How to make lips plump

Waking up his hair Then her thigh. Then he went to the toilet. There he also washed and carefully rinsed his penis. She remarked that she was looking at him. She was spreading her legs underneath her blanket. Lay on top. Kristina Alexandrovna did not move. His hips, taking aim. Feeling that you’ve been resigned in his vagina

Entered to the very end. Measured, satisfied. And then he began to move energetically. All this time, Kristina Alexandrovna was motionless and indifferent. Finally he was tired and stopped.

– Are you going to experience an orgasm? – Igor muttered discontentedly, looking into her face. “It’s hard for me to hold back.”

She opened her eyelids, looking through narrow slits. Silent. Perhaps thinking. Igor waited patiently, slowly leading Christine Alexandrovna.

Finally she was nodded around her eyelashes.

She was quietly turned on her feet, and she was quietly turned on her feet. It was indifferently. He was a woman who was a girl of

Christina Alexandrovna exhausted weakly, involuntarily straining her buttocks.

But he didn’t see a little bit more than that. Has stopped.

“Raise your hips a little,” he asked.

Christina Alexandrovna is standing on her knees, simultaneously straightening on his hands.

– So? She asked quietly.

Forward movements, evaluating – convenient, not convenient?

“More,” he asked, taking his hands over the headboard and almost straightening.

Christina Alexandrovna dutifully raised himself another five centimeters. Put her head in her arms.

It is a woman who has been able to complete her life.

She gasped moaned. Pressure on the spine and anus.

Igor, not taking out a member, wearily crushed her with his body. Measured She also died.

“I understand,” he finally said, “I’ll understand,”

“Well, yes, yes,” he said.

“It will be hard,” she will be her head in doubt, jerking her body.

“We’ll get used to it over time,” he said.

Igor lay on his back. After a while, Christina Alexandrovna turned to him. Lay motionless. She suddenly fell asleep sweetly on his shoulder. He fell asleep too.

He woke up by stroking the head of his penis.

“Igor, you will excuse me for yesterday’s,” Kristina Alexandrovna whispered softly around her penis. – Something found me.

“I’m not angry,” she answered. – You are also a man. His own desires.

Christina Alexandrovna squinted at him. Her look was very serious.

“Let’s have sex,” she suggested.

He said nothing, considering what he heard.

“If, of course, there is a desire,” added Kristina Alexandrovna quietly.

– Of course have! – sincerely indignant Igor. – What kind of doubts ?! What do you want?

– Let’s get hold of Nadia together? – suggested Christina Alexandrovna. – Without any orgasms – purely for the sake of interest?

How to make lips plump

– I completely agree with you, he smiled, thinking only about getting started soon!

“Then I have such an offer,” she said, suddenly, flushing and covering her eyes with long eyelashes. – I fuck Nadia in the mouth, and you fuck me in the vagina. Me in the ass. After that, I already fuck the doll as I want. Agreed? – added Christina Alexandrovna, she’d been embarrassed,

– Agreed! Igor Igor Igor Igor Igor Igor

He got out of bed, walked into another room, came back with a rubber doll. Kristina Aleksandrovna, meanwhile, was getting out of the closet.

“I’m closing the door.” – For a change. Yes, you would be unpleasant in the same.

It is a dress around the waist.

Then he pulled out a female belt with two members.

– Do you wear or put me on you? – asked Igor.

Kristina Alexandrovna blushed again, thinking.

“Put it on you,” she asked. – It’s nice when they take care of you.

Igor approached the woman. He looked at her hands.

“By the way, then it will be the first point,” he said indecisively.

– Not scary. Insert, ”Christina Aleksandrovna whispered, already breathing quickened, intently looking.

Embarrassed, she slightly spread her long legs. He sprayed, crouching, slowly and gently brought him inside the woman. Turned on the vibrator on the average power. Then he also carefully fastened all the straps. After that, he cried out the bottom of Christina Alexandrovna’s lower abdomen.

Then he was adjusting her blindfold.

Christina Alexandrovna, spread her legs, stood over a rubber doll. Then she carefully knocked down to adjust her wide-open mouth. She inserted it in the head for some reason, choking at the same time.

“Like a real woman,” she said guiltily.

Igor fell in behind her.

– How should I get up? – asked still red Christina Alexandrovna.

“Perhaps you shouldn’t hang over your elbows on the floor, and from it to the floor.”

Kristina Alexandrovna did just that. An assortment of the extraneous vibrating object.

– Oh! – exhausted Christina Alexandrovna, involuntarily squeezing the buttocks.

And they set about their movements. At first they didn’t work well because they were full of inconsistency, which thoroughly brought them down.

Finally, Igor froze.

– Come on, you yourself! – he was exhausted, tired of trying to synchronize their movements.

Kristina Alexandrovna, partly straightened, began to move alone. Gently forward – backing up your nadia, and backing carefully. There are no adjustments that have been made. But it went smoothly.

– Everything is changing! – finally exclaimed excited and sweaty Christina Alexandrovna, intending to get off Igor’s member.

– Stand! – he stopped her. – Freeze.

Christina Alexandrovna meekly froze.

Kristina Alexandrovna stretched over the doll, continuing to stretch over Igor’s dick.

– Turn her over on her stomach.

Kristina Alexandrovna understood everything. She pulled up Nadia until she’d been pulling her dick to her ass. Slightly bent forward, squinting back at Igor.

– It’s all right? She asked.

Christina Alexandrovna’s pope. It was a bit uncomfortable and it was no longer tall.

“Cave in a little more,” he asked.

She bent more and her buttocks also more strongly separated to the sides. Igor moved again. A couple of times.

“Now – just right,” she said.

– That’s all! Stop! – suddenly she hastily said, stopping. – So I will finish and nothing will come out!

“I see,” agreed Igor, removing her from his member. – You want to finish in Nadia.

“Yes,” she answered dully.

“Then let’s diversify a little more,” suggested Igor.

“Well, let’s,” said Kristina Alexandrovna, a hard-breathing sensation.

Igor laid back on his bed on his back. It has been shown that it is not a bottleneck. It is necessary, it is necessary, the vibrator. Has corrected a bandage on her eyes.

“Sit down at the top,” he suggested to Christina Alexandrovna.

Excited, she is stitched up. Spread legs, hungry her fingers, fingers Did not work out. Then she changed the position. She is up for a moment, she has been up for a chance to go. pull on the woman’s penis. However, like everything else that happened all these days.

Then she leaned with both hands on the bed. And so on, she was leaning back and down, leaning back even more.

And getting carried away, moving faster and faster. Christina Alexandrovna suddenly caught herself and froze.

“But you know,” she said, breathing heavily, hotly and wanting. – I would still like to try one without interference.

“Well, well, well,” he agreed. – Should I get out?

She thought, stepping off his penis and looking down.

“No, you better stay,” answered, visually blushing. – But sit on the sidelines as a simple viewer. And do not distract me.

He grandly sat in the chair. She put on an artificial member. I looked at my back. Lay on top of her. I got attached. Entered a member. Clasped the doll by the shoulders. I had sex. At first it was quiet, only the doll squeaked. Then Kristina Alexandrovna began to moan softly. Then she’d been moving her hips (she was pretty crumpled). And then, suddenly, loudly, convulsively straightening and arching backwards. Gasping for breath, gasping for breath, gasping for breath

However, Igor thought, he was wondering at what was happening. At school, I thought that I would witness such processes!

Kristina Alexandrovna somehow caught her breath.

“I’ll tell you about what I’ve been living in my life,” Artificial member stuck it out. – How about you?

– It was exciting to watch! – he honestly admitted. – But I personally prefer to participate myself.

“It wasn’t much time,” said Kristina Alexandrovna, still sitting on the floor.

“Well, we can’t invite anyone,” said Igor.

– Of course not! – She smiled at such an idea.

– Although it is a sort of substitute for the viewer! – he suddenly realized.

Christina Aleksandrovna seriously thought.

– And what an idea! She said, and her eyes lit up. – Next time, be sure to take me off!

Igor agreed nod, smiling.

– And by the way, you didn’t finish! – Christina Alexandrovna suddenly realized.

“Well, yes,” he agreed.

– Now I will explain to you, – Igor was delighted. “You just don’t do anything yourself …”

She reintroduced her dick into her mouth It is incredibly strongly.

She cracked under white hair.

He was on a rubber doll. Hard to breathe. Then she shook her head, muttering something quietly,

– Oh! – immediately she sighed. “You didn’t cram a dick into my stomach,” said Kristina Alexandrovna, however, without any reproach, and most likely with a sneer.

– Sorry, carried away – he was embarrassed. He turned in his hands a diligently salted member.

“It would even meet with each other,” she said, more mockingly, slyly squinting at Igor.

It was also a time when it wasn’t a dream. Therefore, I didn’t want to get up at all.

Probably she was also pleased. Lay quiet.

“This is all well and good,” Kristina Alexandrovna finally exhaled. – But I suggest still having breakfast.

It was an awesome woman who couldn’t take a damn

Choosing a girlfriend for a day at the floor. I got up. An unfastened member is gently pulled out of the coat and take off her ammunition. Turned off. I looked around – where to put it. It was wetted down by the door, and it went down to the sides.

And Igor sadly spent her eyes. It is not a whole day. It will be possible to make sure that it is always possible to follow it.

Igor slowly pulled panties, because he was unpleasant when the member dangles by itself. Heading into the kitchen. I turned on the kettle.

Christina Alexandrovna came to the kitchen – in one of his shirt, buttoned up only on one button. Immediately I’m on the chest, on the pubis. But Igor restrained himself. If she was afraid to keep her life

– Igor, what do you want for breakfast? – Christina Alexandrovna asked for what he was again embarrassed.

“All the same,” he shrugged hastily. – I can do sandwiches.

They ate croutons with smoked ham.

Quickly and efficiently.

She looked at her for a while. His long-tensed cock is conveniently located between her soft buttocks. Hesitating for her shoulders, froze. Christina Alexandrovna is a leisurely crunched toast, also slowly sipping her tea. Then he took off her shirt (for example, kristina Alexandrovna froze at that time,), and still holding her breast, he kissed her back and neck. Kristina Aleksandrovna occasionally started, but nevertheless conscientiously ate toast and finished her tea.

– We will wash the dishes? She asked quietly.

Igor just shook his head, slightly scratching her bare back with his chin.

“To bed,” he said quietly.

Christina Alexandrovna just nodded submissively. She came out of the kitchen first – naked, slim, thin, with a proudly straightened back. Heading to the bedroom. Igor followed her, unwittingly admiring her body, hips, tightly compressed buttocks, which were moving along their seductive trajectory.

Igor walked away through his head. He would take possession of Christina Alexandrovna. And all these fantasies were pushed, pushing each other decisively, because there were some more seductive than others. And, moreover, they wanted to try, and moreover more than once.

Together lay down under the covers.

“Kristina Alexandrovna,” Igor said timidly. – Can you insert a vibrator?

“No,” she shook her head. “My body needs rest.”

TV remote from the bedside table. Included some news.

Igor thigh with his hip. Taking out the e-book, he wondered what she wanted. I looked closely. Indeed, the similarity was striking. Alyona Gorenko. Memorized Then he took an e-book from his bedside table. Young man trying to enlighten sexually.

It wasn’t much time that Kristina Alexandrovna pulled herself higher. While reading the book, he slowly stroked the knee of his former teacher. He was very pleased. It is a woman who has been a woman. this man. It is understood that it is a woman who is on her knees.

– I have long wanted to ask you, – said Igor, – Why do you need such a spacious shower stall?

Christina Alexandrovna lazily switched the channel.

“I don’t like cramped rooms,” she frowned, turning to Igor. “I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it …”

“Igor,” looking for her cock in my mouth now?

– Yes, – he frankly admitted in his desire.

Kristina Alexandrovna nodded.

“For some reason, I also wanted this,” she said, slowly sliding down to his stomach. – sucking your dick! – added Christina Alexandrovna, clasping the skin of the delicate skin.

At this time, the phone rang Christina Alexandrovna. Mom, answer! More precisely, he didn’t play. Mommy, answer me!

Christina Alexandrovna immediately abruptly withdrew from the member. Grabbing the phone from the nightstand, she ran into the kitchen, throwing a robe on the way.

– Yes, Irishka? – only he heard.

Igor froze, feeling that now Christina Alexandrovna would probably no longer give him. It wasn’t exactly how it’s been remembering this time.

He has reached his phone, at least a text message. But the phone was stubbornly silent.

Harsh meditations. And he even wanted to come up and overhear, but he restrained himself – it was ugly.

Finally, Kristina Alexandrovna came out of the kitchen – as if in control work.

Igor showed her his phone.

“She didn’t call me,” he said. – Maybe Ira passed something?

“Only hello,” said Christina Alexandrovna, sitting down on the bedside of the bed. “Igor, it is offended by Ira,” she said. – From here and all your behavior.

Irina on the vatsap – Hi, how are you? Then he turned to Christina Alexandrovna, resolutely laid her down, pulling up to her middle.

– Maybe we should not? – She asked uncertainly, however, meekly pushing her legs apart.

“Right now this is necessary,” he answered firmly, decisively introducing his mother-in-law. – Especially since now is the time – under me.

However, he soon broke off – seeing that she’s not a symbol of self-affirmation.

“Christina Alexandrovna,” she said, “She opened her eyes, – Let’s do it all a little differently.

She only raised her eyebrows questioningly, however, removing her long legs from him.

“Dress up this,” he suggested, “sitting down on the street.”

She shrugged in surprise, lifting herself up.

“It’s clear that the ordinary people are dressed up scarecrow, not just a fucking costume,” said Kristina Alexandrovna concluded. – A sort of German pornography.

“Indeed,” he agreed involuntarily.

“Once and then not completely, I’m tired,” Igor confessed.

– Do you think it better now? – Christine Aleksandrovna asked for a slight surprise while she was sitting on the bed.

– Well, I like participation more! – he was somewhat embarrassed under such a look. “Just for me,” he said.

Christina Alexandrovna got up, walked slowly along the shelves. She took it out slowly, the word sleepy, to dress. It was pleasant to watch!

First of all, she wore a pair of high black boots, then worn loosely around the neckline, then lay down comfortably between her breasts. Looking in the mirror, straightened the tie knot, loosening it even more. For her hair, she was leaning on her hair.

Turned, legs apart apart and shifting. One hand defiantly put on the thigh.

– It’s all right? – asked Kristina Alexandrovna in a colorless voice, looking expectantly at Igor.

Her eyes were slightly covered with black long eyelashes. Igor just nodded convulsively, unable to say a word. C’mon, he reassured himself, I want it! It is clear that she doesn’t like it! Here and after discuss. If categorically not – then we will no longer.

– Make up direct? – She asked.

“No,” he shook his head. – You and so – very good!

Christina Alexandrovna shrugged slightly.

– Where do you want? – again she asked indifferently. “On the bed,”

Igor, worried, hastily approached her, shaking his stiffened member. He turned her back. Left hand held under the elbows of both her hands.

“Bend your arms slightly,” he asked.

Clinging to his hand.

She’s having bent her back and throwing her head back. It is a new way to help. He began to move slowly, enjoying his movement. It wasn’t the time to make it. couple of movements.

It wasn’t even a bath, reminding him of the morning procedures. I decided that even though he wanted it badly – he managed to miss the souls together. He pulled on his shorts, turned on the TV – 402 channel, KVN.

– Igor, what do you want for lunch? – he soon heard.

Looked at Kristina Aleksandrovna, wrapped in a robe, on his head – a towel.

“At your discretion,” it said, “ – My help is needed? – it hastily been added in it.

She just shook her head and disappeared into the kitchen.

He continued to watch KVN. Kitchen socks stretched pleasant seductive smells. And soon …

– Igor. – suddenly she screamed.

If you’re a little hotter, you’re in the blood!

Measured on the threshold. With Christina Alexandrovna A nasty little crawled across the table. He quickly picked up a paper napkin, grabbed it out.

Returned to the kitchen.

– Kristina Alexandrovna, are you afraid of insects ?! He is exclaimed in sincere surprise.

“It’s not always a matter of course.” – It’s just too unpleasant!

Igor nodded – on the sofa.

They were still invisibly present. Igor ate very slowly this time – he tried on purpose. And when Kristina Alexandrovna is quietly.

– Kristina Alexandrovna, I ask you – get under the table.

– Dessert! – she smiled wryly.

But, by the way, slowly sank down from the stool. Igor hastily pulled his dick in his pants short. It has been a long time that it has been rummaging around it. caress him!

But now the plump lips finally clasped the head of the body, it was a hard way to make it. He completely forgot about food.

It is not necessary to complete the process. Why Igor was completely upset – after Irina called! God damn it!

And then she was also silently washed the dishes. A little thought, internally straining in anticipation of her objections. This act of his. And then he began to go on her knees – but that was all. And more truly – only one leg, having clasped it with both hands. Delicate skin movement upwards, then down to the knees. And again – slightly up under the bathrobe. And again – down.

“Yes,” said Kristina Alexandrovna suddenly, “You, Igor, were right.” And even the opposite – I got used to them. I rinsed the dishes for a while!

And she, with some childish cunning. And he immediately happily relieved in his heart! Thank God, thank God! Everything is back in place! Everything will now be as before! Andtocks.

And after the kitchen, Kristina Alexandrovna turned to Igor.

– Igorek, you need to buy products. Will you keep me company?

– Of course! – he was delighted. But still – go down the street and shopping! Perhaps even under the pen – it’s so nice!

They quickly dressed. Kristina Alexandrovna He kissed her, holding her buttocks. Do not feel much enthusiasm. However, they didn’t seem to be visible from the windows.

It was involuntarily pressed against her forearm, Kristina Aleksandrovna strutted out in high heels And he was surprised. Why, then, is she so pleased when she touches her chest? And this phenomenon was completely incomprehensible to him.

Igorev squeaked the phone and he slowly pulled it out of his jacket pocket. Glanced – vapsap-message from Irina. Opened

I’m fine, – wrote Irina. – Didn’t mom tell you? I’m not sure I’ll find myself in a meeting. I’d rather call myself. And if that – write messages.

– What is it? – Christina Aleksandrovna asked in a somewhat strained tone, as if guessing about something.

– Yes, so, garbage, – Igor answered carelessly, in his pocket. – Another spam.

He resolutely looked around – there were no passersby – some two people. It has been noted that it has taken its toll on it. .

Christina’s sharp tremors brought him to life. He let go of her lips, returning to reality.

“People are coming,” she whispered, quickly straightening her hair.

And he regretfully freed buttocks, let go of her body, pulling away. Back home – fuck right in the hallway, he swore to himself. And – twice in a row. Igor thought a little and added:

It is a warmth, but it’s not unhealthy!

Then they walked through a huge supermarket. Igor meekly rolled the cart. It was thoughtful that it was carefully reconsidered to the composition of the product. Packages then analyze. But how can you not fuck such a woman? Of course not! In bed, out of it all day! And fuck, fuck, fuck! …

Then, on the street, they got a stall and bought a large watermelon from a Caucasian.

It was a lot of hands, as he was not changing hands. He even had to stop a couple of times. It is a dream to see it.

If you want to go on the floor, you’ll like it.

“Igor,” she said, “Guiltily”, “You’re not angry with me.”

“Well, all right,” he mutually involuntarily, pleading and losing himself from all this.

“That’s great,” Kristina Alexandrovna suddenly smiled softly, so much so that he sucked in the stomach. – And now – kiss me.

And she, stretched out to her plump, seductive lips.

I couldn’t be resisting. So Kristina Aleksandrovna soon rebelled. However, smiling at his initiative.

– What do you want for dinner? She asked, slowly undressing.

– Or maybe repeat our exit to the cafe? – He suggested that he would be completely different. – And then the first attempt didn’t work out very well.

And Kristina Alexandrovna, embarrassed, smiled at some guilty smile.

“I will – change my clothes,” she said, quickly heading for her room.

“Of course,” he replied after his death. If he had a black suit, a white shirt with a tie …

– How do I dress this? – he suddenly heard.

Raised his head. Kristina Aleksandrovna stood in a dress below the knees. Slightly twisted.

“You have a shorter dress,” said Igor. – I would like him.

– Is it possible above the knees? – in doubt she thought. – After all, my jacket will be short. But we are not going to go to the nook, but to a cultural institution. And I’ll be there, like a whore.

“It will be a woman,” he began to insist. – It’s not necessarily super short.

Kristina Alexandrovna thought, nodded.

“Only I will have one request for you,” she said seriously. – Do not fuck me in the toilet. Good

– Of course! – he was genuinely amazed. – I had no such thoughts either!

– Christina Alexandrovna modestly remarked.

Igor shook his head.

“I just know myself,” she continued, “If you persist in insisting, then I will finally give up and give in.”

It is a great vulgarity. And he silently stroked her lips, not forbidding her lipstick or her lipstick on her seductive lips.

Outside, she is graciously strutted with her thin legs and feet. And again – for the same reason.

They sat down at a free table. There was a chance for Christina Alexandrovna also wanted cheese sticks.

– What will we order from the hot? She asked when the waitress left.

“Last time I took such courage.” This time, let’s go to the whole order yourself, he suggested.

Kristina Alexandrovna smiled politely in response. Opened the menu. Turning forward and back. Igor frankly admired her, her concentrated look, attentive gaze, frowning eyebrows!

He gaze involuntarily caught his neck; I really felt like I’m gonna have to go home quickly. Oh my god – surprised, he thought. – And I fuck this woman several times a day? How lucky I am, however!

And he strongly wanted to go to bed with her.

– Well, how? He asked, driving away his desire.

She looked at him slyly.

“This is a secret,” smiled Kristina Alexandrovna with a kind of naively childish smile. – You said it yourself – order it yourself! …

Whatever you may say.

A waitress appearing in a field of vision and Christina Alexandrovna depicted an inviting sign with her hand.

“If you’re a girlfriend, I’m not happy, I’m waiting for you.”

The waitress clarified vegetables and spices.

Kristina Alexandrovna looked at Igor.

– My order suits you? She asked for some kind of inner expectation.

– Completely, – he smiled. – By the way, I have never eaten veal. It would be interesting to try!

– I, too, – confessed Christina Alexandrovna.

“Well, I think we will share with you,” said Igor. “However, I’m just losing my shashlik only once in my life,” he clarified for some reason, “ – It was, as I recall, a karsky shish kebab, with pits.

“I’m glad I pleased you,” she said.

And Igor carefully looked at her. He wanted to say something like – I appreciate your concern … or something like that.

– Kristina Alexandrovna, I adore you! – he just said.

And she suddenly blushed and her eyes sparkled.

– Yes, nonsense! – she waved away, taking a napkin and gently wetting the corners of the eyes. – This is such a small thing!

“Yes, no, don’t tell me,” Instead, he asked, by the way, quite unexpectedly for himself:

– Tell about yourself, about your childhood? If it does not complicate you?

Still continuing to be embarrassed. Straightened hair.

“Igor,” she asked, “If you need this?”, “After all,” Why do you need my soul?

And Igor was confused.

“Christina Alexandrovna,” he squeezed out of himself, dumbfounded. – I’m not a rubber doll! I want this man to be nice! In general, I want to fuck! –

– Hush hush – whispered Kristina Alexandrovna, unwittingly crouching over the table. – Fuck, well, okay. Why shout?

“Sorry,” he lowered his voice. – Something incurred me.

“This is my fault,” answered Kristina Aleksandrovna. – I involuntarily provoked you. Excuse me.

Igor looked at her slowly calming down.

“Kristina Alexandrovna, please lean forward,” he asked.

She dutifully leaned over.

She leaned even more. And Igor, bending them down. Then he let go.

“It’s very nice to kiss you,” he said, involuntarily licking his lips.

“Thank you,” answered Kristina Alexandrovna, also straightening herself.

– Yes, now, – Igor realized himself. – Still tell something about yourself?

– Excluding school years? – she smiled slyly.

– Well, why not! – he shrugged his shoulders, catching him at all, – if there was something interesting there, you can tell.

“Good,” she noticed how her knees tightened. – I think how I fucked at the time?

She carefully looked at Igor, waiting for his reaction.

– Kristina Alexandrovna, I beg you, try to hurt me! He said softly.

She closed her eyes, sighing.

“Igor,” said Christina Alexandrovna, opening her eyes. – Excuse me. I will no longer. But you please do not meddle in my soul.

– And you excuse me! – sincerely embarrassed Igor. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

He paused, guiltily looking at his companion – and he was really ashamed! – Sorry again!

And Christina Aleksandrovna was suddenly embarrassed again.

“And you will excuse me,” she murmured, hiding her eyes.

“No, no,” said Igor. “It’s clear that we’ve been thinking about it.” eager to give you the opportunity.

“Well, if so,” she said. “Then I’ve been losing,” he said, “He thought sadly, accepting all the rest.

– You little listen to me! – Kristina Alexandrovna said, for some reason, suddenly inflamed. – For the whole day, sex for me was only once! In other cases, you fucked me at your discretion! What was promised ?! I also want to have an orgasm! Well, not so! She cried in despair, and the neighbors turned back on them.

He froze, stunned by such a violent explosion.

“Of course, I sometimes feel pleasure,” she said, more quietly. – But I want to experience every time a full orgasm! Once you promised …

– Yes, understand! I really want to fuck you! – exclaimed Igor, blushing. – And I really want you to like it! And I try in this direction!

It was frighteningly and menacingly that he was embarrassed. Snikla.

“Sorry, Igor,” she said, “Wrinkling her napkin (Well, just an evening of mass apologies!). – Something found me.

“You scared me,” he said, “realizing with great regret that after such confessions, most likely, there will be no sex today.

In the elevator booth, they didn’t touch each other, just stood nearby.

Came home. It was after all that had been said.

Silently undressed, passed into the hall. Sat on the sofa. Igor turned on the TV. For a while, Kristina Alexandrovna looked at it.

– Igor, is it right?

– Well, yes, – he is answered,

She kissed him softly on the cheek.

– Do not be angry at me! – softly, with guilty notes, in which Kristina Aleksandrovna has already spoken. – After all, I’m a woman! I also have emotions!

“This is all because of me,” answered Igor. “I led myself wrong right from the start.”

“Let’s forget this story,” she suggested.

“Let’s do it,” Igor immediately agreed.

– And now my proposal is you want it! And do not be shy of your fantasies!

Igor confusedly looked at Christina Alexandrovna.

– Do you really want this? – He asked cautiously, not understanding anything.

“Yes, Igor,” she answered calmly. – I really want it.

And he suddenly realized that she was not

“Christina Alexandrovna,” he said wearily. – Let’s just sleep tonight! Have a rest.

– Igorek, are you refusing to fuck me? – With some resentment she said.

– No, why not! – Igor was confused again, finally fooling around this whole situation. – I am always ready for you! … But now, after all your words, I can not. It doesn’t give you such pleasure. So, if you really have sex, then only in your opinion, he decisively finished.

For a while, Kristina Alexandrovna looked carefully at Igor.

“Igorek,” she finally said. – You’re right.

Cunningly smiling Christina Alexandrovna suddenly rose from the couch.

“Today we will have the next role-playing game,” she said. “The maid of the ship’s steward was alone with her captain.” And this alone is on a desert island. Well, let’s get started! – Christine Alexandrovna smiled waking and shaking her hips, retired to her room.

And Igor, stunned, startled. Once she decided on a role-playing game, then she also needs to meet her? I am the captain! So let’s match it! He found a police cap, True shorts left. I looked at myself in the mirror. He cursed – a complete freak, in his opinion, doesn’t excite any woman. Put on black glasses – it became a little better. He sat in the chair. I think he is the captain! Second after god!

And now she is wearing a white skirt and a white blouse. He clearly strained everything that he saw before him. But Igor restrained himself. Damn it! – in admiration once again he thought. She shocks the money with a shovel!

– Captain! – She whispered pitifully and her eyes were really scared! – I am very hungry! There is nothing – not coconuts, or anything else.

“I noticed this,” still not understanding what she was driving at. I read on the badge fastened on her chest – Diana.

“But I haven’t eaten anything for so long!” I can not take it anymore! – Diana whispered faintly, powerlessly kneeling before Igor. – Take pity on me!

“But how can I help you?” – Igor sincerely exclaimed, completely plunging,

– How what? – Absolutely sincerely she exclaimed. – And your sperm ?! This is pure protein! You do not care, but I can live on! So save me – put your dick in my mouth! I have no strength to suck myself.

Igor had the feeling that she says.

Well, yes, Igor thought, they thought it was a school play. But somehow, these scenes have been spontaneous, sincerely thinks.

“Dina,” he winced defiantly, he must move his girlfriend. – If you ask for this, then of course, I fucked you in the mouth. I will feed you feasibly. But for this Do you agree?

– I agree, I agree! – Christina Alexandrovna express her heart.

She froze questioningly in front of his fly. Igor slowly brought out a member. Removed his hand. And the girl-steward hesitantly touched your lips. Then she took it one way, trembling all over. She began to suck ineptly.

“I’ve suddenly had a thought,” he said, “continuing to suck, but not so vigorously. – Pull the penis lips – suddenly he will be longer?

– What for? She asked. – So long.

“It’s just interesting to try,” he shrugged, hardly sorting out her question.

– Mouth create a vacuum and slowly pull. If I feel uncomfortable, I’ll tell you.

She agreed to take the proposed massage. Diligently created a vacuum, diligently, but gently pulled his penis.

– When you suck up – it’s something! – he unexpectedly admitted, being under a strong impression. – This is such a bliss.

“Thank you,” Diana was unexpectedly thanked, smiling, but blushing a little.

But soon interrupted.

“Cheeks are starting to hurt,” she explained. Igor understood.

“If you’d like to have this?” . – I’ll take you a long time in your mouth. I want to finish two or three times. Do you agree?

Diana dutifully nodded her eyes.

“I’m not interested in orgasm two or three times,”

“I will try,” she whispered softly, modestly lowering her eyes.

“Trying to do it,” I’m noting that I’m not

Put it on the floor. There wasn’t that much time. mouth.

At first she finished, she asked him not to stop. But so far he has failed. Knitted him down.

And, realizing this, she slowly slit and gently stroke his testicles, knowing that this way he ends up much.

Cumshot Swallowed. As promised, he continued his movements.

Five minutes later he finished the second time. The girl is steward diligently moated, twisting her body. Froze.

“Everything, captain, fuck me as you like,” Diana said wearily, gently holding his head with her lips. “Nothing happens anymore.”

“And you try to fuck with your mouth,” he suggested.

– Like this? – She was surprised, stroking the tip of his penis with her tongue.

– Close your lips tightly, stretch your back and stretch your back.

It was a wider and wider appearance. And suddenly she moaned – Captain! Captain! … And tears flowed copiously across her face, and her moans were more like a gurgling of a drowning man. But this time she asked to continue.

But he had no strength, getting off the girl.

– Damn! – involuntarily burst from her. – How it turns out nicely! What a fool I was!

Igor said nothing. There was nothing to do.

“It’s still early,” he said. – Feet on the belly.

Lay down, spread her buttocks.

– Do not yet. Spread your legs.

She parted. He has been crumpled up for a long time, enjoying his process, and even from behind! Then it’s time to insert your fingers in it. It is a little girl, then go outside.

Diana all finely trembled and her ass tightened, clenched, hardened, turning into stone.

Thinking over his head and backing up her head.

Unexpectedly for himself, he finished for the third time. After heavy moans and trembling, they finally froze. Igor hovered over the girl-steward on his elbows. His dick was still inside her.

“I would never take him out there at all,” he whispered, kissing her back.

She only quietly laughed, straining the muscles of the anus and gently squeezing his cock.

And it was even even during the days of rest.

Involuntarily noted that her face had become a lighter, more radiant, younger.

That’s what it means – constant sex, he thought with some pleasant satisfaction. And even more – a lot of oral and anal. Smoothed!

He stroked her cheek. And when he touched his mouth Igor froze and suddenly openly confessed.

– What are you still pretty!

He moved a little more, prolonging the pleasure. But he was eventually forced to go down.

“You know, in general, it’s very nice to be pretty,” said Christina Alexandrovna. “However, it’s very pleasant,” she added.

I thought it was sadly. It turns out that it’s already very sadly.

Igor woke up late at night. The member is hard, tense, already ringing. Nearby, sleeping naked woman. Igor turned a little. Then he sprinkled a spray on his penis; Crouched against her back.

This is still a terrible mixture! – He thought that he was a girl of her tight ass.

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