for the year,

-Okay, forgive her, let her sing chastooshkas!

– Guys, will you help me?

Yaga flew to you.

And who can not believe

We are with all honest people

You chantushki sing,

And we will begin to meet spring.

On ruddy pancakes.

Today Maslen Week –

Be as happy as we are!

I’m ready for Maslenu

Eat 50 pancakes.

I’ll bite them with

Bites, godfather, pancakes,

Yes that were magnificent.

Today Maslen Week –

You can eat too much.

Pancake with jam, pancake with caviar!

With spring water!

The holiday of the sun came to us!

The soul is so good!

Happy sunday

We ask all forgiveness.

Our good aspirations

Goodbye all the people

So that we lived more fun!

Eat it! Drink it! Help yourself!

And have more fun!

Maslenitsa at the gate!

Open your mouth wider!

We are in Shrove week

Holiday did not break,

All the friends danced sang

We ate pancakes

On the sleigh from the high hills

Well, boys gluttons

We are not afraid of frost

Today Maslenu burn.

With a bright rainbow of fire.

Baba Yaga goes out leading

Host: We have a large reserve. And for whom are they? For you

Here is the little problem.

Feed your matryoshka.

Contest "Feed the Matryoshka". The competition involves 2 people or 2 teams of 4 people. For the competition, it is about 1 meter high, made of hard cardboard or plywood. On the chairs, which are about 4–5 meters apart from the dolls, there are bags of peas and wooden spoons.

Scoop the nested doll. Without sprinkling peas will get a prize.

Look, people (indicates), Spring is coming to us

Spring appears in a bright dress

2nd buffoon: Spring-red – the most precious.

Hello, Spring-darling, Spring-red.

Spring: Hello, and you, good people!

I have come to you with rye grained,

with golden wheat, with curled oats, with baleen oats, with black currant, with azure flowers with grass ant!

Winter blizzard.

Winter: What are you here are merry, Loud, raskvilis?

Spring: You have worked hard, Winter-Zimushka, relish, manage, time and honor to know.

Winter: Oh, here you are!

Yes, I am Winter – white, white,

In the field of snow sowed-sowed.

Spring: And I Spring – red, red.

Sunny, clear, clear.

3ima: I will wash it, I will wash it, I will wash it!

Spring: I’ll hide it with snow,

Winter: Well, spring is red, you are an expert in arguing and saying. But without a fight, I will not give up my place. I will take part in it! Do you guys want spring to come? Then guess the riddles.

Everyone is eager,

Do not sit long at home

And everyone rushes to the fair,

Bake delicious pancakes,

Once a year there is a holiday

At the end of winter.

Round, warm and rosy

Very tasty with sour cream!

We treat all guests

And friends, and children!

She comes with affection

And with his tale.

Snowdrop in the forest

In blue shirt

Runs along the bottom of the ravine.

I make my way in April –

All fields are green!

I cover like a carpet

Field, meadow and schoolyard

In the fall flew to the south,

So as not to meet the evil blizzard.

And in the spring

And our flocks returned!

We are with shoots, guys,

From one little family.

We are always for them – the beginnings,

And the linden has gluing. (Kidney)

We make our way out of the soil

And we grow day and night.

Every day stronger and higher

Soon we will grow to the roof!

On the forest thaw

The flower has grown small.

How to quickly grow eyebrows

Hiding in the deadwood

Winter: Oh, all the riddles unraveled (angry)

Spring: Mother of God, for our merry fun. For you, for your unprecedented beauty, for your great work, for your white bedspread. Your snow games remember, love. Since you accompany it with honor and affection! Accept bowing from the earth, love us as before! (Bows to winter).

Winter season, I give you a Pancake Day. She will give you food, feed and cheer.

Winter is leaving. Jingle bells are ringing. Shrovetide enters

Leading Hello, dear guest Shrovetide! How happy we are to see you! Every year we are waiting for you with impatience. Everyone has become accustomed: Maslenitsa has come.

Maslenitsa: Hello, dear guests! I’ve been meeting spring clear! They meet me from time immemorial with satiety and contentment. After all, I’m a banner holiday of economic abundance. The richer you celebrate Pancake Day – the richer

Host: We will show Shrovetide our friendly dance

(dance Irina Ivanovna, Kolya Ivanov, Vanya Zhmurin))

Oh, it was, long ago it was. Yes, and to this day left. Where they are fistfights, or even look at cockfights. We invite the strongest to compete.

Game "Cockfight". You must be able to hold your hands on the floor.

1st buffoon. And here is another fun – Glory awaits the winner! Who wins in bags, wins Togo the buffoon.

Running in bags

Host: Well, Russian round dance! Come on, don’t be lazy

Come play, have fun! (Round dance with a song).

Hey! Cheerful our people,

Clever, fast dance!

If you take the rope together,

And say three times: “Eh!” –

Win, probably laughter.

Host: Ay yes Maslenitsa-jolly! All laugh and amused!

In the old days, a high pole was placed on the square. A rooster in a cage, boots and other expensive goods. Many brave souls tried to climb it. Who got to the top, received a rich prize. And so, how many onlookers gathered – apparently invisible! Which of you is the bravest and cleverest? Come out – show your skill!

One person participates in the game. There is a long rope on the platform. Blindfolded, never stumbled. He gets a prize.

It’s time to say goodbye to Maslenitsa

And to obey each other

All the insults and quarrels forgive,

To beautiful and honestly heal.

Pancake week. Well done! Good meeting and seeing you prepared for me. So it’s time to say goodbye to you.

You have pleased me, my heart!

Have fun, help yourself to pancakes!

I walked with you, sang and danced, I’m sick and tired.

It is over the fun – grab the deal.

Leading On the street:

Fun to continue yes effigy to burn.

(Burned effigy children singing songs to the accordion)

Dear guests! With the spring of warmth and fun. It has always been the peculiarity of the soul. Well, now, according to Russian custom – tea!

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