How to make big eyes

Many people, starting a pet, usually immediately determine the sex of the pet.

It is more difficult to do it.

Kittens are very funny and fun moments.

Determine the sex of the kitten it can be used to make it to the tray, bowl, to the owners.

It is difficult enough.

It can sometimes be true.

What are the methods of the kitten?

Absolute result

Can hold DNA test.

How to make big eyes

This is a very expensive procedure.

Genital analysis

If you look at the cat, you can immediately understand it.

How to make big eyes

The cat has a look arrogant and self-confident at the cat alert and seeking.

Just born kittens with their eyes can not express anything.

It is the age of the kitten.

But usually you need to find out the sex of the animal much earlier. How to do it?

To take the kitten in your arms, for a while, wash your hands with water.

In our hands, you can then be considered to be gender.

The distance between the sexual organ and the anus

Have cats this distance is almost absent at cats a few millimeters remain between the testis and anus, testicles will grow there.

The appearance of the penis

Male kittens have a completely round urethra.

In girls there is a vertical shape of the sexual organ.

The definition of a kitten’s sex is as follows: colon form, in cat form inverted "i".

Almost newborn kitten.

It is necessary to take care of the space between the anus and the urethra.

If you feel under your fingers small tumors will begin to appear in this place.

If it’s a girl, the place will be smooth, without highlighting.

However, this method can often be a little bit different.

It is an analysis of the color of a kitten.

If you want to take the cat interlacing of three colors.

This is an exceptional feature of cats.

But Cat can be selected by the red color: red cats are much smaller than cats.

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