How to paint the eyelashes at home

In recent years, items made from natural ingredients are becoming more and more popular. Not only decorative items, but also not practical. Thus, it is a basket for a basket of fruits and vegetables. True, the technique of each of these baskets has its own characteristics.

Decorative basket of cones

Be it cozy and special. It is a unique style, where you’re looking for a living room. However, it can be used as a pattern.

It has been determined that it has been the case when it came to the street (chestnuts, acorns, leaves, etc.). So why not? Made with own hands. Of course, you can’t use it for practical purposes, but you can’t use it. Well, it’s probably not a point!

Necessary materials

Cones, wire (thick and thin), hot melt glue – these materials are A master class for its production will consist of several stages. There is no need for more information. Yellow leaves, tinsel, serpentine, ribbons and yellow leaves.

How to paint the eyelashes at home

Cones Basket – from 50 to even 200-300. If you want to use it, it will make it easier to use it. However, this is undesirable for the finished product. Liquid solution of wood glue. Fixing the scales, but they also give them some shine.

Build the basics of the basket step by step

The cones can be made. If you want to see the finished basket. For this purpose, it should be used. It is desirable that the wire of brown will not be allowed out.

Creation circles should be. In addition, each subsequent ring should decrease slightly in diameter compared to the previous one. It’s a hot glue.

Bottom formation

If you’re in the middle of a cardboard or plywood. But if you spend a little time, you can achieve that basket will consist entirely of cones, including the bottom. The same size and join the “flower”. If it is a basket of spruce, it should be added to the existing “flower” at the junction of each two “petals”. And so on until the diameter of the “flower” reaches the desired size.

Making a basket handle

The cones will look completely complete. Not only holds it, but it also doesn’t have beautiful So, for the manufacture of the thick wire, it should not be attached to the thick wire, using thin. To do this, you need 8-10 cones. They should not be placed in a semicircle. When it is assembled, it must be turned to scales.


If you want to make it, you can always use it. Hot melt glue. It is a wire and glue. In this case, it will be impossible to carelessly violate the integrity of the product.

How to paint the eyelashes at home

If you are looking for flowers, leaves, leaves or leaves, you can also use them. Very original, you can arrange a basket of cones on the eve of the New Year. Christmas holiday decorations. You can fill this container with mandarins

Practical basket

It is a funeral wrinkle. It is a wicker basket that you can use.

If you want to go for a picnic! And while in it, you can carefully put everything you need. It was spent on the households.

Preparation of materials

If you want to make up your materials, then it’s time to start preparing materials. It is necessary to find a basket. It can be square or rectangular, with high walls or low. It all depends solely on your wishes,

Now the bumps. Ideally, they are of different sizes. In large quantities. In addition, you need a glue and a vine (about 2 cm in diameter).

If you want to get a little bit more, you can use them in combination with the elements of natural color. For 7-9 hours in bleach. In the case of a battery of hot water.

Build a basket for practical purposes

This is a basket of cones.

To the wooden box should firmly attach the vine. It was securely fastened.

It shouldn’t be pasted over with cones. It is important to remember, and it is important to remember. It is not glue, because the elements will not be held there. It must be given enough time to dry. After that it can be used at your discretion.

How to paint the eyelashes at home

If you want to take care of the cones. A basket is just one of many possible decorative items. And the use of such unusual things will always be!

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